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  1. Hey mate, this is a great response. I think your completely right. I hadn’t considered the rend! I guess high armour saves would be leaning more towards the maw crusher. Dudes with ethereal, I would possibly go more gore gruntas with mega boss. really appreciate your response!
  2. Hi everyone! ive got a question. ive got 2 options I’m thinking of running and to me, I think option1 is the clear winner. option 1 Mega boss and 6 gore gruntas option 2 maw crusher I don’t know why I would ever chose a maw crusher over option 1. I love the model, but I would be giving up 22+ wounds and more fire power. The mega boss has similar abilities too. I love the Maw crusher, would love to hear your thoughts on this because at the moment, I’m struggling to include him in my line up. im using the Big Waaagh allegiance. I’ll be running this make up mega boss (general) warchanter x2 Wardok Wargog Prophet 30x savage orruks 15x ardboyz 6x gore gruntas 3x gore gruntas 5x arboyz 5x ardboyz Ardfist battalion (2000 points) Thanks a million!
  3. Hi everyone! In the Ironjawz army, I heard that the Ironjawz Waaaagh ability can stack multiple times if you have enough command points. It mentions that you can use the ability once per battle, so how does it stack? I feel like I’m not interpreting something correctly? in a recent example I heard on a YouTube video, in a tournament, this Ironjawz player made it to +12 attacks! But I’m not sure how. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks team!
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