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  1. I'd love some proper Stormcast cavalry, but I don't want to get my hopes up! 😅
  2. Where have these Stormcast Bretonnia rumors come from? I've seen these but never seen a source
  3. As someone really new to the game, I really like how easy to understand they are and in someways how simple their combos are. Though maybe their simplicity is a downside from a more experienced perspective.
  4. That's personally what I run and while rarely killing heroes, it's something people need to play around
  5. I've honestly wanted to paint some Seraphon, mostly for fun, but the resin models have always put me off. I do wish allies worked different though. I'd love to ally in a Carnosaur in some of my lists.
  6. That's good to hear! Would you recommend anything beyond a Nomad Prince to buff the Sister's shooting in a Living City Hidden Paths ambush?
  7. Honestly the Chameleon skink is just gorgeous
  8. Ohhh, that last part makes them a lot better than my previous assessment. I took it to mean that they couldn't move all turn, marking it niche at best.
  9. Hey there everyone! Now that I finally have my hands on the Cities of Sigmar battletome, I've been looking at the various warsrolls and the Sisters of the Watch have me stumped. They seem overcosted for what they bring to the table compared to the much cheaper freeguild or darkshard options. Does anyone have some tips for making these girls work well? I love the models and would be grateful for any advice on how to use them effectively.
  10. I know it could be for thematic purposes, but how do Eternal Guard compare to Dreadspears or Phoenix Guard? They seem to be in an awkward middle ground between the other two Aelven spear units.
  11. As someone pretty new to the hobby, what is Forgeworld for? Why do they exist as a separate entity??
  12. I don't even collect Sons of Behemat, but I think some Daughters would be interesting. Giants are so often male in fiction that it would be an interesting subversion. For my personal army, I'd love to see some ground based fire elemental models for the Phoenicium.
  13. While I'm honestly not sure I can afford specialist game prices for a whole army, cough Forge World cough, I might grab some models for "Counts As" for Cities of Sigmar lists.
  14. As someone somewhat new to the hobby and love, are there that many references to those kinds of units? As a cities collector, I'd be all for that direction.
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