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  1. Hehe you are such a tease. Nobody knows your list so hard to really use what you are saying for any good.
  2. I figured as much, bridge lists are for the most part dead. Supporting Phoenix Guards has been the approach lately. Keen to hear what's been working for you though, getting tired of running the same builds and out of inspiration.
  3. And it's once per turn. So you can also make an auto save in your opponents turn, and change a dice in your own turn.
  4. The Primes ability can change that charge to a 12"
  5. I wouldn't drop the Luminark, it's a key piece. Luminark and Prime together is pretty disgusting to snipe enemy heroes. It's entirely possible to kill 5 wound heroes turn 1. To me, it's more the screens Vs the prime. Something along the lines of 3 big heroes, 30 Greatswords, 9 demis and a unit of Aetherwings. But just thoughts. I'm going to try both things out . In my iteration of your list I'm going to try changing the two units of Guards to a unit of shadow warriors and a unit of Aetherwings. To give more flexibility on missions that require that sort of objective grabbing, instead of using a unit of Demi's for it. Two banners less though, that's the price.
  6. Do you see yourself often using the fighting twice ability? I'm usually running a Prime to benefit from the fighting twice, as I find it easy to get wholly within enemy territory. I like the idea of Greatswords though. They are looking decent now with the discount.
  7. Before I dig in I'd be interested to hear what other iterations you have tried and why you didn't like those as much! If you don't mind sharing.
  8. I think that's a wonderful auto correct. Geminids and feminists 😅
  9. What about adding Aetherwings? They are so strong for 40 points. Or Tree Revenants for 80. And if you want mortal wound spam, I'd also add an Everblaze Comet. And I'd probably ditch either the Annointed, as you don't need him for the battleline requirements, or a unit of Longbeards and then keep him as the general. I'd also increase the 20 PGs to 30. I'd also ditch the batallion, or change the list so you have fewer drops. Batallion doesn't give you much here.
  10. "but the Chamon artefact would really make the Phoenix that much harder to kill. I definitely would have preferred the Chamon artefact in this matchup." Just a FYI you are limited to Ghyran as Living City. Which could be a fun addition, as it would heal you two wounds a turn then. Probably not what you'd prefer but it is decent.
  11. Hit me up if you want to test some things on TTS! I'd love to theory craft with someone.
  12. Best melee infantry will very likely continue to be Phoenix Guard. Ranged you can use dwarfs, as Irondrakes are pretty good and you can also use a unit of Longbeards. For other cities, Greatswords might be interesting now.
  13. I believe the "unless stated otherwise" as seen in the core rules is important here. Twin Stones for instance say friendly units wholly within 12", which includes itself. So you will get the buff for all of the profiles on the hero + mount. An example where this is not stated is Ironoak Artisan command trait in living city. That says "this general", which excludes the mount.
  14. Hard to say at this point. Depends what other changes comes about. Depends also on what other meta changes there are. Everblaze comet against Tzeencth/Seraphon is great for instance, but not worth its points against Orruk lists. It could mean a more close combat focused Hallowheart list. Phoenix Guard and Phoenixes. Lifeswarm, Geminids, Palisade would be good endless spells for that. But if other points drop, it could still mean bridge + portal + Comet. With shooting heavy lists.
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