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  1. I've been using this list a few games with slight modifications. It's honestly quite powerful. Phoenix flaggelangs.pdf
  2. Almost all shooters are better when not having moved. If you're using Handgunners you don't need screens, they are a screen in themselves. You can use them with the Hurricanum and ignite weapons to get them to 2+/2+. Use a Soulscream Bridge go get them in.
  3. Stick to the flair with the general. However, a Frostfire Phoenix and Phoenix guards should probably be your first investment. I would remove the Knight Incantor and Comet. I'd get the horde discount on the Freeguild guard by going for 40. Also great for warding brand. I'd also change the 2 shadow warriors to 2 Tree Revenants. They can teleport every round, which is critical in a build like yours to move around the map easier. I'd go 30 Handgunners and 30 Crossbowmen, probably not worry about not having a retinue. I'd remove the batallion, and change that for another wizard and a command point. You'll have 3 wizards, they could have Phas Protection, Transmutation of Lead, and Wildform/shield of Thorns. I'd get Geminids, portal, bridge and, a fourth of your choice (purple sun or Balewind probably best).
  4. What other units do you have? I've ran a very similar build as yours before. What I've concluded. Not that fond of the batallion, since the drop count didn't matter that much nor the artifact. Issue is you do run a Freeguild general so you might need it. I ended up changing to SotW for that reason. Not that fond of the Knight Incantor and comet either. Did do some crash things but did it help in the difficult games? Nah not really. To help you, what units do you have?
  5. Is the extra command point worth it over perhaps Emerald Lifeswarm?
  6. I think you are correct with your logic. It'll largely only be a minus for the first Flagellant unit to die though, onwards in that turn it'll be almost the same. An added bonus is that the model gets to fight, so it can pile in another 3" and then do the attack, possibly on a different model than what it at first seemed to be fighting.
  7. Appreciate the input! Three reasons to your points for why I'm first going to try them in small units of 10 - at least at first. It's so important they die, as that's how I get the +1/+1 from the battle trait. I don't want the opponent to have too many options in their combat phase to select a unit to fight that won't kill one of my units. The command point is on models within 12", so no conga lining into range. As you say, I won't have a lot of command abilities, so they will lot be used for rerolling 1s. Might have to buy a command point. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.
  8. Have you tried using them in Phoenecium? I'm going to attempt a list with 6*10 Flagellants. When one group of 10 dies, which they'll do easily due to the +7 armor save, then that same group gets to fight back with the Phoenecium command ability. And since more than 5+ died, that's 40 attacks back. They'll also be at +1/+1 due to the Phoenecium battle trait. If they charged too, that means they'll do 14 damage back on a +4 armor save unit.
  9. Going to experiment with flaggelants in that now. The way I interpret the rules, they will get buffed up and able to fight buffed before they are removed. Could be sick.
  10. I've been playing this Phoenecium list with success. Setup your guards with halberds as screens with the phonenix guard right behind. The phoenixes also behind that. 1 gyro on each board edge and one in the middle. Wild riders on the charge are great. Select them first and activate your command ability so they fight again when they die. Engage with Gyros too preferably in a way it'll die. That way everything that is left gets +1/+1. Flamespyre Phoenixes and Gyros drops bombs. Two Phoenixes can provide battleshock immunity and re-roll 1s on your Phoenix Guards, who become very killy when buffed. Very fun list - and works wonders too! Allegiance: Cities of Sigmar- City: PhoeniciumLeadersAnointed of Asuryan on Flamespyre Phoenix (300)Anointed of Asuryan on Frostheart Phoenix (320)- General- Command Trait: One with Fire and Ice - Golden Mist- Artefact: Phoenix Pyre AshesBattleline30 x Phoenix Guard (420)10 x Freeguild Guard (80)- Halberds and Shields10 x Freeguild Guard (80)- Halberds and ShieldsUnits5 x Wild Riders (130)5 x Wild Riders (130)5 x Wild Riders (130)1 x Gyrocopters (70)1 x Gyrocopters (70)1 x Gyrocopters (70)BehemothsFlamespyre Phoenix (200)Total: 2000 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 128
  11. So if you aren't really depending on Hawk Eyed, have you thought about Living City? You'd have a much easier deployment, able to move after shooting, healing 1 wound on all your chariots and phoenixes each turn and having much better spells. Also agree the phoenixes are great. Mostly people opt for the frost phoenix though for the -1 wound aura. I think I'll try and test one of each. Also thought just 10 guards would serve as a retinue, making the hawk eyed more likely to stick
  12. Mind telling us a bit about how your list plays out? Just curious as there are for sure some interesting choices in there. Specifically the Flamespyres. What's their role? Only 5 MWs only a fly by seems a lot to pay for 300 points, so I guess they are doing something else as well. Doesn't your general just die loosing Hawk Eyed on everyone? Seems fairly crucial for the damage output, though perhaps just relying on the damage from the MWs on 6s? Love to hear how a game plays out - just pick any game you played.
  13. Not saying your advice isn't bad. It is good! Any army that can screen you won't be benefiting from the bridge much though.
  14. Flagellants only deal mortal wounds when they flee, not when they die. So you need to have a lot of them flee to actually deal damage. Not sure it's worth it Give it a try!
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