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  1. I absolutely love that table! Beautiful armies, thematic scenery, no grey. Ticks all boxes, well done!
  2. As written at this moment, yes, but that's only because of the recent Wyldwood-FAQ snafu. The current FAQ removed the new Navigate the Realmroots that was moved from the book to the Wyldwood scroll. We're now back to the original wording of the book ('instead of a normal move'), this is from back in 2nd edition where a 'normal move' was 'a move in the movement phase' and included a retreat move. The FAQ does still contain updates to the Treelord and Waypipe teleports where they added 'instead of a normal move or retreating'. It only makes sense that Navigate the Realmroots not getting the '...or retreating' update was an oversight. Looking closer at the Treelord/Waypipe teleport you can see they are done INSTEAD of a normal move or retreating. No normal move or retreat happened so the Treelord variants and Tree-revenants are allowed to shoot/charge after using their teleport abilities, even when used from combat because you're allowed to do the teleport when you're eligible to make a retreat move. Any TO will rule the allegiance ability to work the same way and as such I'll be playing it like that. TL;DR: Treelords(Durthu/Ancient/Regular) and Tree-Revenants are allowed to use their warscroll teleport when they're in combat and shoot+charge afterwards. Navigate the Realmroots can, as written, not be used from combat, but previous FAQs/deduced intention/current Treelord teleport FAQ shows you should be able to shoot/charge after using the allegiance teleport so that's how you should play it.
  3. It's not a retreat if you teleport out
  4. Yes you can. You can always shoot after moving, except after a run or retreat move. Teleporting isn't a run or retreat.
  5. Oakenbrow+Alarielle? Is there something I'm not seeing? Artefact/Trait are absolutely worthless, Command ability is very situational and the passive -2 on wounds table is only useful when you're running multiple treelord variants? And still, it's not nearly as impactful as Winterleaf's or Gnarlroot's passive abilities. Still intrigued to hear what your plan would be here, I'm all for experimenting with the non-Winterleaf/Gnarlroot obvious choices. I still think Ironbark with a Runesmiter and 10 Auric Hearthguard has merit.
  6. The Terrorgheists will do work for sure. You may lose ghouls faster than the Crypt Ghasts can return but that depends on your opponent I think. The main problem could be that once one or both Terrorgheists go down you've lost all killing power. Some flayers could really help here I think. And the Corpse Cart was updated in the Soulblight book, it now only buffs Soulblight Wizards. Shame really, I had a nicely converted Corpse Cart (and Mortis Engine, same deal ) which is entirely useless to me now...
  7. I've tried Ironbark as well, was great fun, just not very competitive it seems, but there are options. Irondrakes need a Runelord and you can't fit 20 Irondrakes with a Runelord in <400 points. If you want irondrakes/sylvaneth, Living city is the way to go tbh. What I would recommend if you want to try Ironbark is a Runesmiter with 10 Auric Hearthguard. It's a solid deepstriking/scalpel package with good ranged damage to snipe key targets. Especially vs monsters it's effective. It's 21 shots, 3+/3+/-1/2dmg (vs a monster + all out attack). Teleport a miniscreen of Tree revs, deepstrike the Fyreslayer bunch behind them and fire away. If they survive or if you double turn you can use the Runesmiter prayer to give them rerolling wounds the next turn to finish off the wounded monster or pick a new one. I'm definitely going to give this another go now that I'm thinking of it again.
  8. Let's not get used to that. One of the AoS rules writers stated on twitter they'll be discussing this internally next week, I highly doubt returning the multiple after-saves was intentional. I've also seen multiple TO's stating they will still rule that you're only allowed one after-save roll, no matter what.
  9. The ball was absolutely dropped with this FAQ. Jeez. - No more allegiance Wyldwood teleport. - Faction Terrain rules now stack on top of the rules from where they're summoned - so 3" away from terrain, objectives, and now models as well. And you're now required to put them in your own deployment zone. - Back to a single wood consisting of 1,2, or 3 pieces instead of 3x1 (I'm okay with this, spamming the board wasn't fun). - The new winterleaf command ability is just garbage. We don't have units that benefit from this (doesn't work on drycha because when multiple things happen on a 6, you choose one of them). Outside of the Sylvaneth part of the FAQ we now have save-after-save back. So if save stacking wasn't keeping things alive, you can now stack your after-saves again. Honestly I believe some of these are genuine mistakes. Unfortunately we won't know until they fix them, so for now we'll have to live with this.
  10. I'm fairly sure he adds Curse to his list of prayers you chose from. You can still only do one and you'll have to choose between the warscroll one or curse. As for Warsong/TLA. I don't think Living City is the right place for that. A Warsong with cogs and portal is absolute carnage but even in Sylvaneth with the 3-dice-cast in Gnarlroot it's sometimes hard to pull off. In LC you'll have even less buffs to casting, apart from the +1 to endless spells. TLA is great now but that's mainly because of his command ability in combination with Kurnoths. I don't think paying 295(?) points for a +1 to Warsong casting is a good points investment. After dropping his woods he contributes pretty much nothing. If you want to run the Warsong I'd take just him and forget the TLA, you have much stronger options for that amount of points. And if you want to run the TLA I'd personally do that with Kurnoths or a Durthu instead.
  11. Good points on the phoenix, will think that over again. Alarielle doesn't fit in deepstrike unfortunately, you can't deploy her wholly within 6 of the table edge because of her base size. I also wouldn't want to miss out on her 3 casts and just make sure she's safe during deployment.
  12. I'd like to revive the idea of Alarielle in Living City. I know she's been hit with a points increase but there's just so much for her to take advantage of between her new scroll and 3.0 changes. - Retreat and shoot/charge. This isn't just retreat and charge, this is retreat, shoot, Living City CP move (which doesn't trigger redeploy), and charge again. You can make so much distance with this. She's going to be so hard to pin down and she can get to places you wouldn't even expect her. This is the biggest one that got me thinking Living City again. - She gained the Sylvaneth spell lore (if I misunderstand this, my bad, but as I'm reading it she keeps the sylvaneth lore in Living City). So you can now go Throne of Vines -> Cogs (on +3) -> warscroll spell/Living City spell/return a Kurnoth Hunter/etc. Have someone else drop a spell portal and she can snipe out support heroes. - Alarielle dies, that's always been her problem. However Living City has means of protecting her. A hysh battlemage spell, ironoak skin, a frostheart phoenix buddy, and more. These are the 3 main points for me to give her a serious go, I've quickly written a list to try out and I'll be experimenting more this upcoming week. This is the list I'll be trying first. The idea is to have Alarielle be Alarielle with a Frostheart Phoenix buddy. I've made the Phoenix a wizard with flaming weapon because 8 attacks 3 dmg makes him more of a threat than he was. And I've given the Phoenix run & charge trait because the Ironoak Artisan +1 to wound only applies to the anointed and +1 save doesn't really do much when mystic shield and casting a spell gives him that as well. With cogs he can go flaming weapon and charge an arcane bolt, then run and charge to go where he needs to be, sounds good to me. The hurricanum is there because why would you leave your home without it. The units are just chosen around what I have (ideally I'd play more dwarves), but I'll deepstrike 1 unit of Eternal guard with the Sisters to have a threat somewhere that has to be dealt with, a distraction basically. Alarielle/Phoenix/Hurricanum are the core to this list, the rest is very much open to be changed. Ideally in the hero phase I'd go: Alarielle Throne, Alarielle cogs, Hurricanum spellportal next to itself or Alarielle, Alarielle metamorphosis through portal, Alarielle ironoak skin. Hurricanum and Phoenix then have spells remaining and they can give mystic shield to whoever wants it. Probably Alarielle. Ps. I'm very sad about losing the option to make Durthu a general with Ironoak Artisan/Spear of the hunt
  13. If a local TO actually does go through with not using sections of the GHB I'm stealing this line right here. Spot on.
  14. I don't think we'll get all 8 if each one is going to be a year. Instead of seeing this year as "the Ghur year" I like to see it as "the year of the Monster". If next year is going to be "the year of Magic" it could take place in Hysh, Aqshy, and Shyish (just naming random realms here, you get the idea). That's what I hope at least. So far I'm really loving this battle pack setup.
  15. Haha that's great. He said there's another FAQ on the way (month or so) and he has flagged the issue. Let's hope it gets resolved then.
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