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  1. Not really, Magma Cannons work and that's mostly it. The rules are so outdated you're pretty much guaranteed to lose against most of the armies in the game, and I'd recommend you ask your opponent for a handicap.
  2. You can still find that stuff from less-reputable places that I'm pretty sure we can't recommend here. Your best bet aside from them would be ebay.
  3. Well... it was alright while it lasted. I knew this would happen and hope people got what they wanted first. Personally I think this will just make people go to recasters.
  4. That reads like a generic reply to any question about any item that got listed as "no longer available" even if it was changed like this range. We'll have to wait and see if it sticks.
  5. Did you email them? If so, can you post a screenshot?
  6. Well that's better, though I wouldn't be surprised if some remained on no longer available.
  7. I don't recall that at all, probably because the stores I went to never went out of stock of any of those. They only went out of stock when items went on "last chance to buy" which the Slaanesh and Beasts range never did. Also the Legends Bretonnia rules have been fixed for a long time now, the most recent one is on their app.
  8. Pretty sure it's against ToS to say on public forums.
  9. Nobody really believed they wouldn't bring Slaanesh back, and Slaanesh's models as a whole weren't shafted in the Grand Alliance books or migrated to Legends. They lost a few characters and that was it. Bretonnia lost everything, that's quite a bit different.
  10. I highly disagree there, the Bonereapers are nothing like the Tomb Kings in terms of aesthetics, and they're nothing like them in battle (both in description and on the tabletop), and they couldn't be more different in the lore as well. I also don't see any reason to get people's hopes up until an announcement is made, it'll only leave people disappointed and bitter.
  11. If we want to get technical, if they wanted to keep them a part of the regular game they wouldn't have migrated all of them to Legends, aka the place units/armies go to die.
  12. I highly doubt that, we're not going to be seeing the newer AoS factions in the Old World, and I don't believe they'll bring Bretonnia into AoS, especially when they haven't announced anything that supports that idea.
  13. Old World maps are not compatible with AoS, and this isn't an Old World forum anyway.
  14. That's for the Old World, not AoS.
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