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  1. I would definitely recommend against starting a LoA army right now, many of the models are hard to find, and I personally think they can vanish at any time. If you do intend to buy models still, you'll need to get them from ebay or... sources we cannot legally recommend.
  2. You're three months late, but the answer was yes.
  3. To each their own, Daemonsmiths help fix the range and that range becomes 27" once you factor in their movement. I wouldn't say they're too hit or miss though, on average those Rockets (with a Daemonsmith) are going to do the same damage to a unit of 10 models (with a 4+ save) as a Cannon that rolled a 2. If you can expect better than 2's (and I certainly hope so or you're extremely unlucky) then Magma Cannons heavily outperform the Rockets. Also they can snipe out characters because LoS doesn't affect them, and 1/3rd of the time they outright kill those support characters, since most of them have only 5 wounds.
  4. I'm surprised there's no Azgorh Allegiance, Fireball is really useful and so is ignoring wounds, moreso than the bonus from Chaos anyway. I'm guessing you're not running Magma Cannons because you don't own them? If so I can't blame you, they're pricey (both in game and in real life) but I'd recommend them over the Deathshrieks any day. Regardless, good luck with the list.
  5. You'd probably be better off using them as allied Stormcast, the only other thing that fits the base size are Gyrocopters.
  6. They did, aside from snippets throughout the army and core books you had several novels that expanded on the lives of ordinary citizens.
  7. I'd be very surprised if that was true, since creating tournament style matchups is one of the points behind matched play, and separating models into current and Legends status.
  8. There was already an argument about this before, but it's a pretty big change when one faction goes from being "ORDER, DAEMONS" (those were their keywords) to being real creatures beamed down through Star-Trek style transporters, and I've already gone over why the book can't seem to make it's mind up on whether or not it should stick with this change. I find it very hard to believe those kind of things are something the editors would just miss, and if it is then they need better editors, especially for the prices they're charging.
  9. If somebody makes a good point then I'll concede to them, as I've done in this thread. I'm not going to continually make the same arguments if they have a good reply to them. Because I don't want to hate the setting. I do try to get into it, but there's still serious problems with it that I've gone into and if nobody talks about those problems how do you expect to see them get resolved? I would love it if the setting improves, but they've added so much with so little forethought that it feels like they're removing just as much as they're adding in their attempts to expand it, and with literal decades of experience I feel that they should've thought the setting through enough to avoid these types of inconsistencies by now. It comes across as somebody's first attempt rather than experienced writers coming together to make a setting work. I also probably wouldn't have nearly as much a problem with it if their prices weren't so high for something they'll change their minds on in the next edition.
  10. If you've read all the pages you'd see the parts where I agree to drop arguments that aren't going anywhere. Anything that comes up after that point is either something new, or with somebody new who wanted to reply to an earlier post. If other people are making these same arguments outside of this thread then I am unaware of them. I do not browse threads that make it clear they're about denigrating the setting, and aside from this thread where I gave my honest opinion on it I don't look up what other people think about the setting in general. Sure, it's subjective anyway and I'm not interested in arguing about what you feel is a lot of development and what I feel is little development.
  11. Since never, because that didn't happen. People talked about how one setting differed from the other after discussing how things in one setting change over time, that's the off-topic part of the thread in a nutshell.
  12. Legion of Azgorh (I've even posted a few lists in their thread months ago, and commented on other lists) Cities of Sigmar (mainly Freeguild, but I don't play them nearly as much as the Legion), and Bretonnia before they were relegated to Legends status (I was also posting lists in their own thread before that happened).
  13. If you want to accuse people of trolling, do it to those who were saying AoS and WHFB are the same. They were who I was replying to initially before JackStreicher came in and misunderstood everything I was saying.
  14. Yes I'm aware, what claims did I make that were untrue? The claim that the winds are different from the realms is true, and it doesn't matter that it has an explanation, that still means it's different which was my point. You'd have a point if I ever denied it as a continuation. I didn't, and you can't just claim I did because anyone can read this and see I never said that.
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