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  1. Hey guys, at which point does the Tzaangors Shaman becomes really valuable in your list building, regarding Enlightened and stuff? I'm wondering because my starting project is a 1k list with the following base: Allegiance: Tzeentch - Change Coven: Pyrofane Cult Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (240) 10 x Kairic Acolytes (100) 10 x Kairic Acolytes (100) 10 x Tzaangors (180) 3 x Tzaangor Enlightened on Disc (180) Total: 800 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 0 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 57 I have room for another hero and here are the 3 options I'm considering: - A Tzaangor shaman an extra CP for 200pts flat. This will synergize with enlightened but I wonder if he's worth it if I only have 3 enlightened on discs. - An Ogroid Thaumaturge and the Tome as an Endless spell (also 200pts). He would provide some additional punch and nice MW output. - Finally, a Fatemaster and an extra CP (for 190pts) this one would synergize with the acolytes more for the shooting. I was wondering what option you guys think is stronger. Eventually I know I will add Acolytes and will get both the Fatemaster and Shaman but for the 1k build, is there a better option? Thanks in advance
  2. That's great info! Thank you very much. I guess I will build paired blades for my unit of 10 with 1 shield in, to start, and when I get another unit, I'll put shields on everyone who doesn't have a special weapon.
  3. Hi guys, I have a rather specific question. I've looked at the Tzaangors warscroll to figure out how to equip them and they have quite a few options. Taking into account that I'm building towards a Pyrofane Cult build with Tzaangors being the front line, is it ok for me to equip them with dual blades? I was thinking, shield on acolytes, double blades on Tzaangors to maximise damage. Do I put any shield in the unit? If so how many do you suggest? Also, should Tzaangors always be played in groups of 20min? Since they have a buff when they are more than 9 models in the unit. I was wondering if a unit of 10 would be too squishy? Thanks edit: my unit has 10 models in it and maybe upgrade to 20 in the future, in case it helps.
  4. That's great. Yeah I looked at the summoning table just now and I think that's just what I'll do. I'll summon 10 blues for 10pts. And I also totally agree about why I would ever want to summon brims for the same points, lol.
  5. So, after ordering the Battlebox and thinking of being smart, I told myself "hey, there's a Gaunt Summoner in there, I might as well buy some Blue Horrors, they're free with the warscroll ability" thinking he could summon those. This morning I looked at the warscroll and he can only summon pinks So if I understand correctly, you can only summon pinks, but you can field blues and brims as part of your army, using points, is that correct?
  6. Great read and very interesting to hear your understanding of the faction as a new player. I can't help much but I'll be reading the answers to this post Glad you posted.
  7. I would also love to read that Just saying.
  8. What a great timing with the Battleforce that's coming up. Amazing! Thanks for taking the time to write this.
  9. That's so cool, man! Thank you very much for the advice. You didn't mention anything about horrors. Is it because I said I would buy those already or they don't fit into this direction? If you could clarify that, I'd really appreciate it.
  10. Hello friends, I've been wanting to get into Tzeentch for almost a year now since I really like the aesthetic of the mortals and with the announcement of the new Battleforce Box for Tzeentch, I'm gonna take the plunge! The content of the box clocks at 1200pts and is a nice starting point. Any advice in which direction I should go to add to that base? I was thinking a box of pink+blues+brims for the free summon from Gaunt Summoner. But then what? Screamers are really good I think? Thanks for your help in advance guys Edit: The content of the box is: - LoC/Kairos - Gaunt Summoner - 20 Kayric Acolytes - 10 Tzaangorz - 3 Tzaangorz on discs (enlighten or skyfire)
  11. I would tend to think so, yes. The unit is considered to have run so it cannot charge in the next phase. Ive always played it as a normal move myself to guarantee the charge. Besides, MD is extremely strong with GGs and MawKrusha. Their movement is plenty where you don't really need to run anyway. I might be wrong though.
  12. Looks really amazing man, nice job. I really love the Atlantis miniatures Ogres and I bought a Butcher myself for my upcoming army. I searched all over the internet to find some size comparisons with the gw ones and I couldn't find anything. How do the Atlantis Ogres fit with the GW ones in terms of size?
  13. So, what happened to the Great Mawpot? I'm interested to get into Mawtribes faction but the thing has been out of stock for so long now, what's up with that? I'd like to be able to get that terrain piece as well. Does anyone know anything?
  14. Weirdnob is also a popular option for general sometimes. This one is difficult. He gives movement shenanigans options with the teleport and is almost mandatory in my lists now but at 1k, sometimes the games are simpler. If you play on the 4x6 table format, he's definitely a big asset. The other big perk is that he can help dispel an annoying endless spell in your face that would wreck you for several turns. Some people nowadays are more of the opinion that Ironjawz shouldn't even take a caster because of magicdom armies but at 1k, I don't think you'll see incredible magic combos. The Megaboss is a good fighter too. To me he equals another group of fighters. He's very durable in Ironsunz. He's fricking slow though. Perhaps consider taking the Megaboss in Bloodtoof. You get the free TP, charge bonuses, etc. All in all, just try it. There's no perfect lists. You gotta test it out yourself. One thing that is inevitable though, Megaboss and Brutes are slow as hell. Gotta use movement shenanigans with them.
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