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  1. Wait.. how do you buy Boltboyz? Am I missing something or its the only unit we can't buy right now?
  2. The Guild of Summoners coven has an artefact that grants battleshock immunity in a 12in radius of the bearer. That's really helpful if you're heavy on mortals (like I am). You can also summon a LoC at 9 summoning points, so it might offer you an opportunity to choose. It seems Kairos is really strong if you have him starting in your list. The "change any dice" ability is really strong (cancel a charge) and he can knows the spells of every casters around so it opens the door for some powerful tricks (warscroll spells only). The latest Tzeentch focus on AoSCoach highlights some really interesting insights. But you're not wrong that they don't seem to have big nukes. It does look like you need to focus fire to kill.
  3. Any idea when we'll actually be able to pre-order Boltboyz? I feel like we're missing a few units to complete our armies.
  4. Im convinced, I'm gonna group my 2x10 into 1x20. I got Hobgrot screens anyway. Thanks!
  5. I see Gutrippaz in units of 10s and I also see lists with units of 20. What's the main advantage of running MSU vs reinforced unit. In both cases, I would use units of Hobgrots to screen and I would have a Killaboss for battleshock.
  6. Wilhelm, obviously. Or the guy with the turkey. They are two excellently ridiculous models in my eye.
  7. That's awesome, do let us know you as well, please!
  8. That's what I was about to say to one of the previous comments who said that KB can't sustain a big charge. I was about to say ''unless you have hobgrots''
  9. Warscroll Builder is now updated so, the AoS world is good again First list after discussing some options with you guys previously. I feel like units of Hobgrots are necessary to just create roadblocks and slow down other armies. This could be interesting. Allegiance: Kruleboyz- Warclan: Big Yellers- Grand Strategy:- Triumphs:LeadersSnatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast (315)Swampcalla Shaman with Pot-grot (105)Killaboss on Corpse-Rippa Vulcha (240)Battleline10 x Gutrippaz (180)10 x Gutrippaz (180)6 x Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)- Reinforced x 16 x Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)- Reinforced x 1Units10 x Hobgrot Slittaz (80)10 x Hobgrot Slittaz (80)10 x Hobgrot Slittaz (80)ArtilleryBeast-skewer Killbow (130)Beast-skewer Killbow (130)Total: 2000 / 2000Reinforced Units: 2 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 138Drops: 12
  10. Something to note though is that he has the Grinnin Blades keywords I believe, so he wouldn't benefit from the other factions buffs.
  11. Damn, that's badass. I might build my model as him instead then.
  12. That's what I was wondering, does he provide the battleshock immunity too?
  13. Thats very interesting. Would you be more tempted to build him as. Killaboss on Vulcha then?
  14. So, I noticed that some of the lists you guys propose don't have any casters in it (I think the shaman doesn't count since he's in it for the potion). You guys are ok with that? I mean I always think I need some kind of magic in my lists at least. What's your rationale around building lists without casters?
  15. Don't get me wrong, me too! But coming from someone who painted 40 ardboys, you tend to lose your sanity if you want to do a nice painting job.. at least I did a little. And now there would be 70
  16. That's a lot of Gutrippaz to paint, my friend
  17. But isn't this the case with many armies though? I mean it's not an identical army to LRL at all, and several other armies have similar game mechanics or builds. Kruleboyz also have additional sneaky shenanigans that can disrupt gameplans. Overall, I think it's very early to declare anything. Besides, let's not kid ourselves either, this is a destruction army. Destruction armies are never top meta. As long as we sit well in the fat middle I think GW did their job. The problem is with the filthy elves...
  18. Wait what? I think you're mistaking Marshcrawlers with the Warchanters. Warchanters have an ability to give +1 damage to an IJ unit. The Marshcrawlers have a +1 to hit aura around 18inches.
  19. The problem with KB on vulcha is that only buy this model once and I have to pick how to build it I love both of em.
  20. Hehe it's all good, thanks for the suggestions. I have tons of IJ anyways so I guess he'll be good in BW right? I mean that +1 to hit aura will certainly be useful. Thanks for pointing it out.
  21. Sure yeah, so my list I'm thinking of right now is the following: --- Gobsprakk 300 Sludgeraker 315 Swampcalla shaman 105 Marshcrawler Sloggoth 150 2x10 Gutrippaz 360 9x Boltboyz 360 2x Killbows 260 --- So that puts me at 1850 pts. From there on, I'd like to have a Killboss on Gnashtooth but I don't got the points, so I'd go for the foot one. I'd also like to include the Mirebrute but no spot and nothing for the Belcha banner too. I could also forego the Killaboss for a 2nd shaman but I feel like it puts me very vulnerable to battleshock. Do you have any constructive thoughts?
  22. Exactly this. I'm toying with lists and after I take everything I need I can't find a place for the Mirebrute, even though he's a really cool damage piece (+a nice model), I can't find a place for the Belcha banner, even though I know he's really useful, and I can only find a place for a Killaboss on foot to reduce battleshock ripples. And I got only one shaman. I guess this is a good problem because we have many good units in the army for synergies.. but I'd really like to have Gobsprakk, a sludgeraker, a marshcrawler, and THEN put other useful units (after putting battlelines, Boltboyz, etc.) I do have 2 Killbows in my list though. Maybe that's where I need to cut?
  23. I really don't think this would happen, otherwise nobody would ever play Big Waaagh. They would just ally in some Boltboyz and keep their allegiance abilities. BW as it stands lost a lot so it's main attractions is being able to actually mix up units and keep the main traits. Anyways, would be extremely surprised of the contrary.
  24. So.. what you guys are saying, is that a unit that is in the Kruleboyz section of the Warclans book, that has JUST been introduced with this new faction, with the same aesthetic (greenskins riding it), with the same branding and all on the warscroll, cannot be played in the Kruleboyz faction? Am I getting this right here?
  25. I'm really hyped too. I don't know why but I really want to see lists with like, ardboys groups of 15 getting refilled on a 4+. That seems extremely durable and crazy.
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