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  1. Welcome Nims, FEC are in a really good place rules wise at the moment, and are quite simple to paint well from what I've seen. Good luck with your project and don't forget to share some pics. Cheers, THM
  2. I did a request for the Soul Wars assembly instructions as I bought the sprues off eBay. They sent them through no questions asked.
  3. This is solid work from both a painting and hobby perspective and the fluff you've written (as a non-native English speaker to boot!). It fits nicely in the AoS theme, much easier than it would of the Old World. Good job sir! 👍
  4. I use YouTube videos for most of my painting guides, I find watching the application of the paints as well as knowing what what paints to buy to replicate is much better than a written format. Couple I'd recommend: Next Level Painting Rob Paints Miniatures
  5. I'm fairly sure you could email GW customer services and they'd send you the assembly instructions?
  6. Good afternoon, Thought I'd drop a very quick introduction - like many others here I'm returning to Warhammer after an extraordinarily long hiatus. I'm planning to do a Nighthaunt / Death army, just bought the Nighthaunt half of the Soul Wars set, then I'm going to build from there. Looking forward to getting started. Cheers, THM
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