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  1. What's the alternative to the Bombardiers point change though? If given the choice for the same points, you pick the Bombardier over Engineer any day. I guess Engineer could be 80 points 🤷
  2. They honestly do Verminous better than Verminous since almost everything hits HARD. Definitely synergy based though as your strength comes from the 13" bubbles of your Packmasters and Master Moulders which are both easy to pick off in a hero or shooting phase. I did have a Master Moulder survive two rounds of combat against Durthu in my previous game (due to my opponent rolling terribly, but still, Scurry Away is a strong ability). But yeah Rat Ogors being 3+/3+rr with 4 attacks each at 2 damage, a unit of 30+ Giant Rats being 2+/4+rr with 3" attacks (!!!) and HPAs with their MWs and -2/2 damage, -3/3 damage attacks are super strong. Thanquol weapons being split 2/2 has also been incredibly strong in the situations he's found himself in. His warscroll spell is honestly his worst attribute 😂
  3. Had great success playing Thanquol & Moulder last night against Nighthaunt! List was... Thanquol, Master Moulder, Master Moulder 40 Giant Rats, 40 Giant Rats, 4 Rat Ogors, 2 Rat Ogors HPA, HPA Packmasters Fleshmeld Managerie The only units that finished the game off the board were the Packmasters. Rolled both my 4+s to get a unit of Giant Rats and the bigger Ogor unit back. HPAs and Thanquol were super mobile thanks to my opponent casting cogs. Thanquol and an HPA were about to double team 20 Cairn Wraiths in the center if the board and then split their next move/charge onto the objectives in my opponent deployment. HPA one shot his lone hero on that one, Thanquol took on 20 Chainrasps. Killed 8 before charging, took 2 wounds, killed 8 more, causing the rest to flee. Thanquol himself took out two with his boop staff 🤗 Was a good day
  4. Just seems weird. We have "within" and "wholly within" effects that are different. We have "reroll fails" and "reroll" effects that are different. Why would "before you allocate a wound" and "when you allocate a wound" be the same? Especially when they're in an updated battletome together.
  5. With those wordings, I'm pretty sure the Verminous Valour has to be done before either one no matter what. Verminous says "Before you assign a wound," the other two look at when you assign it. Either way, you can roll for Verminous Valour, and then choose how many you want to assign to the unit, then take 4+, then shield.
  6. @Bufkin as someone building Changehost rn, this post is incredible. Thank you. Every single bullet is a great piece of advice
  7. @Riff_Raff_Rascal the problem is, Warp Grinder is 9" away, Dreaded Skitterleap is 6" away. By virtue of these setups, you aren't in range to Splinter anything (except for Warpgnaw, but who's running that?). You have to move the model with it into range, wait till your next hero phase, then use it. The problem is if your Grey Seer on foot is within 6" of an enemy, it's probably dead. And even then, you might not have an advantageous model to pick off within those 6 inches. And even then you might fail the cast. AND EVEN THEN, EVEN FOR A 1 WOUND MODEL, you might fail the roll. It's just extremely situational. If it was on a warscroll, then sure. But on average, casting Death Frenzy on a Doom-Flayer would be land more damage.
  8. @Riff_Raff_Rascal I think people generally look at this spell wrong, or opponents don't want it to work the way it actually does. When someone first reads that spell, they think it's a Hero killer for 5 wound models. Or that it's a cheap spell to pick off a 3 or 4 wound model out of a more elite unit. I'm not going to say the spell is good. I haven't used it to good effect either. HOWEVER... The warscroll says you choose the MODEL (not the unit, as opponents tend to think) and if your die roll beats their Wounds characteristic, that model is slain. This means: That conga line of Clanrats? They're split 15/24 and not in cohesion. Those Chainghasts that are bearing down on you? Out of cohesion. Evocators on big boy 32mms? Out of cohesion. It's just a deployment check. Obviously people won't purposely move their units so they're out of cohesion and have to kill half of them. Obviously they're going to conga line and pull models in combat that won't leave the unit out of cohesion. They don't expect to have their middle model removed and leave the unit out of cohesion. The biggest negative of that spell is it's 6" range (12" for Warpgnaw).
  9. Not a competitive player so apply salt: I think the idea is that hopefully you avoid combat with them, and if you are in combat, you're able to make saves and survive. You should have better movement to grab objectives, more bodies to hold/take them, and hopefully grind out the game to win in points. I also have a general philosophy (that I would invite others to weigh in on) that if you find yourself in combat, you want to do things in a way that requires your opponent to make more saves. Even though something like a Bombardier has a single shot 2d6 damage attack, that one shot, on average, will get through less often than something that will require your opponent to make ~7 saves even at 4+
  10. Not a competitive player but as I understand it, you're more often than not pulling the melee guys off first anyway (so that the unit has 27 wounds before their shooting is effected) so it doesn't matter much. Just know that the Shock Gauntlets are more consistent, but Doomflayers have a higher ceiling
  11. @will pollock you're sure? That's not a legal setup if it's one unit. Needs either Drills OR Ratling Gun. Drills with Ratling Guns would be quite good though.
  12. Does anyone have general rules or guidelines for deployment? Of course this varies with army composition, matchups, deployment zones, battleplan, and scenery... But if you were giving a crash course in deployment tactics, what advice would you give? I keep finding myself in my first or second hero phase saying "huh, I think this is in the completely wrong spot"
  13. @Skreech Verminking unrelated question, but does it cause issues for you and Skreek the Destroyer when someone tries to address you at meetings of the shadow council? Your names are just so similar, but maybe that's just my man-thing ears 🤷
  14. @Gwendar Guessing you meant "as a shooting unit before you think of them as melee?" I can definitely see that running them in 1x6 would be dope and a much better use of MMMWP. This was a matter of I only have 6, had to fill battleline, and didn't want to do 2x5 Acolytes. Though maybe even then, it's fine because 6 fiends sold eliminate anything within their threat range especially with MMMWP. Don't worry though, I have another 3 to build and they're all magnetized 🙏
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