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  1. I completely agree, already want to try out the other subfactions as the artefact for Null Myriad is very powerful and the ability of Stalliarch lords is also very good. Just find it interesting as since release all I've heard is people complaining about Petrifex when the majority of them this weekend have yielded average results. I also have a local Sylvaneth player who has beaten them every time he's played them.
  2. I've tried arguing the point that stats are going to be slightly inflated for them as they are a completely new army, yes Petrifex is powerful but it's far from unbeatable. Just trying to establish if we will see some big nerfs to them or not
  3. I don't actually have Arkhan as never really felt the need for him, dedo going to look into that second list though and was looking at a crawler for the sniping of heroes
  4. Now this I like, not too much from my build pile either so reckon I could easily have it ready for then, also thinking Petrifex is going to be the best against them as well. Was debating Katakros but not used him yet so unsure how survivable he is.
  5. I'm due to be fighting Nighthaunt next week but its 1.5k with 3 battle lines so proving very difficult to write a list for especially as I'm trying to fit a battalion in there as well. Also unsure what legion to run (if any) any help appreciated.
  6. As always I'll reserve judgement for when I've seen the whole book but it does look like Khorne has been screwed hard by Slaanesh.
  7. I've also found this, what's even worse is that if you run multiple Bloodthirsters they struggle choosing which one to commit to! Especially in smaller points games there's very little the armies I've played can do against me. My current 1k list is WoK, IR, 30 Bloodletters and 5 Flesh Hounds.
  8. So from my experience it sounds like you did all you could and were possibly just unlucky. Keep at it and tweak your list to try different things. I'll have a think and see if I can think of any pointers (in the middle of a 24 hr paintathon, so pretty tired right now)
  9. Pretty much the same has happened to me when I was using bloodreavers and blood warriors, I now run Bloodletters as my main battleline and then currently either 5 Flesh Hounds and/or Blood Warriors depending on the size of the game being played. I've then swapped out Bloodsecrator for a Daemon hero (Skulltaker or Bloodmaster) as they move at the same pace as Bloodletters and give them the re roll 1s to hit, as that's more beneficial than the extra attack. Did you use any blood tithe abilities at all?
  10. Dude I've been playing since January and I've lost all but 2 games as Khorne, what else were you running? Did you use any blood tithe points? What could you have done differently? I tend to run almost all daemon lists as they synergise together well, especially with the locus of fury ability. Bloodreavers in particular I find to be really bad.
  11. I ran Tyrants against Ironjawz the other day, it was 2k so my list was as follows Tyrants of Blood (140) Skarbrand (400) WoK (320 IR (280) Skulltaker (120) Slaughter priest (100) Slaughterpriest (100) 30 Bloodletters (300) 5 Flesh Hounds (100) 5 Blood Warriors (100) Hexgorger Skulls (40) Altar of Skulls (0) I made WoK my general and ran bloodlords so he had Halo of Blood and +4" movement+re roll charges, I then gave IR the artefact that gives +1 rend and took Killing Frenzy and bronzed flesh as my blood blessings. It ended up being a very close game largely because we were in the realm of beasts so my opponent had a Rogue idol as a wandering beast and that thing wiped out my Bloodletters (although they did 10 wounds back) Also using Blood tithe abilities proved pretty important as I used murderlust in his hero phase to do some free damage with my IR bloodthirster on his Maw Krusha which killed it off and saving my bloodthirster.
  12. I ran that exact set up in tyrants yesterday in a 2k game and I ran 5 Blood Warriors, 5 Flesh hounds and 30 Bloodletters. I used blood lords and gave the Halo of blood to WoK and then gave the +1 rend artefact to IR. I set the Flesh hounds and Blood Warriors up together, charged the Flesh hounds ahead and had blood warriors following behind to block my enemy (took 3 battle rounds for them to be wiped out) Oh and turn one of combat IR dealt a total of 32 wounds, 16 on the unit he faced in front of him, and 4 to 3 other units that were within 8" thanks to Outrageous carnage.
  13. How come you're looking at splitting them up? For me they work best at 30 strong as your enemy has to kill 11 or more for you to lose the +1 to hit bonus. I've been playing since February so about 2 months now and probably played 20 or so games. It really does depend on what you're up against but my Bloodletters have improved significantly with the new book and have become my most reliable battleline unit. Hence why I'm now looking at buying another 20 of them so I can have two units of 30. I've managed to buff them effectively with Wrathmongers in the 2 games I ran them and they have a smaller bubble than the Bloodsecrator so can't see it being too much of an issue.
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