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  1. Quick question! I’m looking to sub out my unpredictable / often ineffectual doomwheel for some objective control. I want to bring in a unit of ten gutter runners but the price (and mono-pose minis) are an issue. Would anyone take issue with using plastic night runners in place of gutter runners? I can’t imagine it’d be a problem (same size, same weapons) but you never know.
  2. Hey all, Editing my list in light of the new book and I’m looking for some input. What’s the developing consensus on stormfiends? I’m considering running a block of six (2 doomflayers / 2 projectors / 2 cannons) but I’m not sure if they’ll be worth the points now that you can’t tool them for a specific role. Rat ogres are looking far more viable than before — I’m considering dropping the fiends and adding in a blob of ogres, packmasters for support and potentially an extra warpfire thrower to back up the clanrats. Thoughts on stormfiends versus rat ogres?
  3. Hey all! Gutbusters player here, looking to start up a second force. Planning out 1000 points of Gloomspite to start and I’m looking for critiques before I pick anything up. Not going for a hard theme, instead going for a mix — trying to include some solid objective anchors as well as some speedier elements. Heroes: Loonboss on Giant Cage Squig Madcap Shaman Battleline: 40 Stabbas 10 Squig Hoppers Other: 3 Fellwater Troggoths 10 Boingrot Bounderz 990 Total
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