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  1. The problem could be fighting against Stormcasts. They have bonus against daemons and nighthaunts that hurt a lot. I'd use skeletons, witch are more powerful in attack, but a bit squishy in defense. Greetings
  2. If you play GHoN you can use 2x40 Skeletons and use Ossific Diadem + Lord of Nagashizzar to empower them. Skeletons attack up to the third line, so it's easy to make a lot of attacks to kill big elite units. A block of 40 Skeletons, 4-5 attacks (command trait + a Vampire Lord) + Van Hel = kill. Greetings
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a Kharadron Overlords army, painted or unpainted. If the army is painted, I expect a good level, if not, I prefer unpainted. Send me PM if interested. I'm from Spain and I can pay by Paypal. Greetings
  4. Thanks for the answers! Greetings
  5. Hello, I have two questions about Legion of Blood. The first one is: I have a VLoZD, can I add 1 extra attack to Zombie Dragon attacks or only add 1 attack to the sword/lance? The second question is about the command trait Walking Dead. Is it applied just to the sword/lance of the VLoZD or is it applied to the Dragon Attacks too? Greetings
  6. You have to roll 1 dice for each miniature. Greetings
  7. Thanks for the answer. I have another question. When a unit with 25mm bases charge another unit, can it attack with the first and second line if it has 1" attack range? One inch = 25,4mm so a friend of mine said I cand use the first line miniatures and every miniature in the second line if they are base to base, is it correct? This could be very usefull for my Skeleton Warriors and my Grave Guard (even more!!). Greetings
  8. I asked a few questions in other posts, but I need to ask the following. - Is the Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror allowed in matched battles? It is not included on the Death battletome, so I'm not sure. And the other question about this miniature, witch base size is required? - The Guardian of Souls have two different miniatures. The Guardian of Souls with nightmare lantern is in the Nighthaunt Battletome but the Guardian of Souls with Mortality Glass is missing, so can I use any of them in matched matches? Greetings
  9. His spell is quite good for using on Black Knights or Reapers. You can get a nice strike. However, it's not valid for common battles, so... Greetings
  10. The lantern is good, but a +6" extra movement can be pretty nice for a Reapers unit for example. I have to think about it. Greetings
  11. Thanks for the answer. My last question about GoS is about the alternative version, GoS with Mortality Glass. I have read this post Can I use this warscroll instead of the GoS with Nightmare Lantern warscroll? Is it valid? Greetings
  12. Just one question. Can a Guardian of Souls in Grand Host of Nagash alligance use any of the Nighthaunt spells or just the spell he has in his warscroll? Greetings
  13. My Death Army: I should have taken another picture of the first floor to show all the cavalry. Greetings
  14. Sorry if this is not the correct post but I have a question, what base size does it use? Greetings
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