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  1. He can poop at the same time he leads the attack! Greetings PD: I dislike a lot this miniature. Very awful in my opinion.
  2. Thanks for the answers! Greetings
  3. Your range is 1", so the second line is nearer than 1" to the enemy unit, so they can attack too. Yes, you can use a command ability even if that hero isn't the General, but you can only summon units with your General, not with heroes. You will want to have your horde alive until they are weak or the enemy has got the objetive and they aren't profitable. In that case you let them die to resumon them again. Greetings
  4. They have 2 bonus, when they are over 20 and over 40. So you want to have your Zombies over 40 to get 1 attack at 3/3/-/1. If Less than 20 Zombis => 5/5/-/1 Between 20 and 39 => 4/4/-/1 More than 39 => 3/3/-/1 So you want to have more than 39 always. You can improve them with a Necromancer and/or a Vampire Lord. The Necromancer lets you attack twice per combat phase with his spell (van ****** Dance). The Vampire Lord can give them +1 attack expending a command point. I see a Corpse Cart in your list. You can upgrade your Zombis: 2 Attacks => Vampire Lord and a Command Point Attack twice => Necromancer spell => van Hell's Dance More than 39 Zombis => 3/3/-/1 Corpse Cart and +39 Zombis => 2/3/-/1 I'm not sure if you know that the base of the Zombis is smaller than 1", so you can attack with two lines of Zombies instead of one. If you make a good combo, you can get 10-20 Zombis in combat. Greetings
  5. Remember you can use the tombs once per turn, so you can't use a graveyard twice per turn to heal two units, so I think the regeneration isn't as important as the bonus when you have a full unit (and the point cost reduction). So you 30 zombies have 1 atack at 4/4/-/1 and if you loose 11 zombies, they go 5/5/-/1. When you have 60 zombies, they go 3/3/-/1 until they loose 21 zombis. In addition, 2x30 zombis cost 360 points and 1x60 zombis cost 320 points. If you can fill 2x60 zombies, you don't have to think about the regeneration because you can resurrect one full unit and they have 60 wounds and a 6++ especial save. Greetings
  6. Hello We are having some questions about the rules about flying units when there is an obstacle covering them. A friend says that if a unit fly, it can be targeted even if there is an obstable in the middel, so the questions are: Can a unit of Castigators shoot a unit of Reapers if they are behind a Citadel Wood? Can Alarielle (who fly too) shoot a unit of Reapers if they are behind a Citadel Wood? Can a Guardian of Souls cast a spell to a unit of Reapers if they are behind a Citadel Wood? Can Arkhan cast Mistic shield to a unit of skeletons if they are behind a Citadel Wood? Can Arkhan cast Mistic shield to a unit of Reapers if they are behind a Citadel Wood? Can Arkhan stay over a tree of a Citadel Wood? Can a Zombi climb a tree of a Citadel Wood? Greetings
  7. The Wight King with Axe is a pretty model, but Wight King with blade on Horse is still a better option -more attacks and movility. I think 1x10 Black Knights are better than 2x5, because if you want to get objectives with a quick unit, use Dire Wolves. They cost 70 points and they move 10", so you have 2x5 Dire Wolves for 140 points instead of 2x5 Black Knights for 240 points. You get 100 free points to expend in other units. Greetings
  8. Let's start! Legions of Nagash 4x Cairn Wraith 1x Coven Throne 3x Guardian of Souls 3x Lord Executioner 1x Mannfred von Carstein 1x Nagash 3x Necromancer 1x Neferata 2x Tomb Banshee 7x Vampire Lord 1x Wight King 3x Zombie Dragon 1x Terrorgheist 1x Mortis Engine 128x Skeleton Warriors 120x Zombis 35x Dire Wolves 40x Chainrasps 2x Bat Swarms 25x Black Knights 5x Blood Knights 1x Corps Cart 5x Fell Bats 20x Glaivewraith Stalkers 39x Grave Guard 30x Grimghast Reapers 5x Hexwraiths 3x Legion Black Coach 6x Spirit Hosts Total: 11895 points Kharadron Overlords 90x Arkanaut Company 3x Arkanaut Frigate 1x Arkanaut Ironclad 4x Grundstok Gunhauler 2x Aether Khemist 1x Aetheric Navigator 2x Arkanaut Admiral 1x Brokk Grungsson 1x Endringmaster 21x Endringriggers/Skywardens 10x Gundstok Thunderers 19x Longbeards (allies) Total: 4750 points Maggotkin of Nurgle 5x Putrid Blightkings 1x BloabRotspawned 2x Chaos Sorcerer Lord 1x Great Unclean One 1x Horticulux Slimux 1x Morbidex Twiceborn 1x Orghotts Daemonspew 1x Chaos Gorebeast Chariot 1x Chaos Chariot 10x Chaos Knights 24x Chaos Warriors 40x Plagued Monks Total: 2992 points Tomb Kings 37x Skeletons 14x Chariots 15x Knights 2x Giants 1x Necrosphinx 1x War Sphinx 2x Catapults 1x Casket of Souls 3x Liche Priests 2x Necrotecs 1x Scarab Prince 1x Tomb Herald 3x Tomb King 1x Tomb King in Royal Chariot 1x Tomb Queen 6x Carrion 9x Necropolis Knights 6x Sepulchral Stalkers 36x Skeleton Archers 10x Skeleton Horse Arches 35x Tomb Guard 3x Tomb Scorpions 8x Tomb Swarm 10x Ushabti Total: 7609 points Greetings
  9. I love the tombstone he has on it! It's quite unique! Greetings
  10. I have a tournament next month and I'll take Legion of Blood with the VLoZD as my General. The reason I want him instead of 5 wounds heroes is because he can survive thanks to Ethereal Amulet and can resurrect killed units. Greetings
  11. Hello. I have a discussion with a friend about the correct placement of the woods because of the new General's and the new Sylvaneth Battletome contradicts each other. So the question is, wich are the correct restrictions to put a wood in the table? At 3" of other terrain feature? At 1"? Greetings
  12. What about "Lord of Nagashizaar"? It gives you an aura of +1 attack to every deathratte unit at 6" of your general and you can get Ossific Diadem to give them an extra 6++ save. Greetings
  13. I don't think people will take 20 instead of 30, because of the points reduction. Greetings
  14. Sorry, I wanted to say 2/3 mortal wounds if he gets a 6 when he attacks with his speer (not charging/charging). In addition, +1 attack to all the melee profile attacks are quite good. Greetings
  15. Walking dead in VLoZD witch has 4 attacks and deals 2/3 mortal wounds when hit rolls are six are quite interesting. Greetings
  16. I'm still changing my list because I think it has some weaknesses I need to eliminate. I have 2 lists in my mind using Legion of Blood. I wanted a powerfull General who could survive to resurrect if needed and named heroes can't use artifacts. That's the reason I chose the VLoZD as my General withe amethystine pinions. List 1: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - General - Ethereal Amulet - Walking Dead 1x Necromancer 2x Guardian of Souls 2x30 Grimghast Reapers 3x10 Zombies 1x Chronomatic Cogs 1 Command Point List 2: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon - General - Ethereal Amulet - Walking Dead 2x Necromancer 1x Guardian of Souls 1x30 Grimghast Reapers 2x10 Zombies 1x40 Skeleton Warriors 1x20 Grave Guard 1 Command Point What do you think about the lists? Greetings
  17. Get Vhordrai and another VLoZD to activate the VLoZD in the hero phase for 1 command point. Banners don't stack, remember it! Greetings
  18. I'm not sure about that change. One of the big enemies of LoN are Shooters. Saving at 3++ is very powerful (and Mistic shield is awesome in this cases). I see ethereal amulet in every tournament list where there is a Zombie Dragon. The problem are the mortal wounds, I agree in that point. Greetings
  19. I don't agree about Grimghast. They are still better than Grave Guard because of the 4++ save and movility (8 Vs 4). Greetings
  20. That's why I don't want her in my list, because I miss walking dead in the VLoZD. Greetings
  21. I'm making a tournament list and I think Legion of Blood can be an excelent way to have a powerful no-unique General. I was thinking about a Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon as General with Walking Dead Command Trait for mortal wounds and ethereal amulet for resistence. I'm not sure if Neferata can be a nice friend or some Reapers can be still nice for a good attack. Greetings
  22. Does anyone know if Reapers are still part of Legions of Nagash? Greetings
  23. Black Coach 260 points and dreadblade harrows 90 . Greetings
  24. I was told Nighthaunts units will be Nighthaunt exclusive, except Hexwraiths and Spirit Hosts, is it true? Greetings
  25. The problem of the Reapers was Legion of Nagash. It didn't matter if the 30 Reapers unit was deleted, you could summon it again for a command point. They were also the best unit of the Death... and I'm a Legion of Nagash player since I begun playing Age of Sigmar. Greetings
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