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  1. Yes they still do. The 5+ roll to see if our Judgments remain at the end of the battle round is still in play as it was not errataed out.
  2. Think I figured out something for Daemons, originally I was disappointed greatly by Leave None Alive still be restricted by being issued by Heroes, so this required a perspective change. Instead of trying to get Bloodletters to fight twice, I remembered an old combo I tried to do but didn't work in 2nd ed because there weren't as many CPs. Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster Lord of the Blood Hunt command ability + Bloodletter Hellblade Decapitating Blow. Give Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster the Crimson Crown artifact for maximum efficiency, and fish for them 6s to hit in the same manner as Skullreapers. We keep our pile in 6" shenanigans via Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury command ability Rejoice in the Slaughter. It's one of those "aura" command abilities that do not count affected units as receiving a command. "Some older command abilities specify that the effect of the command ability applies to multiple units within a certain distance of the unit that is issuing the command (for example, all friendly units with a specific keyword). When this is the case, the command is both issued and received by the same model, even though the effect of the command applies to the specified units within the specified range. The model that issued the command cannot issue or receive another command in that phase (because a model cannot issue more than 1 command in the same phase and a unit cannot receive more than 1 command in the same phase), but could do so in a future phase even if the effect of the command lasts for longer than the phase in which the command was issued. The other units that benefit from the effect of the command do not count as having received the command (and so are not prevented from receiving a different command in the same phase)" pg 2 of core rules errata I put together a list I'd like to give a whirl this week with this module on place but with other threats involved: Allegiance: Khorne - Slaughterhost: Reapers of Vengeance - Grand Strategy: Sever the Head - Triumphs: Inspired Leaders Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (310) in Warlord #1 - General - Command Trait: Mage Eater - Artefact: The Crimson Crown Slaughterpriest (110) in Warlord #1 - Prayer: Bronzed Flesh Slaughterpriest (110) in Warlord #1 Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (295) in Warlord #2 - Artefact: Harvester of Skulls Bloodsecrator (125) in Warlord #2 - Artefact: Skullshard Mantle Skulltaker (130) in Warlord #2 Karanak (150) Battleline 20 x Bloodletters (230) in Warlord #1 - Reinforced x 1 20 x Bloodletters (230) in Warlord #2 - Reinforced x 1 5 x Flesh Hounds (105) 5 x Flesh Hounds (105) Endless Spells & Invocations Wrath-Axe (85) Core Battalions Warlord #1 Warlord #2 Additional Enhancements Artefact Artefact Total: 1985 / 2000 Reinforced Units: 2 / 4 Allies: 0 / 400 Wounds: 115
  3. I have a legit theory that Khorne is the Chaos book in October. There are 3 hints in the fluff areas of the core rulebook that suggest this pg 32 "Khorne is made stronger by every conflict, for he is rage incarnate - and with the recent eruption of barbarism in Ghur, his potency increases once more...." pg 45 "Ghur's fall began with skirmishes and hunting parties that killed for the sake of killing, but ended in a realm-wide war between man, beast and greenskin. When the gore flowed so thick that one could no longer tell friend from foe, the true scions of the Brazen God became manifest. The savage tribes found themselves fighting not only horned creatures of flesh and blood - fierce but at least obeying the brutal logic of tooh and claw - but hideous, otherworldy daemons that sent the lands spiralling ever further down into an abyss of dark and senseless slaughter. The fight for survival that had typified the Realm of Beasts became more desperate and bleak than ever before, as the land itself, awoken by so much spilt blood, brought its deadly hunger to bear." pg 183, last two sentences: "Now, as a new and savage era begins, Khorne is poised to ascend once more. The Era of the Beast suits him well, and all who thought to profit from his past setbacks will be a taught a bloody lesson." Compile this that Khorne got absolutely nothing in Broken Realms.
  4. Same, I'm in the camp that Skullcrusher stock has jumped dramatically now that they can almost function completely on their own with the changes to command abilities. I'm waiting on erratas to see if Juggerlord's command ability goes back to +1 to wound like how it was in the first BoK book. Him being bravery 9 also helps with Heroic Recovery, so he should be healing.
  5. Skullcrushers went to a 3+ save with the 2nd ed book in exchange for the spell ignoring shield ability. So factoring in All Out Defense is how the 2+ is coming about.
  6. Correct, the Flesh Hound is treated like a mount as detailed on the warscroll. See: 27.3.1 ENHANCEMENT RESTRICTIONS Enhancements cannot be given to Unique units (see 25.6.1) or allied units, unless noted otherwise. In addition, artefacts of power and command traits that affect attacks made by friendly models do not affect attacks made by their mounts, unless noted otherwise.
  7. I've come to the same conclusion as well since these will save us CPs, just need erratas to drop now.
  8. If you don't want to do the calculations, I did them myself, take a look! 5x Flesh Hounds +5 10x Bloodletters -5 10x Bloodreavers +10 Blood Warriors +10 (New min size of 10) Aspiring Deathbringer +5 Bloodmaster +10 Bloodsecrator +5 Bloodstoker +5 Exalted Deathbringer +5 Herald of Khorne on Blood Throne +5 Korghos Khul -15 Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut -5 Mighty Lord of Khorne -5 Scyla +10 Skarr Bloodwrath +5 Skullgrinder +10 Skullmaster +5 Skulltaker +10 Slaughterpriest +10 Valkia - No change Insensate Rage Bloodthirster +10 Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster +25 Skarbrand - No change Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster +10 Bloodcrushers +10 Garrek's Reavers +5 Karanak +10 Khorgorath +10 Mighty Skullcrushers +10 Riptooth and Magore's Fiends +5 Skullreapers +25 Wrathmongers +15 Bleeding Icon +10 Hexgorger Skulls +20 Wrath-Axe +25
  9. Not yet as I'm waiting for points and unit sizes to be revealed, but the GHB 2021 battalion that's all Monsters is like tailor-made for Thirsters. Free pre-game move? Yes please!
  10. It'll certainly be confusing for Blood Warriors, as take a look at the unit size from 1st Ed starter: 5 models. Bloodreavers are 20 in that starter and in the multipart box so I can totally see the unit going to 20 models minimum. From what I've seen All-Out Defense does seem to work in the opponent's shooting phase, which is quite handy. The coherency rules only affects Bloodreavers and Bloodletters for the most part, as big units of Blood Warriors wasn't quite handy to keep them in our wholly within bubbles. The questions I keep having I believe will be covered in GHB 2021 and/or the first wave of erratas. Some of these are: - Does Blood Tithe reset after being used once? - How is Reapers of Vengeance Leave None alive being reworded... can 30x Bloodletters finally fight twice without super Rube Goldberg machine shenanigans?
  11. @ogarrah Keep in mind that mounts aren't affected by command traits, so only the Karkadrak Lord's Hexed Battleaxe and Daemonblade would be affected by Hew the Foe.
  12. Mortal wounds from Outrageous Carnage are allocated like regular wounds as they're caused when a unit attacks, as described on pg 232 of the core rulebook, second to last sentence of the first paragraph under the section labeled Mortal Wounds.
  13. That depends on how competitive you want to play. In casual games, he can be pretty decent as a Goretide General, as Hew the Foe makes him do at least 2 damage a swing, and giving him Gorecleaver. He's outclassed by the Juggerlord in all other aspects though, especially with the same command trait + artifact combo in terms of speed and durability. The Daemonic Axe special rule plus Gorecleaver allows him to do 7 damage on a wound roll of a 6 when you order the triggers from both Gorecleaver and Daemonic Axe correctly, which is nuts.
  14. It's an incredibly strong battalion that's held back by the cost of the units inside them (ie Blood Warriors and Skullreapers). It's the second best Mortal battalion, with Gore Pilgrims still at #1 because of its versatility.
  15. The issue with Bloodcrushers is with the rider. Bloodletters (and therefore the rider) base have 1 attack and hit on 4's. That's what makes them not that great. They need to have 2 base and hit on 3's.
  16. There's honestly no argument against them. Doubly so now that they've dropped in points. I was working on a Gore Pilgrims Chaos Knights list when Petrifex Elite was running rampant, and now the list dropped 60 points. Gore Pilgrims was chosen specifically to have at least a single +1 attack source that they'd be in range of. I'm also in the camp of believing that bringing S2D units into the Khorne allegiance will be what keeps Mortal Khorne alive. Runeshields help a lot against mortal heavy builds, and Knights and Karadrak Lord provide the speed we need. I don't see us getting much use out of Chaos Warriors. Marauders I haven't played with and they also went up in points. This is what I had so far: Allegiance: Khorne- Slaughterhost: The GoretideLeadersChaos Lord on Karkadrak (230)- General- Command Trait: Hew the Foe- Artefact: GorecleaverBloodstoker (80)Bloodsecrator (120)- Artefact: Thronebreaker's TorcSlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Killing FrenzySlaughterpriest (100)- Blood Blessing: Bronzed FleshBattleline10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxes- 1x Goreglaives10 x Blood Warriors (200)- Goreaxe & Gorefist- 1x Goreglaives10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper Axes10 x Bloodreavers (70)- Meatripper AxesUnits5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Cursed Lance5 x Chaos Knights (160)- Cursed LanceBattalionsGore Pilgrims (140)Endless Spells / Terrain / CPsExtra Command Point (50)Hexgorger Skulls (40)Wrath-Axe (60)Total: 1780 / 2000Extra Command Points: 2 I originally had Dimensional Blade on the Hexed Battleaxe but now super high Rend (anything above -2) isn't really necessary with the Petrifex Elite change. To fill out the rest of the points, I was thinking of the possibility of dropping 1 unit of Bloodreavers to add 2x5 Wrathmongers to power up the Blood Warriors and Karkadrak Lord, or drop the Wrath-Axe and be at 2k on the nose.
  17. Got my eyes on all of our relevant GHB 2020 points pages. Only our ForgeWorld models are dropping in points folks. Nothing else changed. Pretty disappointing honestly. There better be some teeth in the FAQs/Erratas.
  18. @JonnyTheKing Yup I saw the second source confirming it. Incredibly disappointed if that's all there is. I'm hoping there's at least some drops outside of Vorgorath.
  19. Skarbrand doesn't need to run and charge. Just bring along an Unfettered Fury Bloodthirster and he can pile in and fight while 6" away thanks to Rejoice in the Slaughter. He can have a threat range of up to 20" by doing this (8" move + 6" run (spend that CP if you REALLY need to) + 6" pile in).
  20. @KhorgusCool You're going to have big issues maneuvering that 30 man Blood Warrior block around. Even more so to keep all the of the models wholly within all of the auras you have, with the Whipped to Fury wholly within 8" of the Bloodstoker in turns after they charge/get into combat. I'd seriously suggest try reducing the unit to 20 man instead and it'll be a world of a difference.
  21. @Roark One of the players in my state meta uses Marauder Horsemen in the exact same manner that @Grimrock describes. He won our biggest event by doing everything mentioned by @Grimrock against one of the best players in the US.
  22. Yup! Just click the link I provided and on the drag down right under wounds, click re-roll failed wounds. There doesn't seem to be that significant of a bump with this new buff. What seems to be the deal sealer is Hew the Foe. The shift from 2 damage to 3 damage a swing is really significant.
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