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  1. Quick question regarding this. Do you get the extra wounds and reroll 1s for the entire unit (from Prized Creation)? I have always played it as only a single Rat Ogor gets the buff. /Cheers Rangeltoft
  2. Here is another idéa. Bonesplitterz are known to hunt godbeasts, Kragnos says that his "people" are gone. Might he be a leader for a godbeast/monster faction? (Not that destruction really needs another monster based army). Maybe Kragnos after out for revenage against the Bonesplitterz for killing off his spawns/whatever and thats the feeling the Boy and Shaman have?
  3. A quick rule question regarding the Iron Sky Attack Squadron: Are you allowed to disembark after flying high? My gut reaction is no, since its not a move but a setup, but just wanted to make sure. /cheers Rangeltoft
  4. But rerolls happens before modifiers, if im not remebering wrong. And the Mastery of Magic is a modifier as of the latest DoT Faq/errata.
  5. A member in my gaming group has just started playing Blades of Khorne and another one plays DoT. Got this question asked yesterday, how does the above mentioned rules work? Is there an FAQ that answers it? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  6. Not really. Skaven get all their bonuses no matter what, so in this case they don´t count
  7. Or the Celestial sub-faction is because Gloomspite is the only army, besides Nighthaunt (atleast i think those two were the only ones), that doesnt have any Sub-faction alligance. Or maybe its just a money-grab move from GW´s side, to see if they can increase sales? Don´t get me wrong, these subfactions have rekindled my intrese in Gloomspite and i do like that they are added, but i still don´t think mono-"subfaction" is the way to go, my opinion ofcourse. Maybe, altho i think the "mega-battalions" are there to give you the option to play mono-subfaction rather then the main intent of the book. I guess we will never know. as for people not wanting the field stabbas and playing hordes, that´s their choice. i´m more on the other side, i find it hard to play a list without stabbas. /cheers Rangeltoft
  8. to be fair, i don´t think gloomspite were writen with the idea of 4 diffrent armies in a singel book, but more as a mix and match book between all the diffrent "subfactions", alot like the Cites of Sigmar battletome. While it´s possible to run an army of only squigs, the army might work, but gets alot better if you mix in a few stabbas.
  9. I do belive that there is a short storie in Oaths & Conquests about a champion and his followers that change "marks"(which god they worship) during thier travels and getting the benefits, Nurgle mutations etc.
  10. If im not mistaken, you could skip the battalion and just give one of your khemist the Collector command trait to unlock your second artifact.
  11. Quick question: If i include a Pestilent Throng in a Munificent Wanderers list, is there anything prohibiting me from giving the requierd artifact to my BoC Hero? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  12. Thanks for the respons! Not that i think it will come up, but you never know. Another question: If i have Death Frenzy on, lets say 20 Plague Monks, two die in meele, do they still get the +1 to hit for the death frenzy attacks? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  13. Question about the Redmaw Plague: If i count the hero as friendly, does that mean that my opponent need to count it as an enemy model for that combat phase i.e he needs to attack it if there are models within range? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  14. The way its written makes Barak Thryng weird. While they do get Barak Thryng keyword, they do not get the KO keyword, meaning that unlike the similar rule for CoS (tempest eye/living city/SCE) they technical count as allies, since your army alligiance is KO, not Barak Thryng. That in turn makes the subfaction not working as intended, because every KO army can have duradin allies. on the other hand, i have played some with Barak Thryng and the rules are ok, altho without Soulscream Bridge its hard to make a meeleblock work.
  15. I know he is an expensive model and i know that it doesnt make much sense from a lore prospective, but that was not what i was asking about was it? The reason for why i want to include Nagash in a LoGrief army is because the model is a good centerpiece and i came here to see if anyone had a workable list that does include him, hence my question. Not why he doesnt not fit in from a lore prospective or that he is an expensive heap of plastic.
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