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  1. The way its written makes Barak Thryng weird. While they do get Barak Thryng keyword, they do not get the KO keyword, meaning that unlike the similar rule for CoS (tempest eye/living city/SCE) they technical count as allies, since your army alligiance is KO, not Barak Thryng. That in turn makes the subfaction not working as intended, because every KO army can have duradin allies. on the other hand, i have played some with Barak Thryng and the rules are ok, altho without Soulscream Bridge its hard to make a meeleblock work.
  2. I know he is an expensive model and i know that it doesnt make much sense from a lore prospective, but that was not what i was asking about was it? The reason for why i want to include Nagash in a LoGrief army is because the model is a good centerpiece and i came here to see if anyone had a workable list that does include him, hence my question. Not why he doesnt not fit in from a lore prospective or that he is an expensive heap of plastic.
  3. Hello to you all! might start up an LoGrief/NH army soon, but got the idea of including Nagash stuck in my head. is it possible to make a workable LoGrief list that includes Nagash? Doesnt need to be ultra competativ, but should not be a complete walkover list either. /Cheers Rangeltoft
  4. May i ask why the gauntlet? The Endrinmaster do not count as charging if he is inside a boat.
  5. Thats the thing im wondering about, the "all restrictions are ignored" wouldnt that mean that you can still move it, or is it just for the "casting" part?
  6. That sounds good, thanks for the respons Another question: How does spell in a bottle work with the new Bound Endless Spells from the Seraphon book? /cheers Rangeltoft
  7. A quick question. I might end up playing my first battle with KO tomorrow but am having trouble settling on a list. If I run a Barak Zilfin list with a frigate loaded up with 10 arkonauts and 2 characters with the Magnificent Omniscope can I in my herophase then move 8+6(run), then in my movementphase disembark the arkonauts and characters and then fly high with the (now) empty frigate? Or could I fly high with a Gunhauler with Thundrik´s Profiteers and a Khemist in the herophase, throw out an endless spell from bottle and then use fly high in the movementphase to get some distance from the enemy? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  8. I am not 100% sure im right on this issue, but thats the way i read it.. I really do like the Magmic Invocation models, so if i could use them in a KO army that would be very sweet (still think KO should have gotten thier own version of "endless prayers). But since i do have the battletome, i cant ignore the way it is written the warscrolls are there for ease of use (imo), since they don´t give you the point values (altho those were released in the latest faq/ghb) but before that you would need to have the battletome to "know them", ofcourse that information wouldnt have been to hard to get. Lets revisit this when/if a faq drops, untill then, enjoy using the magmic invocations /cheers Rangeltoft
  9. Army specific model might have been a poor choice of word on my part. Allegiance abilities are locked to your allegiance tho, in this case that would be Kharadron Overlords, not Fyreslayers. If you were allowed allegiance abilitys in other armies then the one that the battletome is written for then you would be able to use all the rules for both StD and Slaanesh (or any other chaos god) in the same army, which you cant. And the way to Magmic Invocations (and Judgements of Khorne) are written, they are allegicance abilitys, not a unit/endless spell. and regarding the endless spell comment, that might be me misremembering the need for Malignant Sorcerery book to have all the rules how to casr etc.
  10. I do agree that the rules could be more clear. But on the other hand, you dont get all the rules regarding Endless Spell from the Warscroll cards either. And to be fair, saying that an army specific model should point you to that armys battletome for all the rules regarding said model seems abit obvious, atleast to me. I guess the best way would be to e-mail GW faq team for clarification and/or talk it over with your opponent/TO before a game.
  11. The quote from the book is from the allegiance abilities section and as far as I know, no other allegiance ability works in a different army. You don´t get aether-gold in a Tempest Eye list or spell lores from Slaves to Darkness in a Nurgle army (exemple). The Judgements of Khorne has the same wording in thier allegiance ability, so careless writing seems less likely. but I might be wrong in my interpetations.
  12. Magmic Invocations have the following wording: FYRESLAYER PRIESTS in a Fyreslayer army can summon etc(page 59 Fyreslayer battletome)... a KO Barak Thryng army is not a fyreslayer army so wouldnt that be a condition not meet? would love for it to work, but atleast to me it seems like its not doable. /cheers Rangeltoft
  13. Toying around with an Barak-Thryng list and this is what i came up with as a first draft. Allegiance: Kharadron Overlords - Sky Port: Barak Thryng Leaders Endrinmaster with Dirigible Suit (220) - General - Trait: Supremely Stubborn Aether-Khemist (90) - Artefact: Spell in a Bottle Runelord (90) - Allies Runelord (90) - Allies Warden King (110) Battleline 10 x Arkanaut Company (90) - 1x Skypikes - 1x Light Skyhooks - 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns 10 x Arkanaut Company (90) - 1x Skypikes - 1x Light Skyhooks - 1x Aethermatic Volley Guns 3 x Endrinriggers (100) Units 30 x Hammerers (360) Behemoths Arkanaut Frigate (250) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon Arkanaut Frigate (250) - Main Gun: Heavy Sky Cannon Battalions Iron Sky Attack Squadron (120) Endless Spells / Terrain / CPs Soulscream Bridge (80) Extra Command Point (50) Total: 1990 / 2000 Extra Command Points: 2 Allies: 180 / 400 Wounds: 110 Couldn´t add in the Thryng specifik artifact in warscroll builder and havent really thought about endrinworks for the frigates yet.
  14. Im looking forward to trying out Mhornar tbh. The command ability allows me to take the Last Word on my ironclad and i can still move it to a good spot if needed while its "fully loaded". But then again, i will try them all out before (if) i stettle for one specific skyport.
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