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  1. Having some trouble to include BoC in my Nurgle forces in 1k,1,5k,2k. Really like the BoC models and would love to include them, but cant figure out how to do it without just making weak lists. Anyone have a working Pestilient Throng list to share? (and if it isnt all based on Blades of Putrefaction going off, it would be better).
  2. a quick quetion regarding Favoured Poxes. does a charge count as a move for breaking the spell? i.e if i cast it with a Poxbringer and then charge in the charge phase, would the spell end? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  3. No they havent. They are not in GHB at all, other then Gitboss and Gitboss on Wolf Chariot.
  4. It´s not that they are no longer Battleline, they are not even mentioned at all. So unless its like it were in 40k and you can use the old points from the last valid battle profile, then you can´t no longer use them. Some compendium units have a battle profile in the GHB , Tomg Kings, Bretonians, Overtyrant etc.
  5. No idea, but they are not even mentioned in the GHB (except for Gitboss), while regular greenskinz are (even got a change on the chariot if i recall correctly).
  6. No cost change for any destruction FW monsters. also, no Gitmobs anymore except for Gitboss and Gitboss on Wolf Chariot in the "legacy list".
  7. There is no battalion in BoC that lets you take Gargants? I have used my Aleguzzler a few times, think I only failed my charge twice, and due to the amount of CP you can get as a gloomspite player, there is no reason not to reroll those charges, sure you can still fail even with a reroll. Not saying that they are great, but they do work but are not the most " competative" choice..
  8. Random thought: If i have a Skulkmob horde, can i add Loonsmasha Fanatics that are not part of the battalion to a unit of stabbas inside the battalion? lets say the battalion consists of: 40xstabbas,40xstabbas,20xstabbas,5xLoonsmashas,5xSporesplattas x2. Can i then add more Loonsmashas to the two units that don´t hide the one from the battalion? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  9. Page 84 – Artefacts of Power, Relics of Ulgu, Doppelganger CloakChange the rules text to: ‘Once per battle, at the start of the combat phase, you can say that the bearer will put on the cloak. If you do so, the bearer cannot be chosen as the target of attacks made with melee weapons unless the bearer has made any attacks earlier in that phase. The Gristlegore Player still gets to go first in his turn, since according to the Malign Sorcery Errata, doppleganger cloak is not automatic and happens in the start of the combat phase, same as the gristlegore strike first. Would love to be proven wrong here tbh. /cheers Rangeltoft
  10. If the Gristlegore Player charges with this AGKoT you won´t be able to activate Doppelgangers Cloak before he attacks, since both effects takes place at start of combat and its his turn, meaning he gets to choose the order.
  11. Excuess me for my ignorence, but where do you find any keyword in the Nighthaunt battalions? It´s not like in for instance the Bonesplitter battletome that states: Bonesplitter Battalion. Nighthaunt battalions are just Warscroll Battalion and don´t have the Nighthaunt specific keyword anywhere. /Cheers Rangeltoft
  12. @AliKing just a random thought, but doesn´t the none-general Warpseer break the Eshin Allegiance ?
  13. Is its possible to include Bonesplitter Battalions in a mixed Destruction army? for instance, if I wanted to include a Teef Rukk, would that be possible or is it locked behind the whole "Bonesplitter" Keyword at the top of the battaliontext (to be only in a Bonesplitter allegiance) ? /Cheers Rangeltoft
  14. Sounds good! then I can go ahead and order a few big spiders and get to work on them. /Cheers Rangeltoft
  15. Quick question: Is its possible to magnetize the War Party bitz on the Archanarok so that you can run the same models as both war party and skitterstrand? /Cheers Rangeltoft
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