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  1. Its massive for objective play. Especially because cards like hidden paths and spectral wings are gone, an aggro player wants to win board placement but has to make the choice between giving his opponent 3 objectives or having a bad board setup which will stall them
  2. Season 1 universal rotation is good for the health of the game. Although in the announcement the beastgrave neutral gambit is a reprint of pit trap, so expect some reprints, but its freed up a fair bit of design space which is excellent for meta freshness. Let's see how they make season 1 war bands available again. It's probably too much to hope for reprinted fighter/faction cards. I'm not sorry to see ready for action, escalation, superior tactician go. I do think control play will be very solid in the new meta due to the lack of speed cards for aggro - spectral wings, hidden paths etc are gone.
  3. The sky is not falling. There's been calls for universal card rotation for quite some time due to the limitation on design space and the cost of entry for the game. If this is happening, there would be zero point in selling the current expansion packs and there will be some kind of season 1 warband pack without universals or something like echoes of glory.
  4. 4 round best of 1 tournament at Warhammer World tonight (26-30 players). Hella excited. Placeholder for tournament report...
  5. It's interesting. A standalone expansion for the Dreadfane warbands would either have more cards in the expansion (as they have vastly more faction specific cards than any other warband), or would just be faction specifics and I think would be a struggle to shift as well as other warband expansions that include universal cards.
  6. Not sure I understand? Attack dice: 1x single support, 1x double support, 1x fury, 2xsmash, 1xcrit Defence dice: 1x single support, 1x double support, 1x dodge, 2xblock, 1xcrit Magic Dice: 2xfocus, 3x channel, 1xcrit This is different, yes?
  7. Core set contains: 2 warbands, generic universals, boards, dice, tokens. You will need tokens to play. You can pick up the extra board packs, third party tokens and split universals separately but for organised play, having the board options is important (as you can't use the same side of a board more than once in a best of 3 matchup) and generally only "legit" tokens are preferred. Especially for Grand Clash style events. and TBH, if you were to buy extra boards, 3rd party tokens and split universals, you're probably approaching the cost of the core set anyway if you only want a single warband, core box + warband + power unbound will make you a serviceable deck. If you want to play in high levels of competitive play, you're going to end up buying the expansions anyway. Even if you didn't want the individual warbands, think of the expansions as 30 new universal cards you can play with. At that point they are a little pricy, but not horrendously so. The leaders set has one or two cards that crop up in competitive play. Power Unbound has some excellent cards for all warbands and even with many of its best cards being on the restricted list, is still well worth buying. The Shadespire core set universal cards are the only cards currently unavailable for purchase. However, many were re-printed in the Nightvault core set, with very few exceptions (the only one that comes to mind is Healing Potion). The expansion boxes for Garreck's Reavers and Steelheart's champions contain all the faction specific cards from the Shadespire core set but the universal cards are all new for Nightvault. If you can get your hands on a Shadespire core set, the universal cards from the Reaver and Champion expansions are available in the Echoes of Glory card pack Magic dice are usable for the following warbands: Stormsire's Cursebreakers, Thorns of the Briar Queen, Eyes of the Nine, Zarbag's Gitz (also the only warband that you DEFINITELY need a scatter token for), Ylthari's Guardians. None of the other warbands use magic gambits or spell attacks. This isn't like other GW games where players buy multiple core sets and split out the armies to recoup costs on Ebay - the Core set for Underworlds is a great price point to dip your toe into the game and contains everything you need. From there, you only need to buy the warbands you want to play until you take the competitive plunge and buy everything.
  8. I would guess that it's a holdover from before the most recent BAR list as they are functionally exactly the same for everyone in Thundrik's except Drakkskewer. It would be a bit of a struggle right now to include either Archer's Focus or Awakened Weapon with all the good restricted cards for a Thundrik list. With access to Prized Vendetta and Paymaster, you can go without them - but they are worthwhile. On that note...I got 6 games in last week with my post BAR deck. It flows very nicely - there is a single first round objective brick (Sound Finances, Combination Strike, Superior Tactician) that only requires a single activation to fix (cycle Sound Finances), there's only 2 cards requiring a kill (death from afar, seeking advancement), everything else is either passive movement based scores (shortcut, cover ground) or having the ability to make a successful attack (headshot, get thee hence, what armour). Warning Shot plays better into my gameplan than Change of Tactics and I was happy with that swap. There's only 2 cards that are on the bubble for me after this - (Pit) Trap and Bag of Tricks. I'm using Pit Trap over Trap because I have an alt art, but I only need 1-2 kills to actually score out my objective deck and (Pit) Trap does not help score Death from Afar, so I found myself either holding it too long, using it to get a kill when I wasn't holding one of my kill objectives or just using it as throwaway extra damage. I felt, weirdly, that I didn't NEED (Pit) Trap to achieve my goals, which I shouldn't feel about a restricted card. What was more needed was accuracy cards. Rolling a single crit when Headshot is in hand and then seeing a Crit defence is devastating, as is failing 3 attacks with Lund that will also score Death from Afar. So I may drop for an accuracy buff. On Bag of Tricks - it's so valuable to be able to spend an activation to draw the card you need rather than hoping for it, but I found with the redundancy i'd built into the deck and the way I drew my cards, I didn't need it. It's like a security blanket and I'll bet that as soon as I cut it is when I have draw issues... So, obvious swap for (Pit) Trap is Upper Hand - it's the best accuracy card in the game. However, potential swaps for Bag of Tricks include the aforementioned Awakened Weapon and Archer's Focus - which would be one solution to the accuracy issue and leave me a ploy spot for something like Distraction, which is always useful, or Rebound, because I hate myself and my opponents. Paymaster keeps whispering to me too... EDIT: current deck for reference https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,291,N305,N235,N239,P19,249,N385,N322,N309,P32,331,361,N499,327,348,N248,N250,N461,N253,N254,N255,N260,N501,N503,N529,P54,P20,332,N477,P36,N240,P48
  9. I'm usually transporting 1-2 warbands at a time. For that, the Feldherr warband foam is perfect. 2 magnetic boxes for transport, the rest of the foam in a storage box on the shelf
  10. Midway through Nightvault, my call for the warbands included Seraphon, but given the new army books previewed, i think that's a fairly good steer on what we might see. That and the dreadfane warbands
  11. One of the reasons I've picked up Profiteers is because Mollog is a horrendous matchup for Guardians that I just can't get my head around. Rather than write a massive anti-Mollog tactica on a Mollog thread, some general things that i know good Mollog players have to plan to play around: - Knockback - Movement shenanigans to get to the squishy members of the mob - damage spikes, either through spells or things like Trap, Pit Trap
  12. While there will always be randomness related to dice and card draw, you can draw 15 cards in the game without mulliganing your first hand, using activations to draw or having any card draw in the deck itself. So 20 card decks and making hard calls about what to keep in your hand means draw variance can be mitigated to a large extent. In terms of dice, there are play styles that eliminate dice rolling altogether to achieve your objectives and there are plenty of cards to push the dice variance in your favour. Positioning, when to play cards and action choice are huge and is the reason you see the same names appearing over and over finishing highly at Grand Clash events. The predominant styles that have been emerging in the UK meta are aggro and defensive. Control in Underworlds tends to be more focused on holding objectives and certain warbands do that quite well (Thorns of the Briar Queen and Goblins with movement cards). What we have seen as the game has progressed is that certain cards become staples in decks over the course of the season and the Banned/Restricted list appears regularly to freshen up the meta and see new cards emerge. We have had 2 occasions where a BAR list came out VERY quickly after a card release because the playtesting hadn't revealed the true power level of the cards in combination with neutrals and other warbands. If you can cope with that as a Magic player, you'll be fine. In terms of blandness, the design space for the season 2 warbands opened up a lot and see see much more variance in their specific abilities. In general, I wouldn't be advising anyone buy Season 1 warband expansions right now just because there is a slight chance of Season 1 neutral cards being cycled out sometime in Season 3. There are various tier lists available. In general, Mollog's Mob, Stormsire's Cursebreakers, Ylthari's Guardians and Thundrik's Profiteers are seen as top tier. However, The gap between the warbands tends to be quite tight. Many people disregarded Reavers for most of the Shadespire season but by the time all the cards were released, they were a real threat. Same thing happened with Godsworn Hunt, who took 3 of the top 16 spots at the recent Grand Clash at WHW. Zarbag's Gitz, for example, are very difficult to play because of all their moving parts but have incredible glory scoring potential. The only warbands that seem to really struggle at the moment are Chosen Axes (because their inspire mechanic is a PITA and they NEED to inspire) and Eyes of the 9 (because they are a....poorly....designed warband). The most recent BAR list took a boot to some of the top tier lists so the new meta will be interesting. For casual play or local metas, it should be relatively even so player skill comes to the fore. https://wigglehammer.wordpress.com/ - Wigglehammer has combined pretty much all of the Underworlds blogs, YouTube channels and content out there. Well worth a bookmark as you get into the game. Oh, and welcome!
  13. Beastgrave Warbands - Stormcast Sequitors (from Dreadfane - expect a full expansion) - Banshees (from Dreadfane - expect a full expansion) - Free Peoples OR Wood Aelves - Savage Orcs (lead by a shaman hoo yeah) - Beastmen - Ogors (giant wolves or double ironguts...) - Slaanesh themed band - Nurgle themed band BONUS - Daughters of Khaine replacing one of the others New mechanic - models that take up 2 hexes (cavalry) OR terrain hexes
  14. Same situation, with Thundriks, Guardians and Goblins! Does make deckbuilding more engaging though, and I'm not sorry to see some of those cards go. Rebuilt the Thundriks based on new BAR. Still wanting to avoid bricking in the first turn objective hand so I added Seeking Advancement and Sound Finances. Without Escalation, Sound Finances is a very solid score in this deck and could be done in Round 1 at a push. As good as Upper Hand is, Fuelled by Fury is an adequate replacement and I love all 3 of my restricted gambits for damage, action economy and movement. Losing Spirit Bond hurts but Bag of Tricks has some really good utility and once Drakkskewer has scored Cover Ground, unless I'm facing multiple 4 health fighters, he's not as important. Rapid Reload is still great for the chance at scoring Headshot https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,291,N305,N235,N239,P19,249,N385,N322,N309,P32,331,N436,361,N499,327,348,N248,N250,N461,N253,N254,N255,N260,N501,N503,N529,P54,P20,332,N477,P36,N240
  15. I don't mind drawing it turn 2 - it's the same challenge you have with Superior Tactition. To avoid the turn 1 brick hand, I may actually swap out Victory after Victory for Death from Afar, so the only possible brick combo is Denial, Combination Strike and Escalation. At which point I'd cycle Denial with my first activation and get rolling from there. 16 glory is nervy with the amount of passive scoring out there right now but with the inspire condition being what it is, this warband leans heavily into the score immediately meta. Tome of Offerings could help but that's another restricted slot. I see dropping Illusory Fighter for Shadowed Step (that still scores Shortcut) but Illusory Fighter is just so good. I'll need to get some reps in. You're right that I'll be leaning on Drakkskewer to make plays. Spectral Wings or Augmented Buoyancy for Cover Ground, Illusory Fighter and Duardin Resilience for the charge deep into enemy territory then either pulling back to safety or being safe from the reprise attack. If Drakkskewer can assassinate a key model end of Turn 1, I'm more comfortable using Thundrik and Lund in more advanced positions. And specifically in the Mollog matchup - Drakkskewer is the one to pull off the single activation kill with Ready for Action. I have 2 re-roll mechanics that can be used with range 1 or 2 weapons, so maybe I could find room for a weapon upgrade like Nullstone Spear so that if Drakkskewer dies early I don't have 2 dead cards in the upgrade deck.
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