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  1. 9.77 wounds from grunta gore hackas at -1 rend. Plus 2.33 mortals on the charge Vs 4 at -2 rend, 1.33 damage 2 at -2 rend and 1.33 damage 2 at -1 rend (7.99 all in) Can't remember what the cut.off is where Brutes out perform gruntas. I think it's 3+, but could be 4+.
  2. It's all in the triggers. Rally - "the unit that receives the command must be more than 3 inches away from enemy units" Redeploy - "the unit that receives this command must be within 9 inches of that enemy unit" Inspiring Presence - "use this command ability at the start of the battleshock phase. The unit that receives this command..." Those conditions and timings must be met for the MB to issue the command to the unit, regardless of how many he issues to. All out Attack - "when you pick a unit to fight in the combat phase, add 1 to hit rolls for attacks until the end of the phase. That unit must receive the command." Skull shaking bellow: "when you pick this unit to issue a command, you can pick up.to 3 friendly IJ units to recieve the command instead of only 1" The unit making the attacks receives the command. All conditions are met. That two other units also receive the command is inconsequential. The wording makes it non restrictive. Thiugh I would not be surprised at.all to see it FAQd out either
  3. The thresholds for the biggest bonuses are the same as before, its just points are generated differently. The way Waaagh points generate favour multiple units charging and staying in combat. I'm fairly confident by end of turn 2 I'll have 20 points consistently. The Waaagh gets used sparingly
  4. I did have a little double take reading it. Propa sneaky! I'm undecided on swampcalla or killaboss for backup. Running brutes in 5s means I only really need to inspiring presence the gutrippas. Needs testing. As does the "here's a mawkrusha with d6+3 stomp and 2 buffed units of pigs. Dela with them while I grab some points" and the "can't believe its not a wizard" megaboss on foot
  5. Enjoying the possibilities with double megaboss right now: Mawkrusha and 2x pigs get warchanter buffs, mighty destroyers into a flank for turn 1 to just be a "problem" Foot megaboss (the general) with 2x brutes to mighty destroyers into the mid board, to own it and clear objectives. Ard boyz to follow up, with footboss MD moves putting them where they need to be. Alternative is gutrippas being put there by hand of gork in big waagh
  6. All fair points. With the power of save stacking, it's tough to look past metalrippas for the mawkrusha artefact. Building around that in ironsunz is super tough. BW having access to mighty destroyers closes the gap now you can't use multiple MD per turn. +1 to wound is so insanely powerful - IJ have multiple +1 to hit options but only 1 spell (cast on an 8...) for +1 to wound. Playing soulblught regularly I feel it hard. Agree on BW being strong once you can activate the big abilities with a block of 20-30 saves age boys
  7. If you were running brutes, pigs, MBoMK and chanters. Is there any reason to go ironjawz allegiance over big waagh atm?
  8. I might be missing something, but isn't this duplicating effort? Underworldsdb will do these filters for you?
  9. I am loving the new deck building. Even without the rotation, the curbing of the score immediate meta through deck building rules and the choice of board or objectives after the first roll has legitimately changed the game. it is much harder to snowball now and objective based play can more consistently get 3 objectives to place. Awesome!
  10. Try underworldsdb They have filters by game type
  11. I think they do passive scoring better than Garrek (easy keep them guessing, shortcut. especially now cover ground and spectral wings are gone) but Garrek's have better stats for the fight (garrek, saek and karsus)
  12. Without having insider knowledge, I would say this is the case. The first season was pretty much entirely designed by 1 person, who was given 8 push fit sets of models and asked to build a game around them. It being a good game and the support for organised play really help drive it to where it is today. The design space is maturing and the cards coming out are significantly better in terms of balance. If you look at Nightvault in isolation its far better on the balance curve than Shadespire and I expect Beastgrave to be the next step in that. The game is also an INCREDIBLY attractive business model for GW. Instead of the revenue spikes you get with 40k and AoS releases, Underworlds represents a consistent revenue stream - every 2-3 months during a season they release 2 expansions and every Underworlds player is going to buy them for the Universal cards. While it's not the heights of spend that 40k and AoS release represent, shareholders value predictibility in revenue and earnings. From a player point of view, you're shelling out £105 per calendar year for core box and 6 expansions that are fully valid for 2 years. A decent 40k army will set you back (ballpark) £400 and will be valid for longer but overall, the spend remains pretty balanced. And while universal cards are rotated out, the Relic format still exists so they are not completely invalidated. Some of those 40k models you buy will end up shelved for an entire edition if their rules update isn't up to scratch (lookin at you wraithknight) so again, evens out. It also means the Underworlds game will remain well supported with development, making the rules, models and organised play scene significantly better. /fanboy
  13. I'm happy with 3 ways to play. Relic and open tournaments would be interesting but j dont know how successful they'll be. Depends on local support, so I wouldn't speculate on a format that would exclude the first 16 warbands until they are updated
  14. I'm happy with 3 ways to play. Relic and open tournaments would be interesting but j dont know how successful they'll be. Depends on local support, so I wouldn't speculate on a format that would exclude the first 16 warbands until they are updated
  15. yes. the ONLY thing rotated out is the universal cards from the shadespire core set, shadespire warband expansions and leaders pack. Any card duplicated in Nightvault or Beastgrave (supremacy, hold objective x etc.) is also valid to use. This is ONLY in the Championship and Alliance formats. Relic format events also allow Shadespire universals. It remains to be seen how many Relic events will be run in the competitive scene.
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