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  1. Defensive (or control), aggro, objective are the 3 defined styles of play. It was intended to be a rock-paper-scissors type deal. Aggro beats objective. Objective beats defensive. Defensive beats aggro. What happened in season 1 (shadespire) is objective play died. The meta was either hyper defensive or aggro (mostly aggro). The bar list and subsequent Nightvault release helped objective play a ton but right now it's still relatively tough to play, especially with tome of offerings knocking around. What you'll find in most top decks is some element of flex play. I.e. in order to combat defensive, aggro players will have some passive/defensive/objective scores to get upgraded on the way into engagement or objective players will have an aggro element should their main plan go awry. In your Briar Queen example, they will have decent aggro elements. And goblins......score a lot of glory. The way you're describing your play is straight up aggro, but you have some control and objective scoring (shining example, keep them guessing, reclaim the lamentiri). If I were you, I'd swap Solid Gains for Victory after Victory. Your deck is built to score it and that takes you to 16 glory. You have Tome of Offerings to make up any other glory gap. In your power deck, I question My Turn purely because of how squishy everyone but Gallaghann is. Trap or Pit Trap might get you more mileage given your objectives I prefer Improvisation over Duel of Wits in every deck except guardians because of Lithe Spirits. If you could only take 1 of Last Chance or Rebound I'd take Last Chance because it works more often. And I'd find a place for Great Strength in the upgrades because Guardians damage output on cards is low. You're missing some kind of mollog/magore/stormsire tech but if you can live without it, more power to you. As I said, if you're winning, dont take the advice of folks on the internet.
  2. Things like formless key, time of offerings, heroes mantle in the upgrade deck help with that too. I live in fear of fjul with time of offerings
  3. I dont have my rulebook to hand but it does state that reactions are a special type of action. The Scurry FAQ confirms that, although it's a little unclear. If you look at the various Facebook groups, the general consensus is yes, reactions on a fighter card count towards keep them guessing. Haven't yet heard of a TO or Grand Clash ruling otherwise. Next FAQ may change this and make keep them guessing much less playable
  4. If you're consistently winning? No. The advice from strangers on the net isn't always the best thing
  5. First thought is the low glory count of the deck. Some more 2 glory end phase cards or more score immediately cards with combination strike and victory after victory would bump it up. Tome of glories will at best score you 3 glory, but ahnslaine is a really good way to score change of tactics and shes the most fragile member of the warband until inspiration, which diesnt gain her much. Challenge seeker and glory seeker have a lot of value. Worth trying them out. On my side, I'm still on the bubble for keep them guessing. It irritates me how often I pull it in round 3 and it's a nightmare to score. I love fuelled by fury but its attack dice specific so ylthari cant use it on her attack spell, think maybe determined effort or haymarket might be better choices. Potion of constitution is also a bubble but mainly because I haven't played the big hitters of magore, cursebreakers, mollog etc. Tome of offerings and duellists speed are on my list to try.
  6. Plenty good. Skill cap for reavers is high. Their height was probably BAR v1.0 where they were able to compete in the aggro meta that evolved. Even with a tonne of cards restricted, they can still be very dangerous. Objective deck based around attrition of yours and your opponents fighters with some solid passives like master of war, heroes all, shining example, fired up, escalation, cover ground Power deck pushing accurate attacks (+dice like blood offering), hitting hard (trap, pit trap, twist the knife, any non restricted +1 damage card) with a smattering of additional actions (ready for action, fuelled by slaughter). You may also want the odd movement buff (spectral wings). Upgrades for damage, speed, additional glory (tome of offerings plus grisly trophy equals 3 glory kills from garrek which is a massive swing) The key with Reavers is using your speed to dictate engagements. a threat range of 5 uninspired and 6 inspired (7 for karsus) is pretty killer against other aggro and defensive warbands. Where you'll struggle is decent ranged attacks providing a threat range that matches yours - farstriders, guardians, profiteers, cursebreaker.
  7. A quick look at the BAR list will give you high impact aggro objectives as a starting point. Most score immediately objectives are related to being aggressive with your opponents. Likewise, some good defensive cards that were less interactive are on the BAR list. If you're looking for decklist advice, the tournament deck list on underworldsdb is a great start
  8. There are various versions of the warband tier list. But it's tight enough that any warband can beat any other warband dependent on player skill, touch of luck and tight deckbuilding. If you're looking for warbands to avoid based on the high skill cap - sepulchural guard, eyes of the nine, garreck's reavers are the ones that come to mind. The easy to pick up warbands tend to be Mollog, Magore's and Cursebreakers as they are resilient and more forgiving of mistakes
  9. This. as long as after the fighter is pushed they are adjacent to no fighters. The value of this upgrade has gone up with the proliferation of range 2 and 3 attacks in the meta - mollog, guardians, profiteers, averon cursebreaker being the prime examples. farstriders would also be there if it wasnt for the fact the mollog exists. However. That increase in value gets it to a fringe card that you might take dependent on your local meta. I don't know that it makes the cut most of the time
  10. @Skellisquad interested to hear what you think your errors were. As people are getting used to playing against guardians, I'm seeing a lot of people keying off on Ylthari early. Be that by cheeky hidden paths, spectral wings riptooth, easy score immediately into faneway crystal and so on. I've been pulling back on gambit spells for this reason, so I'm not completely up the creek without a paddle if I do lose ylthari early. Starting to get some consistency out of this deck. Still dont like keep them guessing but until it becomes a serious hindrance and I bite the bullet on something like shining example, I'll keep it in. Alone in the Darkness has actually been a fairly consistent score against everyone except skellies, thorns and goblins. Even thorns I'm able to use drive backs to make it happen. Later game it's an easy score https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N265,N266,N268,N269,348,N389,N451,330,291,257,243,N309,N271,N371,N276,336,235,331,361,327,272,N557,N529,N482,374,N290,N506,N503,N499,N485,N527,N550,320,N340
  11. Congrats on the placing chaps! This is the first time I've seen restricted slots spent on tethered spirit. I'm guessing that's because of the investment in ylthari? One thing I have been noticing recently is scorched earth presents a unique problem. I never fail to score it, because I have leech power and unmaking in my deck. The problem with that is after scorched earth is scored, one of unmaking or leech power (the one I didn't use to score the objective) is effectively a dead card. Theres some synergy with reclaim the lamentiri but smart objective placement makes that card easier to score anyway - worse case it's 3 objectives on my side against an aggro player. Freeing up 2 gambit slots is pretty powerful
  12. It feels like you have to tech heavily for it which hampers your flexibility against other warbands. Having said that, I want to get more reps in with the matchup til I cave.
  13. TTK is great. I prefer trap because everyone can use it. Yes, doesn't combo with Swift Strike but does score masterstroke. Swings and roundabouts. Warding Stance over the re-rolls is math. Stephen Vann from Call It Shadespire did it a summary but in general, more dice > rerolls. Same thing with acrobatic. It's even better with gallaghann because of the reaction. Withering doesnt count. It's in the FAQ. Agreed on gambit/upgrade reactions. Potion of rage -> ready for action is my current favourite way to score Lithe Spirits in a single power step .Sphere of Uglu is a solid alternative to Dwindling. Even handicapping Mollog for 1 turn is worth something. Hidden paths I dont have right now but if I went to 22 cards, it would make the cut, and would do so over Last Chance. I'm risking the protection of Ylthari on positioning over holding the card until I need it. Time may well prove me wrong
  14. Got some reps in over the weekend with the mirror match and against profiteers. Some observations and deck tweaks - you have to play aggro into Profiteers. If they get rolling with a couple of early score immediately cards, they are a pain to put down. Getting rid of the balloon boy early gives you a great advantage. - tip from John rees: everyone is running gloryseeker. Single wound upgrades on Ylthari, Skathael or Ahnslaine are a zero gain because it activates gloryseeker. Saw it in action this weekend. He's got a point - lithe spirits can be a hand clogger if you you're overly reliant on crits. On the flipside, potion of rage into ready for action scores it in a single power step and so is probably more valuable than awakened weapon. - the warband can still do work without ylthari but losing her early is a nightmare if you've loaded up your deck with gambit spells. - keep them guessing is great in the first hand. It sucks in the third. - I was wrong about healing amphora. The inspire condition sucks if I want to throw skathael at something early and healing potion doesnt make an appearance so having the extra card to inspire makes a hell of a difference. Helps aggressive gallaghann too - curse of the dwindling. Killer spell. Tips the mollog matchup heavily in your favour. By God is it a pain in the ass to cast it when you need it. I dont know that you can win the mollog matchup without it though. And the magores matchup becomes super tricky Tweaked deck is far far more aggressice: https://www.underworldsdb.com/shared.php?deck=0,N265,N266,N268,N269,348,N276,N388,N389,N451,N274,330,N557,N282,N290,N506,N503,N365,N302,374,N529,291,257,N371,306,N499,N272,N493,N485,N436,243,273,N454
  15. Yea the Russian tournaments throw up some really funky builds from time to time. There was a really weird briar queen one a couple of months back
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