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  1. Wee Bump to get the numbers up, drop me a message if your keen please
  2. Event Title: The AOS Chamons LeagueEvent Author: Martin Johnstone Calendar: Events UK - ScotlandEvent Date: Still TBC Hi All See below for an event I'm looking to try and run through a season in Scotland, just gathering interest and numbers to see if we can make it viable and get some community buy in if there's any interest If other regions want to get involved please get in touch WHAT IS THE AOS CHAMONS LEAGUE? It is a league format system for games of Age of Sigmar to be played around Scotland throughout a season/year Each region can/will have multiple groups of four players who play each other twice for a total of six games per group phase, within a 12-week period (2 games a month) Two other phases where promotions take place are also played so a total 18 games over a 36 week period before an invitational is held at the endo f the season See pdf attached for more info, I have never run an event before so bear with me if I don't have the answer or knowledge yet Any queries drop me a message on any of the contact details Cheers MJ The AOS Chamons League PDF.pdf
  3. Afternoon All Took the plunge and went Stormcast heavy after a trade of my Tzeentch Looking for some list ideas I have plenty options, im quite a Thematic player but like to have a “power unit” or to in a list but any advice and help appreciated Heres what I have Heroes Celestant Prime Knight Venator Lord Castellant (still to convert) Knight Azyros (still to convert) Lod Aquilor Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger Lord Celestant on Dracoth Knight Incantor 2 x Knight Zephyros Lord Celestant Lord Relictor Knight Heraldor Units 10 x Judicators 10 x Liberators 9 x Aetherwings 3 x Castigators 15 x Evocators 25 x Sequitors 25 x Vanguard Hunters 6 x Vanguard Palladors 6 x Vanguard Raptors – Longstrike Crossbows 3 x Vanguard Raptors – Hurricane Crossbows 5 x Retributors 4 x Dracothian Guard – Can build whatever Planning on running as Astral Templars or Celestial Warbringers because I love the colours schemes or can run as whatever really
  4. Also, Does Archaon get Access to Our Spells or is he strictly Arcane Bolt and Mystic Shield thanks you
  5. Some ace info on here but I have acquired Archaon and wondered how I can build him in to a Tzeentch list, not exclusively just be good to add him in to regular games/tourneys now and again I have the below to choose from Hereos Archaon LOC Curseling Gaunt Summoner Tzaangor Shaman Chaos Sorcerer Lord Troops 10 x Pink Horrors 30 x Blue Horrors (want to use for summoning) 10 Brimstones 60 Karic Acolytes 20 Tzaangor 6 Skyfires 6 Tzanngor Enlightened (magnetized to switch out Skyfires) 15 Chaos Warriors
  6. @Malakree thank you Knew it was but so obvious I had to check
  7. Silly question folks but if I am taking Ironist and Bloodtoofs battalions, with 3 characters being the additional IRONJAWZ units Is that a one drop army or am I being totally stupid
  8. Cheers folks, chuffed at the suggestions
  9. Yeah pretty tidy and the 2D6movement in the shooting phase is tasty
  10. Lore wise I like the Flamespyre Phoenix, is the Frosty better play wise
  11. Aye I planned to run 3 x 5 for fast objective grabbers
  12. They are in the AOS App under Swifthawk Agents
  13. Hi All I have acquired 2 sets of the Swifthawks from Spire of Dawn and love the idea of a mixed Order force that are defenders of a small isle in Hysh Below is what I have t but would love some ideas from folks, I mm not uber competitive but would like it to be able to hold its own a little bit My thinking was its a small islet that has the Aelves guarding a tower (ala spire of dawn) I thought could maybe incorporate some Idoneth/Phoenix's/Aetherwings, thinking that the defenders of this islet come from land sea and air 2 x High Warden 2 x Archmage 20 x Spiregaurd 20 x Swordmasters 15 x Reavers What else would play well with these guys thematically , totally open to suggestions so please wade in Cheers
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