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  1. General doesn't have to be a hero
  2. Well I was considering zilfin for two shots at the ward save taking an endrinmaster, endrinriggers and a khemist with left over points taking all the healing options as the is potential to ward save twice and then heal damage split across ships giving more staying power. Also I wonder if the +1 to hit will mitigate the poor damage of the ships.
  3. What do you guys think of the grundstock escort wing? Competitive, too high entry cost, I'm wondering how competitive a list encorparating this would be?
  4. Yes but you get 5 rifles and 1 of each special in a kit would have to throw down £400 for 20 mortars. Not too skilled at conversions and I think the captain is always worth rocking a rifle for the 4 shots
  5. Think of picking up some thunderers 20 Aethershot rifles for khemist buff efficiency Or 4 mortars 1 Aethershot captain 4 cannons 1 Aethershot captain 4 fumigators 1 Aethershot captain 5 rifles What do you guys think?
  6. Still not sure wardens are worth it when compared to thunderers unless I'm missing something
  7. Long time lurker first time poster. In my opinion no special weapons on Endrinriggers finding anti shooting lists really hard to play against, without any solid close combat answers.
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