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  1. There are several ways to use them. You can use them to buff units, while screening support characters, so you place them between units and characters. You can use them as a defacto prismatic palisade for that first turn against shooty armies. Since a basic unit is only 120 points, I've also used them to stop first turn tunnelling shenanigans vs fyreslayers to protect Skragrott. I like them, but I'm also an idiot.
  2. Lets look at the math, Beastgrave contains 437 cards. The previous expansion packs each had their own numbering, so it's unlikely they're going to sell us core set material in expansions. The Core Set has 83 cards that I can see, and it looks like 8 Warbands in there from the artwork, and this is an assumption, so working back from there being 6 additional Warbands with each having its own unique deck of 32 cards (12 objectives + 10 gambits + 10 upgrades). Each of the individual 6 Warbands x 32 cards = 192 cards, add that to the 83 cards we already know about = 275 cards, leaves us w
  3. I'd say it would be a good guess that the Brute/Savage Orc is one of the 3 man Warbands of this season, similar to how Steelheart's Champions were.
  4. Grots are part of Gutbusters, so maybe BCR got folded into Mawtribes and this dude could be working with the hunter, which would explain the caltrops given its a type of trap.
  5. You're right! Good find, I originally assumed it was a beastman because of the horns, but I can see that is a golden mask and crop top, definitely DoK
  6. One things I just noticed is that there is a white skulled beast in #39 Ritual Kill that is also echoed in #29 Jabbing Spear ... maybe a new type of beast to go with the hunter? Those grots though, they got me wondering what they could be. If it doesn't go with the Ogor, how badass would it be if it was a Nasty Skulkers warband?
  7. I'm guessing this serpentine figure in the bottom is the DoK.
  8. The same grot is featured here. He's unarmoured and no helm unlike the wolf riders. The thing that has me really interested is what is the creature in the right of this card? That weird white face in the background.
  9. Yeah there are a few Nurgle cards which should confirm this.
  10. Well there are a couple artworks that made me go hmm. There are a few of Grots running around on foot, specifically one dropping Caltrops. I'm wondering if that goes with the Ogor Hunter. This one is different to the Wolf Rider ones in that it doesn't have body armour. There's also some really interesting large beast silhouettes. I'm assuming these are just general flavour for the realm of beasts
  11. Ogors as one of the next WHU Warbands? Artwork in the game is typically representative of the Warbands. Beastgrave contains artwork for a Hunter and Frost Sabre.
  12. I wouldn't say there is a horde meta right now as how many horde armies do you see on top tables? Things are being dominated by FEC and Skaven and that is merely just a temporary issue that we're waiting on FAQ's for. There is an issue around it being harder to make some armies run. I played in a tournament recently where 2 of my 5 opponents were effectively battleshock immune without having to spend command points and another had command points for days that he had nothing to spend on. In the same tournament I had a unit of 40 dudes get mostly destroyed (lost 20 guys, 14 more ran) o
  13. Yes. The buff that they do is key to Spiderfang synergy and so taking two gives you redundancy for this effect.
  14. What I'd like to see for Spiderfang Spider Riders, Skitterstrand down 10 points. Spider Riders should also be 480 points for a maximum unit (to incentivise taking hordes of them) Flinger down 20 points Webspinner on foot and Webspinner on Arachnarok are fine as they are points wise. The Warparty seems fine for its points. What would make this army also interesting is if it becomes battleline if the Webspinner on Arachnarok is the general (so that there looks like other general options). I think even a slight points increase to 260 for this would be worthwhile.
  15. Gitz lack mobility outside of Hand of Gork. In that respect, I would use 5 Hoppers to cap easily retrievable objectives early on. 10 Hoppers seems to be the number you want to use for dealing with Support heroes, typically by jumping over them. I wouldn't go anymore than 10 Hoppers For Squig Herd, 12-24, depending on your use requirements. I've used 12 well, I've seen 24 used fine and my personal squig list is using 18 but I've yet deployed that in combat. Bounders. 10, Always.
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