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  1. Exactly. If Fungoids go up, it might be a harder choice though. For my money, a Fungoid only costing more with its command point generation ability is worth the 10 points. It's a little harder to swallow at 20 points and at 30 points, I would be more inclined to purchase an additional guaranteed command point at 50 rather than letting the dice try and give me on average 2 CP's a game. As for the Zarbag's unit costing me 80 points, I figure they'd replace how I use my squigs, as a screening unit for Skragrott that can cap objectives late game. Given the fanatic still hides inside it, you can do the Hand of Gork 9" away, 3" deploy and going for a 6" charge move. That's better at jumping onto an objective than 9" rerollable for squigs and its useful for light character hunting etc. I'm not fully convinced, but it's an interesting notion and probably something worth exploring further. I think I'll be ordering my Balewind Vortex this week so I can play around with it in various builds.
  2. I didn't use an Arachnarok, I used a Webspinner Shaman on foot. He was good for when he was needed. His role was usually throw down a Scuttletide early in the game and then just set up Sneaky Distraction and hold the line elsewhere. He wasn't game winning but he did play a big role when it was needed. I've been thinking of changing my Endless Spell loadout to just be Geminids and Balewind Vortex. The Shaman on Vortex would give Sneaky Distraction an effective 20" radius from a central point, given the Balewind Vortex is roughly 4" in diameter. Those huge debuffs mean keeping more models on the table longer and this army lives and breathes on debuffing enemies. Given this army seems to thrive on being versatile, the Balewind Vortex would also be useful on Skragrott (being able to withdraw a unit from up to 30" with Hand of Gork and redeploy them would be interesting. Given my thoughts on the Balewind, I think there is some other interesting tech that could come out of this book. I'm thinking Zarbag on the Balewind Vortex might be interesting as I think making enemies within 9" from him retreat could be useful in missions like Duality of Death where lists like this would struggle. The unit that accompanies him could be used to protect Skragrott and fill the role that the Squigs did for me and having a spare fanatic and netter in my backfield could be useful.
  3. Thanks @PlasticCraic - I've never done a write up before but I will do my best. For the record, I only had 1 block of 40 shootas, but if they go down in points that might change! Please note I am unfamiliar with a lot of what my opponents armies did, so I was more or less playing by ear. The list I took was this. I'll try to note my mistakes and what carried its weight in each game. The shootas won me 2 of my games because people who know anything about Gitz seem to think they can't kill anything and so ignore them. That essentially leaves me with a big block of 40 dudes to run around and do what they want unmolested. Allegiance: Gloomspite GitzLeadersSkragrott, The Loonking (220)- General- Lore of the Moonclans: The Hand of GorkLoonboss (70)Madcap Shaman (80)- Artefact: Moonface Mommet - Lore of the Moonclans: The Great Green SpiteWebspinner Shaman (80)- Lore of the Spiderfangs: Sneaky DistractionFungoid Cave-Shaman (90)- Lore of the Moonclans: Itchy NuisanceBattleline60 x Stabbas (360)- Pokin Spears & Moon Shields- 9x Barbed Nets- 2x Moonclan Flag Bearers- 1x Badmoon Icon Bearers40 x Stabbas (260)- Stabbas & Moon Shields- 6x Barbed Nets- 1x Moonclan Flag Bearers- 1x Badmoon Icon Bearers40 x Shootas (260)- 6x Barbed Nets- 1x Moonclan Flag Bearers- 1x Badmoon Icon Bearers12 x Squig Herd (140)Units10 x Loonsmasha Fanatics (280)6 x Sneaky Snufflers (70)Endless Spells / TerrainQuicksilver Swords (30)Geminids of Uhl-Gysh (60)Scuttletide (30)Total: 2030 / 2000Extra Command Points: 0Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 209 Game 1 vs Fyreslayers on Border War - Loss This was a close game. The Shootas held against a 20 block of Hearthguard Berzerkers doing their attack twice a turn thing for 2 turns. The fanatics nearly took out his magmadroth but he managed to roll 5 x 6+'s against 7 wound rolls, so that was fun. Basically, it was a close game for the whole game and came down to literally the last priority roll which would have made it anyone's game. Great game, great opponent. My major mistake was forgetting about his 10 hearthguard berzerkers tunnelling up behind me. It did take him a couple turns to kill Skragrott, but I made the mistakes of deploying too far forward. After this game, I'd been using the squigs to semi protect Skragrott and use as a late game Hand of Gork unit which won me a couple games. They do really well being Hand of Gorked. I played poorly this game, wasn't aggressive enough with my giant block of 60 Stabbas and I probably would have won if I was more aggressive. I learned in later games this was a huge winning strategy. Netters are bonkers good. Game 2 vs Free Peoples on Knife to the Heart - Win My opponent got to choose his side of the board and turtled up with the objective on a terrain piece and deployed a ton of hand gunners on it. He then deployed a big ring of Freeguild Guard around that to stop any sneaky teleports and then another several layers of freeguild guard all the way up so that I couldn't just jump onto the objective, I would have to fight my way through. He also deployed his General on Griffon on one flank along with Demigryph Knights, Pistoliers and a Knight Azyros. Outriders made up the other flank. For this game, I opted to achieve magic dominance early by heavily targetting his only dispell and since I set up the moon to move from my corner to his, I was gaining command points and bonus to casts the whole way through. Once it hit the middle I kept it there with Skragrott and had several good turns of blasting him. I hid my fanatics in the shootas (a recurring theme for me) and Hand of Gorked them up turn one to destroy one flank with the shootas to support them through shooting. Next turn I withdrew the shootas by Hand of Gorking them back to shore up my left flank and provide a roadblock with the scuttletide to stop his demigryphs, griffon and pistoliers. I left my 60 block of Stabbas on my objective with Skragrott and Webspinner Shaman all game just so there was no way he was taking mine. My 40 block of Stabbas backed by Loonboss, Madcap Shaman and Snufflers basically walked their way up straight through the middle of the board and with the Geminids providing debuffs, I basically grinded to his objective by my turn 5 and capped it. He did make a good dent in my left flank though, wiping out my Shootas I believe and I sent my squigs in to cover. Skragrott was firing off his Moon Onna Stikk to provide covering fire with his heroes. I also sent in the squigs in late to provide more bodies to prevent him from doing anything crazy. I think I destroyed his Sword of Judgement with Nikkit Nikkit, but I don't remember. I hadn't had much sleep the previous night. The Shootas hands down won me this game as they held up quite a lot of points worth of stuff for more time than they should have. Even though the 40 block of Stabbas pushed through to the objective, the Shootas prevented him from capping mine and he didn't target them with his handgunners, so they were left to do what they wanted. Game 3 vs Kharadron Overlords on Scorched Earth - Win His army consisted of 3 blocks of 40 Arkanauts, an Admiral and 2 Aether Khemists. The board also had a giant hill in the center that he chose as his piece of terrain to do some bravery shenanigans with (I really don't know anything about KO, but I had I wasn't going to break his army through weight of attacks and bravery) This was my 2nd favourite game of the tournament and it was a very close win, only happening because I decided to do some sneaky retreating in the last turn to cap objectives rather than win combats. I really was unaware of the range of KO's guns, and had deployed my fanatics in my shootas in the back thinking I was going to Hand of Gork them and do a nice fanatic bomb to him. That did not happen. The first two turns were brutal. He went first and shot Skragrott off the board, then my fungoid cave shaman. I think I won priority for 2nd turn but didn't manage to get far enough up the board and failed my charge but had buffed my 40 block of Stabbas and had my loonboss and madcap backing them up. My shootas were making their way up the rear still. In my first turn I managed to get Geminids off which helped me survive the 2nd round of shooting. I was helping my 40 block of Stabbas run up the board By the end of his 2nd turn, I had no Loonboss or Webspinner Shaman left, my big block of 60 Stabbas were about 40 guys left halfway up the board. My Madcap Shaman did put Night Shroud up on the 40 block of Stabbas and combined with the additional -1 to hit from the Geminids they were someone survivable. He didn't once fire a single shot into my Shootas (I am pretty sure he thought they were in the Stabbas given how much I was trying to protect them). Sneaky git I am. By the 3rd turn however, the fanatics released, got off a charge and killed 28 arkanauts, the Stabbas had gotten into combat and finished off the rest. My Spear equipped Stabbas got into combat and held up the Arkanuts. The Fanatics then swept across his backlines while he was casually shooting my Spear equipped stabbas and wiping them out. He walked down my right flank and capped my far right objective with his last block of arkanauts. By the time he got close to my center objective, my Spears had recycled, jumped out and held him up in the middle while I casually capped all his rear objectives. My Spear stabbas ran in the last turn to recap my far right objective and guarantee the win after I burned all his back objectives. The big winners for this game for me were the Geminids combined with Night Shroud keeping him from shredding my left flank and I think that distraction kept him from shooting my fanatic bomb, which survived all the way through til the end of the game and had engaged him again last turn on my side of the board. Shootas are great, people underestimate them and leave you with a solid block of 40 dudes running around doing whatever. Game 4 vs Legion of Night on Blood & Glory His army consisted of Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon with Ethereal Amulet that came down the center of the board. A block of 40 Skeleton Warriors backed by a necromancer and 2 gravesites around his side of the board combined with Damned terrain that he used for rerolls. A block of 30 Grimghast Reapers combined with a Vampire Lord and 2 gravesite around his left side of the board with the objective marker. He deployed a block of 5 dire wolves on his left flank 5 dire wolves and 2 x 2 morghasts to outflank me later. I figured early that he was intending on trying to drop in on my objectives and was going to come for me early, so I let him do it. I deployed back and moved only as far forward as I could to stay in range of the Loonshrine to just turtle around my objectives. Given this, I deployed my 40 block of stabbas on the right with snufflers, loonboss and madcap shaman. I held the squigs back around the loonshrine and Skragrott to see what would happen. I deployed the 60 block of stabbas near the loonshrine around the middle of my table and the 40 shootas on my left. I did the usual hide fanatics in Shootas as I was intending on throwing them deep into his right side of the board and taking out those skeletons. That did not happen. I set up the moon to go from left to his right so that Skragrott would gain maximum use out of it. He let me have first turn. I rolled high for my Hand of Gork, he rolled higher for dispell, leaving my fanatics with nowhere to go so I had to basically deploy them to prevent his charge and so they wouldn't just be eaten. In hindsight, I should have deployed them in such a way as they should have been base to base with my shootas so the netters would still be effective. I'll do this next time. He charged on in, my fanatics did very little against his ethereal saves and I think I killed 5 Reapers which he subsequently regenned next turn. They did not last long. Theres not much to say about this game except it was a grind. I did my best to get debuffs up to keep my guys alive for as long as possible and then went to town on trying to kill his heroes. Once the 2 vampires were down the game was more or less mine. Speaking of Vampires, his Zombie Dragon vampire charged into my big block of 60 Stabbas. The Netters and Webspinner Shaman held him up there until I could destroy his Ethereal Amulet with Nikkit Nikkit. I then Mommeted him, buffed the Spears with my Loonboss and Snufflers and poked it to death. It survived 1 round of combat and then died to the netters. The Grimghasts on the left spent their entire game trying to get through the geminids/netter debuff and killing maybe 2-3 shootas a combat. He was doing his best to daisy chain back to his gravesites as he didn't want me to Hand of Gork something onto that objective... which I did with my squigs in turn 5 capping it. His right flank was just a bunch of dudes flailing at a bunch of my dudes flailing at him. He killed maybe 20? I figured around turn 3 that he started slowly pulling from around the objective as once I killed his vampires he was regenerating less and all I had to do was spend the command point, run 13" and cap that objective. I was just waiting for the squigs to land successfully and for the numbers to work out in my favour Keys for me for this game were just to keep him debuffed, hold him up and wait for an opportunity to put stuff where it needed to be. We weren't going to wipe each other out, so it was just for the moment to run away and win. Gitz are great at running away. Game 5 vs Seraphon on Focal Points This was my best game of the tournament as I had a better understanding of the mechanics of Seraphon that I did of any of the other armies that I played against. I also got some pretty lucky dice rolls and the game was called by the end of turn 3 with me basically tabling my opponent. He was a true sport about the whole thing and I really liked playing against him. I hope to play casual games against him some time in the future. He ran, a Slann with Cogs/Balewind Vortex (it never got the opportunity to get cogs off), 2 Engines of the Gods, a Starpriest and an Astrolith Bearer. For battleline he had 3 x 10 skinks. Other units included a Dread Saurian (holy heck it's a huge model) and 3 ripperdactyls and a Shadowstrike Starhost. He deployed his Dread Saurian centrally with skinks to the left and right of it. An engine of the gods behind it, an engine on my far right and a slann in the back with some skinks to protect it from Hand of Gork. He seemed to know as much about my army as I did. I deployed my Loonshrine centrally, my 60 stabbas to the left of it, 40 shootas to the left of them (with fanatics inside), 40 stabbas to the right of my loonshrine. Loonboss and Madcap behind the Shrine, Snufflers behind them so it could buff either Stabbas unit. Skragrott centrally in the 60 stabbas, Webspinner next to him and fungoid next to that. Squigs were somewhere in the back providing cover against the Ripperdactyls I knew were coming down. I set up the moon to move over the length of the board that we had so that Skragrott would have maximum use out of it early. He got a bunch of summoning points and brought on 2 more units of skinks. He had first turn, ripperdactyls came down right behind my shootas. I knew how many attacks they could dish out and that my shootas were probably going to die, so my fanatics piled out. After his charge, they were still out of range and he put everything into the shootas (1 netter from my nearby stabbas debuffed 2 of his ripperdactyls) so he only killed 20 shootas. That combined with Battleshock and I only had 6 dudes left, who survived until the end of the game. His Dread Saurian failed its first turn 9 inch charge. The Ripperdactyls were torn apart by the squigs and spear equipped stabbas that were around that side of the board, but the damage was done and he capped that objective with his skinks that were over there. He was up turn 1 against me. I tried to throw up some endless spells and hand of gork as distraction spells, which I think he dispelled most of easily. This let me get off Itchy Nuissance onto his Dread Saurian though. I buffed my 60 Spear Stabbas with the snufflers and walked them up to the Dread Saurian. My fanatics walked up to his left skinks, my right stabbas walked up to his right pack of 2 skinks. Skragrott had shot the Slann in the back with Da Moon Onna Stikk. I didn't realise they had so few wounds and no mortal wound protection. This was a key moment for me I think. So turn 1 combat had the fanatics go first and wipe out that unit of skinks. Then my activation had my 40 stabbas kill I think 1 and bit unit of skinks, then he retaliated and did a couple wounds, then my 60 block of stabbas with spears destroyed the Dread Saurian easily. It didn't attack the whole game. He piled some skinks into my Spears and would have held me there for a turn. By the end of it, 1 skink was engaging a unit of 60 stabbas with a Dread Saurian sized hole in the middle of them. I won the roll off for round 2 and he said that he think he just lost the game. We both found out that he was right. I chose to go first, the moon moved over all of my shamans and I killed his Astrolith Bearer and Starpriest in the hero phase with Geminids, and Great Green Spite. Quicksilver Swords got his Slann down to 1 wound (I was under the impression it had more) and Hand of Gorked the Squigs to try and take his right flank (they almost made their charge after reroll) I dropped the Scuttletide behind his right hand skinks and that caused both of us trouble, so thats fun.s The 60 Stabbas fled from 1 Skink to take his central objective where an Engine of the gods was sitting. I shot off his Slann with Da Moon Onna Stikk, the Fanatics kinda flailed around a little bit and ran up the board. By the end of my turn 2, he had 2 engines of the gods, 2 units of skinks left. In his turn 2, he rolled up 20 skinks from the engine of the gods, teleported them up behind me to capture my left objective with Lords of Space and Time and get back into the game. His central Engine charged my 60 stabbas, got netted up and then got swarmed and killed same turn. He won turn 3 roll, not much happened - he shot off half of the fanatics and tried to move in a way to cap my center objective but the snufflers wouldnt let him have it. My turn 3, the fanatics walked back, killed 13 skinks, skragrott shot at the engine and he basically called it there after it was clear he had no fuel left in the tank. Conclusion So the big takeaways from this is that Gloomspite Gitz has a lot of utility/versatility that you can deploy to suit whatever situation arises. I played against a combat heavy army, shooting heavy army, magic heavy army and a horde army that recycled and felt I had the tools to deal with all of them in different ways. Netters are BONKERS good. Not only do they debuff the enemy's to hit stat, but I've noticed that they usually deal around half the damage of a unit to the enemy, which is why I think Shootas are underrated (if overcosted) given they still have about half the damage output in combat as a similarly costed unit of Stabbas but provide other benefits. My opponents typically ignored them because they aren't a "hard hitting unit" or as in my last game, went all out for them because they were less armoured and instead left alone more key units like my characters which he had engaged. Netters, combined with Geminids and Sneaky Distraction, you can just hold opponents up seemingly forever and sit on objectives to your heart's content. Since AoS is an objectives based game, bodies win games and keeping bodies on the table the longest win games. Having the moon move over Skragrott and holding it in the center when you need it is hands down the way you should play him. Da Moon Onna Stikk is crazy good. Nikkit Nikkit is also a great spell for breaking down combos. Snufflers and a Loonboss buffing a block of 40 Stabbas with stabbas is brilliant. It's much harder to get it to work with 60 stabbas, so a smaller elite unit is better I've found. The mommet is a great artifact. It's probably my favourite in the book. It's actually because I play aggressively with my Shootas because it doesn't bother me if they get killed. I'm expecting them to die so that they recycle at size 20, that way they still retain the +1 to hit once they come back out of the Loonshrine and with their 16" Shooting attack can still have a non negligible effect on the game. For that reason alone I don't think units of 2x20 is a good idea as they lose the bonus but you're still paying the same points overall.
  4. I actually think that the low drop builds should only affect ties for first turn and that priority should be in effect from turn one. That way, the armies that have less effective battalions aren't punished vs the people that take must-have battalions, and yet battalions still have an effect on the flow of the game.
  5. Right but the limiting factor with warbands at the moment is that they're trying to tie them into an individual army. With the current design of many warbands being a representation of that army as a whole (eg Zarbags having a shaman, some shootas, a fanatic, some squigs and a netter) - eventually there is going to come a time where they're more or less recovering old ground once all armies are represented well in a way. It might be several years away, but that's going to be an oncoming issue. Perhaps the solution is have these individual warbands as not being army specific. Perhaps tie them to one of the major 4 factions so that they can be utilised as allies and it would give GW more artistic freedom to explore the edge cases within their lore, create new lore and generally just make cool stuff.
  6. I said that they should dig into the edges of lore for things that sound like they could be cool but probably won't make a full release. For example, Grotbag Scuttlers is a cool idea. Probably something they could explore in the underworlds first and see what the community reaction is. If it resonates, then you've made players pay you to give you feedback. If not, then hey - you've got an interesting game that is its own thing. Similarly, I think that not every Underworlds warband needs to have AoS warscrolls. I think it's OK that they're their own thing sometimes.
  7. There is a lot of travel via realm gates/portals in AoS - the new setting means that transporting such immense structures is probably not an insurmountable feat. I mean heck, Gloomspite Gitz use giant spiders that can create their own temporary realmgates, so it's not an improbable thing.
  8. I'm personally hoping we see the light/shadow Aelves be combined into a single faction book which plays off the idea of duality and the core mechanic is your army doing a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde type thing, having some alternating advantage each battle round, basically expanding on the duality nature that was shown off in the Geminids spell. As for some of the other stuff, I'd like to see an Aelf BCR type army of Dragon Riders, with large models on Dragons, "smaller" cavalry on Drakes and so on. Basically low model count, but dragons.. cos dragons are just damned cool. I'd also like to see the Phoenix Temple being done with some kind of summoning mechanic where the army gains some resource each turn for accomplishing some goals (in the same manner that Maggotkin currently does).. I'm thinking something along the lines of setting both enemy units and terrain pieces on fire or freezing them. Those resources then get used to resummon units that have already been destroyed, preferably from their terrain piece, emphasizing the idea of rebirth. BTW, I'm a Destruction player - so I've got no skin in this game, I do appreciate armies that are interesting though.
  9. Metal is less bouncy than plastic! Duh...
  10. I mean, if we're doing wishlists for the Aelves.. I'd actually like to see them combine the more generic Light/Dark Aelves into the same faction and play off the theme of Duality, like what we've seen for the Geminids. Then I'd like to see a BCR like Aelven Dragon riding faction, with big dragons, small drakes etc.. low model count, because dragons are cool.
  11. I wish I had a whole heap of the crew as my Stabbas, instead I'm using a crapton of Grot Scuttlings from Silver Tower. To create my netters, it seems to me that Spiderfang would make their nets out of Spider Webs. It makes perfect sense and is a material they would have in abundance. I've been using dryer sheets as spiderweb material for the bases of my spiders (pic below) and how I'm intending on translating that into netters is by bending thin rod/paperclips into a net outline and then draping the sheet over to create the net. I'll be leaving some of the errant wisps around the outside as it kinda looks cool on the bases. Anyway, thought that might work for you too as those offhands look like perfect candidates to do a similar technique to have nets without too much conversion work required.
  12. There are rumours that they're doing Light Aelves - some sort of winged faction. I don't know if that's true or not, but it could be interesting. I think it would be cool to see a set of dragon rider Aelves - I'm thinking large dragons, small drakes and their current dragons etc. A relatively low model count army, effectively a cross between Beastclaw Raiders and the old High Elves as dragons are pretty much a staple of any fantasy genre, so this would have broad appeal and would sell. Dragon's are just damn cool. I'd actually like to see GW bring out a much larger dragon kit than what they currently have to make up the bigger dragons in an army... think Stompa sized kit. Yeah, Gitmob being effectively squatted is a shame, but in the AoS redesign, it doesn't fit the aesthetic as its too "generic fantasy" even though Gitmob were the more technologically advanced of the goblins. I think that they could look at that design again in the form of a more steampunk goblin style.. Maybe not the Grotbag Scuttlers but something more ground based rust bucket machines. I think that something have a similar aesthetic to grots from 40k so the kits could be cannibalised for orks in 40k might make them more palatable for GW's business model. But I digress. I think we're going to see more Aelves in the future. I just think it's really a matter of time - I'd bet a kidney they wouldn't not do it, given they've consistently had broad appeal in the past.
  13. Yep, the tokens in that picture are on 250gsm paper stock (although it doesn't look it). Punches/Capsules come in many different sizes. The 1 inch one seems to be the cheapest, I also have a 2 inch punch and some 50mm coin capsules I use for objective markers/the relocation orb/my bad moon marker. The punch in that instance was not cheap.
  14. For tokens, I make my own by designing tokens in whatever image program you prefer and printing them out. I've used a ton of different things (even buying acrylic tokens for other game systems) - this is a good long term solution. As for their actual construction, I use a 1 inch circle punch and 1 inch coin capsules to encapsulate them. You can make coin tokens double sided and they're both extremely durable, but you can swap out the designs on the inside if you want. The punch is only a couple of dollars at a craft store, the capsules you can find on dozens of eBay sellers for around $1 for 10. I've just taken a photo so you can see what I mean. Please note, I'm no design genius, I have just gone for contrast.
  15. I've been playing Gloomspite Gitz, particularly Spiderfang with some Moonclan attached. Webspinner Shaman on Arachnarok with Gryph-Feather Charm and Sneaky Distraction provides enemies with a -2 to hit. Combine that with Geminids and even Bloodthirsters are now hitting on 6's. Stabbas with Netters provide a -1 to hit. Throw them into the mix, and those things that hit on 2's now hit on 6's. Moonclan Shamans with Itchy Nuisance are making enemies attack last. Comboing Soulsnare Shackles with Scuttletide endless spells makes non-flying enemies slowed and have to manouver around a large template spell. For the most part, they're either having to run (generally ****** up their ability to run) or having to just walk around it, copping the mortal wounds. Deadly Webbing provides enemies a -1 bravery buff as you can manipulate terrain to your will. There is a lot of toolkit in the realm of shadow, both spell lores and the traits/artefacts in this book to be able to manipulate outcomes to your liking.
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