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  1. Would love to see someone convert a brute to a wild brute, wearing nothing but a loincloth!
  2. That's a great idea, and gives me some ideas for my own boar boyz!
  3. I retract my previous statement, LOL! My FLGS still stocks a healthy supply of that box, so I thought it was still in print.
  4. Considering that the Greenskinz have a start collecting box, they may not be going the way of the Gitmob Grotz (who never had any AoS kits at all)... could be wrong though. 😏
  5. I have found it useful to have the big stabbas behind a screen of 10 boyz with spears. Stabbas do not handle prolonged combat very well, but their 3" reach, they can hide behind a small unit of spear boyz and use them to absorb some wounds.
  6. With so few bodies on the table, you might have some difficulty with holding objectives.
  7. Along the lines of what Arkahn said.... 4 heroes in 1K is a huge point sink, and doesn't leave you with many bodies for objectives and combat. I've had some really good success with 2 units of 12 squig herds as a core batteline.
  8. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Seems like 10 is the number... and since I have 10 assembled already, it works out!
  9. I like the orange robe grot, personally. It stands out more, and has a more "looney" aesthetic. 🤪
  10. Yes, please! That was my all-time favorite orc unit from the "world that was"!
  11. I can see the mega-battalions (Drakkfoot, Icebone, and Bonegrinz) becoming a clan keyword that is chosen for the army, and the current Rukks being shuffled a bit.
  12. The connection points for the hands/weapons are completely flat, so they will pop off with ease... I lost count of how many times they have popped off from being bumped or dropped. You won't have any issues at all with swapping them out.
  13. Hi everyone, From past experiences, what seems to be the best use of hoppers and number of hoppers per unit? 5: seems too low to do anything well, other than to fill battleline tax? 10: Ok for objective grabbing, harassing a flank, or possibly character hunting (from mortal wounds)? 15 -20: Same as above?
  14. Same here... Two armies for the price of one! I also like your idea of looted dinos - Terradons as Deff Koptas and a Stegadon as a battle wagon!
  15. Just a shot in the dark here, but I could see Gitmob possibly getting placed in with the rumored Gutbusters.... maybe?
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