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Everything posted by Wayner

  1. Wayner

    Carrion Empire

    24 horrors 🤘
  2. Wayner

    BLACKOUT - Results, Feedback & Lists

    Oh @Carnelian thanks for ageing my maw krusha to death ??????
  3. Cheers for being my first tournament opponent mate. Good to meet you and your brother. 

    1. RuneBrush


      Thanks!  Very happy to give you your first tournament game, really enjoyed it and lovely looking army to boot!  Am sure that our paths will cross in the future!

  4. Wayner

    Nighthaunt win BLACKOUT.

    It was actually my only downer for this my first event that I didn't get to play Ben lovely bloke and absolutely awesome terrain. Would of loved to play him using it.
  5. Sounds like I missed a cracking day☹️ next year I will be there with the jawz cheers for the bat rep mention Chris. That game was super fun I really couldn't of asked for a better first game
  6. Payment sent bud I'm in