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Devastation Brotherhood 1250 points list

Storm Herald

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Hey guys, my local shop is soon to be hosting a 1250 points tournament using 1000 points restrictions (2 battleline units, up to 4 leaders, etc...). I've decided to give a go at the Devastation Brotherhood Battalion. I wanted to know your thoughts on the list and if some of you have fielded such a battalion before and what kind of results did you get, especially regarding how much the extra D6 mortal mounds helped. I know I'll be facing Phoenix Temple, Kharadron Overlord and Seraphon, amongst others.

Here the list :


- Lord-Celestant (General) (Champion of the Realms and Seed of Rebirth)

- Lord-Relictor (Spellshield and Bless Weapons)


- 5 x Liberators (Warhammer and shield, 1 Grandhammer)

- 5 x Judicators (Skybolt bows, 1x Shockbolt bow)

- 1 x Gryph-hound

- 3 x Prosecutors with Stormcall Javelins (1x Stormsurge Trident)

- 5 x Retributors (2x Starsoul Mace)

- 5 x Protectors (2x Starsoul Mace)

- 5 x Retributors (2x Starsoul Mace)


- Devastation Brotherhood

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I think you need 5 x protectors instead of 5 x retributors.

I've never used the devastation brotherhood. It feels defensive and might suffer against some ranged armies in particular.

The 4+ save is the paladins real weakness.

That said then, if you take Staunch defender you get them onto a 3+ not charging (and let's face it, they won't often make the 9+ post scions charge roll).

If you make them a Knights Excelsior Exemplar Chamber (incidentally the cheapest chamber battalion we can run) they get to reroll saves of 1 when within 3" of another 2 units. The liberators and prosecutors get to reroll 1s and 2s.

I think there are ways to make this work as a very defensive formation - though maybe not at 1250.

I almost feel like if you want paladins that are delivered and do their smashy job, hammerstrike is the only way. Much as I don't like saying that.

There are ofc different uses for paladins - like I say, defensively a KE chamber is much stronger.

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I found that interesting that the new-ancient formations like the vanguard/devastation now include judicators-a battleline unit, to make them more interesting and playable.

Last time i used it the -D6 movement as a real issue for my opponent. The D6 dammage only happened once ni my life and was a win-more

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