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AoS Hinterlands Campaign at the South London Legion (Wednesday 3 May)


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After the excitement of the SCGT where 6 of the South London Legionfought nobly, we decided to do some narrative play.

The South London Legion is running a Hinterlands Campaign under the guiding hand of @Bowlzee. This is kicking off on Wednesday afternoon.

Thanks to @bottle for generally being a hobby legend and creating Hinterlands.

There will be the usual matched play games going on too, so please feel free to rock up if you want a 2,000 point game or if you've not played AoS before perhaps an intro game at a smaller level. Hope to see you there.


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My starting warband and intro fluff:

Skullcrack Eyegouger
Savage Orruk Big Boss (50)

Da Krackens Toof
Big Stabba (50)

Borgut Painspear
Savage Orruk Boar Boy (12)

Morglum Necksnappa
Savage Orruk Boar Boy (12)

Badruk 'Eadsmasha
Savage Orruk Boar Boy Maniak (16)

Borzug Dungflinga
Savage Orruk (10)

Total 150

Skullcrack was agitated and the boys knew it. At times like this it was best to leave the boss alone unless you wanted to taste the sharp edge of the bosses massive cleava. Ever since the boss had been thumped by a particularly drunken gargant he had been what could best be described as 'even more unhinged' which made the boys equal parts awed and nervous around him. But today was different, Skullcrack had been mumbling about a vision from Gork, a fallen ancient godbeast had been shown him in a vision. But he didn't know where to go to find it... so he had paced up and down the same stretch of grassland for 3 days now.

Suddenly Skullcrack froze, his eyes glowed an un-natural green. His lips moved furiously without making a sound then a blood curdling WAAAAAAGH!! Erupted from his throat...

So powerful was the call the boys immediately felt Gork (or Morks) presence and knew a holy crusade had been called.

As one the boys joined in the call..

"Rite, da gods has a plan. And it's dis way" said Skullcrack motioning eastwards with his cleava.

"Follow me boyz, we'ez gunna find us a gods bone" and with that he grinned and started eastwards.

Naturally the boys followed him...

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My starting warband and narrative:


Morgrim Megaboss of Unfettered Fury (Ironjawz Megaboss 70gold- General with Wild Fury)

Zogak the Great Herald of Gork (40gold Grot Shaman)

Bartorg Chief Git (5gold Grot Boss)

Gitsnik (5 gold Grot with bow)

Da Boyz Grok and Grak (5 gold 2 grotz spears and shields)

Morgrim's Mites (20 gold - Cute and Annoying Snotlings)













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My warband and fluff intro:


Megaboss Muzgash the Dim 70 (Orruk Megaboss)

Balcmeg Beast-tamer 60 (Orruk Gore-Grunta)

Ufthak the Untried 18 (Orruk Ardboy)



Megaboss Muzgash could not be considered the most intelligent of beings. In fact, he couldn’t even be considered intelligent amongst Orruks. Most of the Boyz considered this a result of too many blows to the head, proving his mettle against other Bosses, however the truth was far more sinister.


What Muzgash lacked in wits, he more than made up for in size, ferocity and ambition. These traits kept the other Boyz in line. Muzgash had never been beaten in single combat, not unless a tricksy shaman or magic user got involved. That’s why Muzgash hated magic more than anything. Little did he know that his destiny was being shaped by the magic of another.


Recently, Muzgash’s mind had become obsessed. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something powerful was coming with the infamous Winds of the Everwinter. He was unsure what he would find, but he knew his destiny was linked with the Winds.


As Megaboss Muzgash the Dim was drawn to the Winds of the Everwinter, his warband eventually clashed with a small but fearsome force of large monsters and Ogre’s riding great steeds. After the skirmish, all of Muzgash’s followers were found dead, frozen to the core, apart from Balcmeg. Balcmeg had been the leader of Muzgash’s Ardboyz, and had butchered a mounted Ogre and tamed the Ogre’s mighty steed. Whilst the pair made a ferocious team, Muzgash knew he would need to recruit more Boyz, if he was to take the fight to the Icewalkers again. As every Orruk knew, the only way to recruit more Boyz, was to bash in the skulls of the other “bosses”, and make sure every Orruk in the Realm’s knew about it...  


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Mercenary Captain James Delaney (Runesmiter) - General (Reckless) 40

Quartermaster Horace Delaney (Battlesmith) 40
Mercenary Lieutenant Keziah Delaney (Hearthguard Berserker Champion) 16
Corporal Nootka (Hearthguard Berserker) 16
Corporal Musgrove (Hearthguard Berserker) 16
Sergeant Carlsbad (Auric Hearthguard) 16
144 Gold

James Delaney forged an unusual career. He was born to Valerie Delaney at the height of the siege of the Azul Lodge by Gruzlit's fleet of Grotbag Scuttlers. Valerie was entranced by his glowing eyes - a sure sign of Grimnir's blessing.

Whether by coincidence or divine hand, the eruption of the long dormant volcano, Drakesmaw, decimated Gruzlit's ragtag fleet - plumes of magma swallowing up the Grots' rickety contraptions. Forced to fight on the ground, the Grots fell in droves to the counterattack of the Vulkite Berserkers. Gruzlit attempted to fall back - only to find the Forge Brethren rise out of a pool of molten rock - Magmapikes blazing. 
His minions scrambling to escape, Gruzlit narrowly dodged the arc of a Grandaxe and swiped his cutta into the neck of Cindermaw Runefather Azjol's Magmadroth. Gruzlit was dead kunning, but should have known better. A spray of magma vaporised the left half of his face. Cindermaw roared and clambered to its full height, but then the Manticore venom kicked in - sending the great beast into spasms. Cindermaw toppled down a slope taking Azjol with it. Momentarily stunned by the fall of their leader, the Vulkites watched as a charred Grot Scuttlebag swooped down. Gruzlit's bodyguard of Nasty Skulkers picked up there crippled leader and unceremoniously dumped him onto the vessel. A hail of Fyresteel Axes dented the armour plates of the Scuttlebag, but it limped off into the distance - disappearing into the sulphurous clouds.
With their leader escaped, the Grots courage buckled and the Fyreslayers took bloody vengeance - wiping them out down to the last Grot. That last Grot was the Shaman Rizzik, who coughed up the whereabouts of Gruzlit's fortress in the Yhorn Mountains. While the Azul Lodge had withstood the siege, the Fyreslayers had suffered brutal losses including James's father Harold Delaney - his spine split by the a Skulker's cruel Back Stabba. It would be many years before the Lodge could venture forth to hunt for Ur-Gold or take on a contract.
Valerie brought him up to be a priest - a Runesmiter rather than a Vulkite - with hope of him avoiding Harold's fate. James took to this naturally becoming a skilled manipulator of metals - molten or otherwise. Like all inhabitants of the Azul Lodge he held a burning hatred of all Greenskinz and longed to raze Gruzlit's fortress to the ground. Following his initiation into the priesthood at the Lodge, he resolved that he would not devote his time to studying the books of grudges or tinkering at length with alchemical recipes - he wanted action - he wanted revenge. Craving power He began to dabble in forbidden rituals - carving tainted and curvaceous runes into his flesh from a dusty tome he had  found in the Lodge's library written in pink ink. Other Runesmiters took note of his unusual progress and gossiped behind his back.
His power increased twofold as did his appetites. James and his two younger brothers Horace and Keziah could demolish a keg of ale between them. Half drunk on power, half drunk on ale, James found himself drawn to his sister Zilpha in his dreams. Zilpha was already married at the tender age of 19 to the Battlesmith Zenit. Zilpha too began to see visions of James arising out of the ground and enveloping her in fuming magma. She was captivated. She resisted James's advances at first with disgust, but eventually succumbed to his advances after he infused a runic tattoo on her thigh with Ur-Gold. Neither of them knew that Selene - an emissary of the Dark Prince was manipulating them both for unknown ends.
As luck would have it, The Honourable East Azyr Company - a swift Sky Fleet from Barak Zilfin - docked that winter at the Azul Lodge. Admiral Thaddeus was looking for keen adventurers to join his expedition to the Yhorn Mountains. James was attuned to the breath of Grungni in their Aethermatic weapons and gleaming Endrins. 
Normally so calm, he felt a rush of blood to his head. Before nightfall, James had signed up (in triplicate) the voluminous contract of The Honourable East Azyr Company. With his mother dead, it was Zilpha, who saw him off at the dock with an unusually passionate kiss for a sibling. He mounted a Frigate, which glided off into the clouds. 
Years of raiding in the lava fields of Moltania followed.  James found his formidable prayers complemented the more direct approach of the Arkanauts. His fellow Arkanauts shuddered when James carried out grisly rituals on enemy corpses and living captives. His power continued to grow. Whispers of cannibalism followed him. Nevertheless, he impressed Admiral Thaddeus and promotion to Captain followed on the heels of his heroism against the fearsome Megaboss Krumbler.
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Azgrog grunted, smashing his head into the piece of iron he had been beating into shape. The incessant whooping and hollering of the 'Savage boyz' had started to fray on his only nerve. Azgrog and his boyz had long since given up trying to get rid of them. They had tried everything an orruk could possibly think of, which consisted of giving them a 'good thumpin'. but after multiple bashins, beatins, krumpins and 'thrashins' the Crazies had kept following them and when Azrog and his boyz weren't looking, stealing from them.

The current excitement was over a bit of armour plate Gragh had 'lost' when he had put it down, and a greedy green hand had snuck it from him.

Azgrog looked up, they had gone strangely quiet. He knew what came next. A low grumbling chant started to rise from the group of savages packed around the stolen plate. He got up and stalked towards them. He could almost deal with the maddening noise and their ability to get there sneaky claws on anything not physically strapped to his boyz, Although a few had tried even then. But the Chanting that was just plain un-orrukish and had to be stopped.

Azgrog waded into the group of memorised orruks. He sent one sprawling with a bone shattering back hand and a kick that sent another smashing through the group. He reached the centre and the orruk leading this non sense and gripped him by his scrawny neck. The orruk dropped the bit of armour it had found next to Gragh and tried with futility to pull Azgrog's massive hand away with its fumbling fingers. Azgrog let out a hollering laugh, not much could escape his vice like grip.

There was a violently audible crack as the savage's neck gave way under Azgrogs fist. He threw it's body aside with little thought. He looked about himself expecting the savages to burst into a violent frenzy but instead saw looks of pure awe etched into their scarred faces. He fingered the rough and worn axe at his side and slowly drew it up. The look on the savages faces turned from awe to fear and then back to a curious mixture of the two. He let loose another harsh laugh. He had decided he quite liked the look. He started heading back to the fire where Gragh and Gazok still sat sharpening their weapons.

As an afterthought he tossed his axe back into the group of savages. after all if they were going to insist on following Azgrog and his boyz the might as well be the toughest of the mob.

Anarchy and mayhem broke out behind him as the savages began to fight tooth and nail over the coveted axe.

'Two teef says dat Git getz it' he said retaking his seat at the fire.


Azgrog - brute boss with boss claw & his trusty smasha - 36

Gragh - Brute - 36

Gazok - Brute - 36

Git - Savage orc Boss - 10

Da Savages - 3 X savage orcs - 30 (Azgrog doesn't think they deserve names yet..)


Hopefully someone will teach me to take pictures soon


Azgrog in all his orrukish glory





And lastly Git and his newly won axe


I've sadly been unable to finish off the rest of the boyz.

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My Hinterlands campaign fluff follows...I hope to create the back story as to why my sorceror lord comes into possession of a two headed dragon that he rides into battle - I have done a sweet conversion that I want to use in matched play (will be using manticore rider stats)


Pulek's Intro...

Pulek had found it!  His Lord would reward him well. 


He ran out of the Coven Librarium, thinking of the journey ahead. 


The scrolls confirmed the existence of the two headed beast, in the sacred mountains of Talo'Tzor in the hinterlands of the Beastlands. 


Vulcharcs flew there too.  This meant Enrass would be needed, his love of those birds would serve their master well during the hunt ahead....

(Acolyte with scroll 14g)


Enrass's intro...

Enrass was a proud man. He was pleased to have been chosen for the hunt. He knew that his skill with the Vulcharc would serve his master well. This was his opportunity to advance his cause in the Coven. He would not let the opportunity slip....

(Acolyte with Vulcharc 14g)


The Watchers intro...

Grazalock and Mo'tiro were known as 'The Watchers' within Tzeentch's great palaces. They were often tasked with charting a favourite mortal's rise to power. Within the Coven the mortals tended to give the blue, spiteful  horrors a  wide berth.


As long as the two diminutive daemons got to 'play' with mortals they did not care what mission the Changer of Ways had given them.  But, they had to concede that this one was destined to play a big part in the grand intrigue. It was clear that his fate was intwined within several of the web ways....

(2 Blue horrors 10g)


Tzeentch's true children intro...

The herd had been given a sign. Guruman had received Tzeentch's kiss during the ceremony of the false moon. As the drums reached their crescendo the blessing began and by the light of the 3 moons his head split asunder and Guruman became enjoined; he became they; they became Gurumans. 

The auspec was clear; the herd would support Zander's hunt, Varnas and Antrax would accompany Gurumans. If Zander brought back the two headed beast then the herd would match to war. 

(3 Tzaangor - 42g)

(1 with sword and shield, 1 with great weapon, 1 a mutant with 2 swords)


Zandor Khanath, Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch's intro...

The dice were cast although Zander mused over whether any had ever been rolled at all. The grand intrigue was eons old and Zander understood well enough that his role within it was diminutive enough...for now. 


What was beyond doubt was that the beast existed beyond the bedtime tales used to keep wide eyed boys out of further night time mischief. Pulek has found scripts, just as he had promised, that confirmed not just the existence of a blue lizard with wings but one that blew fire from a first mouth and spat acid from a second. 


Zander Khanath would hunt this beast down and with its subjugation unite an army dedicated to his lord and master. The Warband would serve its purpose well, nothing could stop his ascension now.  It was within the hinterlands of Talo'Tazor that he would uncover his purpose within the great intrigue. 

(Scorcerer on horse 70g)

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“When the heart desires, the mind finds it indecent to object.”

Even though these were his words, it was the Lord-Relictor who echoed them now, wielding them as he was often wont to do, like a weapon meant to remind him of his own grief—as though either of them needed reminding of that. But Lord Iöthys Shadowfaar knew that his old friend was right, that their Errant-Questor's recollections had developed into a line of questioning not unlike his own. And he knew that this meant that, whatever the cost, Lycan must go in search of those answers. But Iöthys also knew exactly what this would cost him…

“Ithirys, you better than any of my men know that our chamber grows smaller with every battle and you also know, unlike many of them, that we will receive no further aid from Azyr. The Attendant Amora are alone and we are already too few, I cannot afford to spare any more men and yet here you are, asking me to do exactly that…”

“My lord, he asks but for two, the Liberators Caenus & Lupus, his brothers from the Age of Myth, and—“

“And you will go with them too?” Iöthys interrupted, turning away from the Lord-Relictor.

“But I will return my lord, I always return, do I not?”

“What of his visions, can you be sure that they do not lead him to yet more heartbreak..? Despite all his strengths, Lycan is fragile, you know how he struggles to conceive of what has happened to us. Do you not think that it would break him, to go out in search of answers and find nothing…?”

“I have spoken with him at length—”

“You spoke with Lycan at length,” Iöthys said, hanging his eyebrow into a question “I did not think that Lycan spoke at length?”

“Although their imagery is still vague” Ithirys continued, ignoring the Lord-Celestant’s attempt at humour “the meaning of his visions are as clear to him now as the memory of your Anaeys, my Lord. That Lycan died for love and furthermore, in the throes of praying to the God-King for the strength to attend that love, I have no doubt. Iöthys, it was our so-called God-king that took from him in those final moments the one thing that we all coveted, how can either of us now deny him the chance to take it back…”

When the heart desires, the mind finds it indecent to object. The Lord-Celestant said the words again to himself, rolling them around like dice inside a half-clenched fist. At this point they both knew, as they probably had done all along, that Iöthys would not stand in the way any of The Attendant Amora pursing what their heart desires, for he more than any of them knew how it felt as he was the one amongst them who was closest to it.

“The remains of a Godbeast has been discovered in Ghur,” Ithirys said, without moving his lips, which were the only part of his face that wasn’t obscured by his thick red hood “My reckoning is that it could be the very same beast who is troubling Lycan and if as much is true then perhaps this path will lead us to his closure… Don’t worry, I have counselled him about the risks, he understands that all this took place a long time ago, he knows about the Age of Chaos and that it is hopeless to even think that we will find any alive… And yet, in spite of all this, Lycan maintains that all he wishes to do… is to say goodbye.”


Ithirys Sleepspeak - Lord Relictor (40g)
Lycan - Errant-Questor (70g)
Caenus & Lupus - Liberators (20g each)

Total - 150 gold

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"Have you even tried Aether ale Ungorek? They don't call it nectar of the gods for nothing." Ungorek stares grimly into his tankard of Grugmans. "Times have changed old friend. The skyports offer security, prosperity and most importantly gold... lots of it I hear. What could you possibly offer to top that?"

The High King's cheeks flared. "You watch your tongue Ganil... I wont have you speak to me like some stinking grot." He takes a swig, "in my own court no less!"

"You're in a tavern and your drunk." Ungorek looks around at the dregs of his once proud clan, their beards wet with ****** poor beer. He sighs. "I wont be remembered as the king that let his clan get bought off by those bloody beardlings in the sky."

"What then?" Ganil asks tentatively, his eyebrow raised.

"Times may have changed but we all love a good story don't we, like the ones from the Age of Myth."

"So you're gonna write a book?"

"No dammit we'll give 'em something real. We head out into Ghur; push back the Orruk Horde, explore some forgotten mines, slay one of them damn wyrms, settle a grudge or two, rouse the old gods, you never know, there might even be some gold in it! Who's with me?!" Ungorek was on his feet now, though his audience paid him no attention. Ganil rolled his eyes and buried his face in his tankard as a dangerous looking pair appeared over his shoulders. One looked like a statue of the old gods, a grim look etched onto his face. The other big and burly, even by Dwarvern standards. The former stepped into the light and spoke;

"Heading out into Ghur are ye?"

Ungorek flushes. "Given the proper preparations, aye. We'll be needing rations... maps... ummm and a party! Heh cant just be the two of us."

"My party and I are loaded and ready with enough supplies for six span. Set to leave tomorrow."

"Tomorrow! Yes well... perhaps the day after. Got to sharpen my blade and all that... hah... how many of you are even are there?" Ungorek blustered, clearly starting to regret his drunken ramblings.

"Eleven, we'll be ready at noon tomorrow. Got a debt to settle with an Orc. So bring a big axe."

"Right tomorrow it is then." Ungorek's eyes dart toward the door then he turns toward Ganil. "You'll be coming too i assume old friend?"

"Curse the old gods and curse my damned name!" Ganil Oathsworn empties his drink and avoids Ungorek's gaze.

Ungorek lifts his drink. "To riches or ruin!"

"You're already in ruin"

"Riches it is then"


Ungorek and Ganil stand stupidly in their full battle regalia as the 'warband' arrives. The grim faced dwarf leads the party followed closely by a beardling laden with a satchel bursting with firearms. Trailing are two miners, one puffing away on tundraweed and the other merrily whistling to himself. The burly dwarf brings up the rear pulling a cart along with him. Ungorek holds out his hand which is swiftly met by the lead dwarf.

"I suppose its time for a proper introduction before we get on our way. Im Flynt Forgefist." he gestures at the large dwarf pulling the cart, "That there is my brother. He goes by 'Mule' these days. Thats Brag and the one with the pipe is 'Nim.'" 'Nim' lets loose a toothy grin amidst a puff of smoke. "Keep an eye on him. He's got a bit of a thing for mushrooms."

"And I'm Rud Bluntfire, Flynt's apprentice." The young dwarf offering his hand to Ungorek.

"More of a wagonboy really" Flynt grumbles.

"Well it's an honour none the less." Ungorek takes his hand. "How long till the rest arrive? We've got a long road ahead of us. Best we make a start early."

"Oh how rude of me." Flynt calls over his apprentice, relieves him of the satchel and lays out its contents in front of Ungorek. Pointing at a masterfully crafted long-rifle, "This here is Uncle Jinn, thats ol' nan, Tonk, Russ, Brother Stoutbelly and here," revealing the ornate pistol on his hip, "is Sonny." 

It was then that Ganil realised that aide from the lad, who couldn't have been a third of his age, there wasn't a sane mind amongst them.

"Lets be on our way then!" Ganil turns, hoists his shield and brushes past the king he's sworn to protect.

"Gods help us all."


Grimwrath Berserker - 40g

Gunmaster - 40g

Miner x2 - 24

Mine cart - 12

Thunderer - 12

Ironbreaker - 16

Total - 144



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Ok what follows is a mixture of battlereports and narratives of my week one games...


as a reminder my starting warband:

Morgrim Megaboss of Unfettered Fury (Ironjawz Megaboss 70gold- General with Wild Fury)
Morgrim was once Gork's favourite son, he led the fearsome Waaagh that destroyed Archaon's dreadhold. But Chaos took revenge and sent the Blades of Khorne to face him. Whilst Morgrim was victorious at the height of the battle he slew the Blood Thirster SkaraBhanda, and seizing his weapon was cursed by Khorne with a undending bloodlust. He slew his whole Waaaaagh and was left kursed in a sea of blood.

Zogak the Great Herald of Gork (40gold Grot Shaman)
Zogak has been sent by Gork to fix Morgrim and start a new Waaaaagh! But sometimes when he gets a bit zap happy he thinks to himself maybe the Mighty Zogak should be the one everyone fears!

Morgrim's Mites (20 gold - Cute and Annoying Snotlings)
Morgrim's Mites were the first greenskinz to approach Morgrim after his fall to Chaos. They were drawn to his mighty presence and waaagh energry corrupeted as it was and with their diminutive status were invisible to Morgrim's bloodlust.

Bartorg Chief Git (5 gold Grot Boss)
Gitsnik (5 gold Grot with bow)
Da Boyz Grok and Grak (5 gold 2 grotz spears and shields)
Overall narrative objective: Restore Morgrim to the Waaaaagh!

Special Rules:
Fix Da Boss: Whenever possible you must upgrade Morgrim's wounds to heal him back to his proper Might. Morgrim cannot recruit Orruk units until he is restored to 7 wounds
Starscream!: Zogak knows he has been sent by Gork to fix Morgrim. But sometimes he thinks that maybe Gork should pay more attention to him and the Mighty Zogak should lead the Waagh! When presented with the opportunity to one up Morgrim (e.g. Take an ensorcelled weapon in Convergence Zogak must do so)
The First Fightin'
Battleplan: Assasinate
Morgrim Megaboss of Unfettered Fury - @Morglum StormBasha
Drynax Doommarked - @Bowlzee
Location:  The Burning Barrows

This game was great! I loved the fact that we rolled for Assasinate as the first Mission! It played directly to my personal campaign objective as it gave me a a chance to level up Morgrim's wounds from 4 back to 7. However it also made me terrified that i could derail my narrative in the first game if all went badly.
Even better this game was against Drynax - a Skullgrinder if he got to attack Morgrim fist then my hopes might be crushed - and narratively this was perfect - Drynax had abandoned Khorne to seek favour with Archaon and was seeking glory, his first target a creature both loved and hated by Khorne - i could see the hand of Chaos in this....
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The Second Fightin'
Battleplan: Breakthrough
Morgrim Megaboss of Unfettered Fury - @Morglum StormBasha
Megaboss Muzgash the Dim - @Nathan Hammerhand

New additions Hopper and Bouncer (2 cave squigs!)
There are a lot of Waaaghs starting in Ghur at the moment so it wasn't going to be too long till Morgrim had to bash some heads to prove his dominance and true to expectations my second battle saw the Little Waaagh up against Waaaagh Muzgash. Would we see a Megaboss off? Would Morgrim's blocking force succeed earning Morgrim his sixth wound? It was all to play for.... read on to find the results:
IMG_9854.JPG.c3d723cef2d04e5566e6c424fd2895f7.JPGIMG_9859.JPG.ff1cf1319643a966cd03b71dbe063ce8.JPGIMG_9856.JPG.1fb9867c8215ab8c51955298e9d80df6.JPG5910e4deec736_IMG_9867(2).JPG.0261af4e517a04d9b01cf2d18c5d7f27.JPG IMG_9868.JPG.b046411f2931648ed9593a8c322e1f73.JPGIMG_9869.JPG.6f71aa27704a9a7c44d2b3203957e1c3.JPGIMG_9870.JPG.4809b0769265a5bc42e411d1631f36cc.JPGIMG_9871.JPG.1f635896dd8da47b6984cc66ca656c41.JPGIMG_9872.JPG.cccff221d19fc62639986cf0cf45d29c.JPGIMG_9858.JPG.142ece05796a4f9a1222f79d11d2f77a.JPG
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