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  1. until

    Just paid now! Thanks for arranging etc etc
  2. until

    I'm definitely interested. Nathan brooks from south London legion. Thanks.
  3. Battle reports / quick overview Game 1 - Assassinate vs David Silva's Khorne. This was a game between 2 total combat armies. No magic, shooting or ranged threat at all from either warband. The scenario put David's skullgrinder as the pray, and David actually went on the offence, as he thought running away for 5 turns wouldn't please the blood god. As a result, Megaboss Muzgash and Balcmeg Beast-tamer did the business, killing the Skullgrinder in turn 3. Game 2 vs Simon (@morglum) Mission breakthrough. This mission was going to be almost impossible for Simons warband as he gave his Megaboss Morgrim a fluffy command ability as opposed to rampaging destroyer. With the benefit of rampaging destroyer and the raw speed of the gore grunta, it looked straight forward to break through. I did take care to ensure Muzgash was the unit that broke through as I desperately wanted +1 move for the campaign. It was a really fun game against Simons fun and relatable heroes ! My fluff: "Ere boss, where did you get to in that last scrap" accused Balcmeg. He felt he had been far more killy than his boss in the last 2 scraps, and began to wonder if he could take on the role of Boss. "What did you say you scrawny git!" replied Muzgash angrily. "I said where'd you get to! Aye! I'm out there killing grots and squigs, and I even finished dat tricksy shaman Zogak, and all I saw you doing was running from dat big red boss. Rumour has it he's arder than you, and got a serious anger problem!! Bet he wouldn't be running from a scrap!!" Muzgash grabbed Balcmeg by the neck, pulling him off his mount and into the dirt. "You listen ere and you listen good. I don't run from no one. Whatever you saw, must have been that Shamans ju ju magic or summit. Alright, now you get back in line, before I cut you open and feed you to your grunta. How'd you like that aye!" Muzgash stormed off, cursing all Shaman's and above all, cursing Morgrim. Morgrim the pretend Megaboss might cause Muzgash problems in his attempt to recruit more Boyz. He couldn't have that, not while his destiny called. That Morgrim would have to be dealt with... Update on my warband: Megaboss Muzgash 64xp. -2 rend gained on choppa + 1 move gained + 1 wound gained Balcmeg Beasttamer (gore grunta) 78xp. +1 wound gained + 1 to hit on all weapons gained, but grunta suffered -1to hit minor injury Ufthak the untried (ardboy) 14xp. No changes yet Snaga Shieldbearer (ardboy) 10xp. -1 move minor injury Warband = 166 gold with 42 gold in the chest. 2 games played.
  4. I have also paid, name Nathan Brooks. Can you please either add to the entrance list or refund. Please advise.
  5. My warband and fluff intro: Megaboss Muzgash the Dim 70 (Orruk Megaboss) Balcmeg Beast-tamer 60 (Orruk Gore-Grunta) Ufthak the Untried 18 (Orruk Ardboy) =148 Megaboss Muzgash could not be considered the most intelligent of beings. In fact, he couldn’t even be considered intelligent amongst Orruks. Most of the Boyz considered this a result of too many blows to the head, proving his mettle against other Bosses, however the truth was far more sinister. What Muzgash lacked in wits, he more than made up for in size, ferocity and ambition. These traits kept the other Boyz in line. Muzgash had never been beaten in single combat, not unless a tricksy shaman or magic user got involved. That’s why Muzgash hated magic more than anything. Little did he know that his destiny was being shaped by the magic of another. Recently, Muzgash’s mind had become obsessed. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something powerful was coming with the infamous Winds of the Everwinter. He was unsure what he would find, but he knew his destiny was linked with the Winds. As Megaboss Muzgash the Dim was drawn to the Winds of the Everwinter, his warband eventually clashed with a small but fearsome force of large monsters and Ogre’s riding great steeds. After the skirmish, all of Muzgash’s followers were found dead, frozen to the core, apart from Balcmeg. Balcmeg had been the leader of Muzgash’s Ardboyz, and had butchered a mounted Ogre and tamed the Ogre’s mighty steed. Whilst the pair made a ferocious team, Muzgash knew he would need to recruit more Boyz, if he was to take the fight to the Icewalkers again. As every Orruk knew, the only way to recruit more Boyz, was to bash in the skulls of the other “bosses”, and make sure every Orruk in the Realm’s knew about it...
  6. @Kaseliegth, I have sent paypal payment for a ticket, as has one of my friends. Can you please confirm receipt of this and confirm our place on the entrants list so we can book accommodation? Thank you.
  7. I have just sent PayPal payment for this event - Nathan Brooks. Please confirm when convenient. Looking forward to the event!
  8. Are there still places left for this tournament?
  9. I am planning a pure Beastclaw raiders force, or Beastclaw with Ogre Bulls and a butcher in. Either, it will be slightly more fluffy than an optimal mixed destruction list! I have found a cool paint scheme for the icey bases, namely a gulliman blue glaze over a white basecoat, then drybrushed white. I am also relatively settled on painting the stonehorns/mournfang cavalry a light grey, drybrushed up to white. However, I want to paint the ogre's frozen ice blue also, to look similar to the white walkers from game of thrones, however my test model turned out awful. I tried spraying white, glazing gulliman blue, with a little coleia greenshade, then drybrushed white. Am I better off painting really light blue? Or painting light grey with a blue wash perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Just purchased my ticket for this ! Can't wait for the event! Need some practice !
  11. I am too busy to play much at the moment but my mate Craig has told me about the AoS night in Croydon and I'll definitely be a regular attendee in the new year! Really looking forward to it mate!
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