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  1. You can't take allies as battleline Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Yep There will be a healthy crowd of gamers down tomorrow Come and check it out... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Chris Just bought my ticket for Blackout Rob Bradley South London Legion Now a growing number of us travelling to this Super hyped! Rob. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. For me the only time I can justify their points is when I include them in a fatesworn battalion. 20 of them, becoming 18 for the additional benefits,starts to look good with -1 rend on both shooting and combat attacks and an extra 6up invulnerable. You can argue the same happens to the marauders too so just use them! But maybe the extra benefits can stay around to work now. Without that extra boost they just look way too expensive from my perspective which is a shame as the models are super cool.
  5. End of week 1 fluff - as my Warband licks it wounds from the week 1 tussles the story continues.... The pain was unbearable as Zander tried to prop himself up. The furs he lay on were stiff and thick with his own dried blood. He coughed involuntarily and grimaced as bile rose into his mouth. He turned to the side and spat out the bloody phlegm. Zander coughed again, it was becoming harder to breathe. The air appeared to be thickening, the taste of magnesium laying thick on the Sorcerer's tongue. Despite the constant pain he offered a faint smile, 'about time,' he mumbled to himself. The air within the tent shimmered beteeen the colours of the spectrum as a form began to materialise. Slowly the shadow took shape, a blue impish thing with big, bug eyed, yellow globes and a wicked smile bearing row upon row of razor white teeth. As it took material form it began to shift merrily around the limited space. 'About time,' growled Zander again, now loud enough for the imp to hear. The diminutive daemon bowed, 'My apologies Master. The lines you must uncover from the great intrigue become more complex with each passing death. It's not as if...,' The Sorcerer waved the excuse away, 'Grazalock, enough,' he growled again. 'Our great journey has been made that much harder.' The daemon studied the Sorcerer carefully. 'So I see my Lord.' It took in the grievous chest wounds that Zander had taken. 'You need to rest Zander Khanath.' 'My haste has cost me dear,' reflected the injured Sorcerer. 'A certain brashness overcame me against that Khornate ragaband and I allowed that Bullgor to smite me down.' He flinched as he remembered the decisive blow cleaving into his chest, splitting his light blue armour asunder and burying itself in his rib cage. 'You are destined for more,' replied Grazalock. 'It appears so,' mused Zander. Still surprised that he had actually survived that wound. 'But heed my warning well warlock. Curb your brashness now. Your foolish stalking of the Orruk brute named Morgrim hurt our venture.' 'Silence Imp, you are mine to command, another retort like that and I will send you back to the 7th dimension of Jar'ig for 100000 moonstone cycles.' The daemon bowed once more. 'That Mega Boss intrigued me some what. A khornate band runs away from little but to see the fear in their eyes as they came barrelling through our lines was something to behold.' 'Drynax Doommarked was right to fear that Orruk,' replied the Blue Horror. 'Blasphemy. It was his shaman that laid me low. A mighty duel of power that I lost due to my weakened state.' No, thought Grazalock to himself. Tzeentch laid your powers low as you had moved away from the path, away from the light of the great intrigue.' 'Lord, I beseech you to rest. Let me call upon Enass and his Vulcharchs to find us the right path through these Hinterlands.' Zander turned onto his side and again spat out some bloodied phlegm. 'Away, with you imp. Serve me well or Jar'ig awaits.' Grazalock sprung out of the tent using all 4 arms and his tail to speed himself unnaturally forwards. He knew that The Watchers errand with this one could be over all too soon as their fortunes no longer rose with the unswerving certainty of the sun. The Blue Horror could no longer follow the story of this mortal's great intrigue. The passages had become blurred, the outcomes hazy. Zander lay on his furs, shivering in pain, but consumed by arrogance and pride. He was no longer thinking of a two headed dragon. He would not be bested on the field again by a wizard. One day Zogak would fall to his greater knowledge of the mystical arts and sometime soon the Bullgore pet that Drynax Doommarked had named Takhoar would be little more than a pelt that Xander would wear as a cloak around his neck. Hope someone is enjoying this story ?
  6. My Hinterlands campaign fluff follows...I hope to create the back story as to why my sorceror lord comes into possession of a two headed dragon that he rides into battle - I have done a sweet conversion that I want to use in matched play (will be using manticore rider stats) Pulek's Intro... Pulek had found it! His Lord would reward him well. He ran out of the Coven Librarium, thinking of the journey ahead. The scrolls confirmed the existence of the two headed beast, in the sacred mountains of Talo'Tzor in the hinterlands of the Beastlands. Vulcharcs flew there too. This meant Enrass would be needed, his love of those birds would serve their master well during the hunt ahead.... (Acolyte with scroll 14g) Enrass's intro... Enrass was a proud man. He was pleased to have been chosen for the hunt. He knew that his skill with the Vulcharc would serve his master well. This was his opportunity to advance his cause in the Coven. He would not let the opportunity slip.... (Acolyte with Vulcharc 14g) The Watchers intro... Grazalock and Mo'tiro were known as 'The Watchers' within Tzeentch's great palaces. They were often tasked with charting a favourite mortal's rise to power. Within the Coven the mortals tended to give the blue, spiteful horrors a wide berth. As long as the two diminutive daemons got to 'play' with mortals they did not care what mission the Changer of Ways had given them. But, they had to concede that this one was destined to play a big part in the grand intrigue. It was clear that his fate was intwined within several of the web ways.... (2 Blue horrors 10g) Tzeentch's true children intro... The herd had been given a sign. Guruman had received Tzeentch's kiss during the ceremony of the false moon. As the drums reached their crescendo the blessing began and by the light of the 3 moons his head split asunder and Guruman became enjoined; he became they; they became Gurumans. The auspec was clear; the herd would support Zander's hunt, Varnas and Antrax would accompany Gurumans. If Zander brought back the two headed beast then the herd would match to war. (3 Tzaangor - 42g) (1 with sword and shield, 1 with great weapon, 1 a mutant with 2 swords) Zandor Khanath, Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch's intro... The dice were cast although Zander mused over whether any had ever been rolled at all. The grand intrigue was eons old and Zander understood well enough that his role within it was diminutive enough...for now. What was beyond doubt was that the beast existed beyond the bedtime tales used to keep wide eyed boys out of further night time mischief. Pulek has found scripts, just as he had promised, that confirmed not just the existence of a blue lizard with wings but one that blew fire from a first mouth and spat acid from a second. Zander Khanath would hunt this beast down and with its subjugation unite an army dedicated to his lord and master. The Warband would serve its purpose well, nothing could stop his ascension now. It was within the hinterlands of Talo'Tazor that he would uncover his purpose within the great intrigue. (Scorcerer on horse 70g)
  7. Backstory and Motivation ‘Yes, Phantom Lord,’ screeched the Lord of Change, and the mighty shimmering beast bent down onto one knee. ‘Don’t fail me Reponere, ensure your Host will be ready in time,’ hissed the other bird, its words spoken in stereo from dual heads. It was unusual to see a Lord of Change give deference to another, but Animus was truly blessed by Tzeentch, it was a rare gift indeed to be given two heads and Reponere knew it. The Bird rose, bowed once to Animus and extended its huge wings, letting out a booming squawk as it took flight into the ether. Animus’s multiple eyes stared intently at the other Lord of Change as it flew off into the distance. ‘Omnia, can it be trusted,’ spoke the Lord of Change as it moved it’s heads away from the departing spec and stared intently into the gloomy light of the crumbling hall. Out of the shadows glided a fantastical humanoid, with an elongated face holding many yellow eyes set apart from an unnaturally wide mouth stretching over a pale blue face. The mouth fell into an evil smile, revealing rows of teeth set back into the gum. ‘Changehost Reponere will serve you well Phantom Lord,’ replied the Gaunt Summoner. ‘Don’t play me the fool,’ it responded, ‘answer my question.’ The eyes of the Lord of Change swirled from steely blue to fiery red in an instant. The Gaunt Summoner’s smile stretched even wider, ‘of course my Lord,’ and he bowed in deference to the huge bird, ‘the Altar of Azyr will be yours but Reponere will attempt to gain more favour – you will be challenged.’ Animus’s red eyes darkened further, the Gaunt Summoner’s impossible smile widened even more. ‘Tzeentch will have a mighty victory, change is everything!’ Animus kept it’s rage in check, noticing the subtlety of the Summoner’s reply. It still didn’t understand why one of the nine was with it but this mattered little as long as a purpose was served. Its eyes shimmrered from fiery red to a mystical amber. ‘Yes Omnia Mutatio, member of the nine, Change is Everything.’ The Phantom Lord’s twin necks lifted the two beaks higher into the air and they shouted in stereo, ‘YES, CHANGE IS EVERYTHING!’ Overall Goal The balance of power has shifted and Tzeentch must claim ascendency. All other Chaos Gods must be chastened if met, particularly Nurgle. The freepeoples must be corrupted – the one true God, Tzeentch, must enlighten them by fire if necessary. Army & Hero Objectives 1) The Army will claim 5000 points of VPs from other Chaos Gods or the Free Peoples over the course of the weekend. 2) Combat Tzeentch is a thing! Phantom Lord Amnius and Lord Reponere are having a personal duel over the weekend. They will compete for Tzeentch’s favour, not through blasting foes apart through spells but by smighting them with their weapons of choice! A tally will be kept to show who wins… 3) The Gaunt Summoner will be demonstrating the power of magic over ‘pew pew’ this weekend. He will personally claim over 1000 VPs of ‘pew pew’ through personal spellcraft mastery!
  8. Sign me up for this please brilliant idea Rob Bradley
  9. Really looking forward to tonight's game against Ben can my Host deal with beat down undead?!
  10. Please follow your own advise Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Seriously mate, please don't post that sort of reply on the TGA, that response was worthy of the old warhammer forum! I am entitled to my opinion, just as you are yours. You clearly want to play compendium rules, that's fine. Take a leaf from my book and show me as much respect as I am showing you. My viewpoint is valid; as far as I am concerned we have our new rules and should be using them. There are so many good combos in this book and competitively we have not even scratched the surface. Let's look forwards and not backwards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Daemon cohort of Tzeentch is compendium and therefore we should not be using it (IMO) changehost is the go to daemon battalion for sure
  13. Hi yes there are still tickets available. Just follow the guidance on the first post. The club will be open at the venue next Wednesday evening as well if you want a practice game before the event If you have any more questions just ask Rob
  14. Papa will be there. Looking forward to getting the first win of 2017 under my belt! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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