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Honor the Code! Kharadron Overlords Bit Swap Thread


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The Kharadron Overlords have arrived, and I'm sure many of us are going crazy putting our kits together. So let's start swapping bits!



I'm looking to buy/swap for Light Skyhooks.

I'll also consider Aethermatic Volleyguns and Skyspikes.

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37 minutes ago, Simba78 said:

Looking for 8 light sky hooks in the offchance someone has any spare or going. Can trade x4 pikes or x4 volley gunshots.

You can make 4 Light Skyhooks by cutting the end off the Skyspike and glueing it to the end of the Volleygun. Then just cut a sword/axe off the Cutters and glue it on the shaft of the Skyspike to make it a Skyspike again :)

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