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Hey all.  Been creeping on this forum for a few months and finally decided to participate rather than lurk. There is a ton of experience-based opinion and knowledge here and I was hoping to tap into that a bit.

I got back into the hobby a few months ago because the Ironjawz models really grabbed me. However, based on my experience in the handful of friendly games I've played to date, they are seriously limited in what they can do.  Luckily, I have a sizable force of Ogors I carried over from 8th edition fantasy to bolster their ranks and shore up some weaknesses, the most glaring of these weaknesses in my estimation being the Ironjawz lack of any shooting. This is something the Gutbusters faction can accomplish passably well, however.

This isn't for tourneys or even organized events.  So, I needn't adhere to the "battleline" restrictions of matched play.  My gaming group do use the points to balance lists however.   I'd like this to be 'competitive' in the sense that it shouldn't suck so bad as to overwhelm the fun factor.

Take a look at a list I've been toying with and give me your thoughts:

Orruk Megaboss (140)
- General
- Trait: Might is Right
- Artefact: Battle Brew
Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)
- Artefact: Talisman of Protection
Orruk Warchanter (80)
- Artefact: Meteoric Hammerblade

Leadbelchers x 3 (160)
Leadbelchers x 3 (160)
Ironblaster x 1 (160)
Mournfang Pack x 2 (200)
Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)
Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)
Orruk Brutes x 5 (180)

Thundertusk Beastriders (320)

War Machines

Ironfist (60)

Total: 1940/2000

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Yeah, I don't know much about Bonesplitterz or Greenskinz but an Orc with a bow seems just...kinda wrong.  Haha.

Does anyone have experience with Leadbelchers?  They seem alright in theory.  The Ironblaster seems pretty terrible actually.  I love the model and it was so much fun in 8th...but man.  50% chance to hit with no re-roll and only one attack? That's tough.  

I am considering dropping it and plugging in another unit of Mournfangs.

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