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Can you dismiss summoned units?



I had a random thought - wouldn't it make sense to be able to dismiss summoned units?

Let's say my local Slann decided that the tactic he originally planned wasn't panning out. So he dismisses his Saurus Knights in favor of more Saurus Warriors. Fluff-wise - all the Seraphon units (with the exception of the Slann) are summoned. Same with Daemon armies, and undead.

Rules-wise, it would make sense to me that one could burn a casting slot to dismiss a particular unit. So, going with the Slann, casting 3 spells per turn, he 1) dismisses a unit 2)summons a new unit 3)casts mystic shield on that unit. Obviously, as the controlling player, I'd like dismissing to be free, but that doesn't seem quite fair.

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Weirdly enough, this is a game where the rules as written are like 90% coherent and playable. Does it say that summoned units are treated as anything at all other than a normal unit following their arrival? Is "dismissing" ever mentioned in the rules anywhere at all?

It's not a thing. Once you've summoned something, the reinforcements points are spent. It's a unit on the table. Period.

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Your title implies you're asking a question about the rules, but your actual post seems to talk about nothing but what "makes sense" (which basically means house rules you work out with your opponent prior to playing). The actual rules don't mention dismissing summoned units and in fact treat them no differently than any other unit in your army once they're on the table.

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Seems to be quite a common thing lol. Its like the shooting into/out of combat thing.


Person: So can you shoot into combat?

Me: What do the rules say?

Person: They dont say you cant.

Me: Wheres the confusion then?

Person: isent that weird though?

Me: Weird? absoultley. But so are little dinosaurs riding bigger dinosaurs made of stardust but you dont question that do you??. Just follow the $%£^&*£! rules!

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