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  1. Hi Gary - you can help by using it yourself, and spreading the word..
  2. Just so you're aware, I've already made an Elo ranking system for AoS. Pure win/loss. Can absolutely be used to seed Swiss games. The more people use it, the more it can be used as a meta-defining data source as well. http://elo.masterpieceminiatures.com/
  3. Hi all, I've developed a website for ranking AoS players with an Elo system. I started a couple months ago when everyone was debating on how to score tournaments, strength of schedule, etc. In my opinion, the ITC system is not a good representation of the meta, as it only pulls from large events, and includes soft scores. My idea is that anyone, anywhere, can played a 'ranked' game, and get an Elo score. This is not a game-able system - it requires both players to agree on the game results, and it's Elo - playing the same player over and over will not net you any gain. This can be used to find the truly "best" players, as well as gather data on factions, battleplans, matchups, etc. The best use is to have your Elo rank seed the first round of a 5-round GT, thus simulating a 6-round Swiss event. This is also worldwide, so the ranking system in the States isn't different than the ranking system in the UK, isn't different from that in AUS, etc. To me, this is certainly exciting - a fix to many of the scoring issues we've been having. Feedback is certainly welcome! http://elo.masterpieceminiatures.com
  4. COMMAND ABILITY Savage Charge: If a Scar-Veteran uses this ability, then you can re-roll charge rolls and hit rolls of 1 for SAURUS units within 8". In addition, until your next hero phase this model and any Saurus Knights within 8" make an additional attack with the Cold Ones' Vicious Bites. Given the above (word for word what's on the warscroll, same formatting), what, if any abilities travel with the units? If the command ability is used in the hero phase, and then a unit of Saurus Warriors moves 10" away from the Scar-Veteran, do they still get re-rolls? If a unit of Saurus Knights move away, do they still get the extra attack? EDIT: I'm looking for word smithing arguments for Rules as Written - I have zero interest in 'intent'.
  5. I solve the problem by not taking the battalion, hah. Skaven are so incompetent, you can't take just one of anything and rely on it. Taking 1 unit of 3 jezzails is silly (if you're not taking 9, you're wasting points, and if you're taking Jezzails you should absolutely be taking Lord of War and not Skryre), and since clanrats *must* be taken in groups of 20 now, fitting that many points in requires too many sacrifices.
  6. Marauders are cheapest generic chaos batteline you can get - and they have shields. I had points enough to boost one squad in power, and I chose Acolytes because they have a ranged attack and some very minor anti-magic shenanigans (also, I happen to own Acolytes from the Silver Tower boxes). I had 50 points left over, and what do you know - 10 blue horrors (who also have a ranged attack!) are 50 points. More chaff for the meat grinder! The list is designed around things I want to take - Thanquol, Stormfiends and Jezzails. The rest is support.
  7. Right, which was my point. Having a strong Skorch leaves your backfield waaay to weak. My list was: Allegiance: Skaven SkryreArch Warlock (140)- General- Trait: Masterful Scavenger - Artefact: Esoteric Warp Resonator Clan Skryre (100) Gautfyre Skorch (150) Warlock Engineer (100)3 x Stormfiends (300)3 x Stormfiends (300)1 x Warp Grinder Weapon Team (100)3 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (210)Rattlegauge Warplock (50)Warlock Engineer (100) 5 x Skryre Acolytes (60)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Warp Lightning Cannon (180)Total: 1970 / 2000 As you can imagine, as soon as the Seraphon player teleported *anything* to my back field, it didn't survive long enough to hold an objective. I don't trust Mortars - 25% chance to wound (or thereabouts) is *terrible* and in no way worth relying on, and using 400 points for a battalion means 3 less stormfiends to hold an objective. Acolytes are garbage - even in large numbers.
  8. How are you fitting this in 2k points? Just what you've listed I'm at 2150, and you're missing units for a second coven (battalion requires two). At 2500 points, Skorch all the way - for sure. Arch Warlock (140)Warlock Engineer (100)Warlock Engineer (100)Packmaster (80)Packmaster (80) Clan Skryre (100)Gautfyre Skorch (150)6 x Stormfiends (600)1 x Warp Grinder Weapon Team (100)5 x Warpfire Thrower Weapon Team (350) Other Coven? (50) 3 x Stormfiends (300) ?? ?? Total: 2150 / 2000
  9. OK, that's not a bad list at all... but it's not the Skryre batallion
  10. Can you put in your actual list, then? It may be that I'm trying to shoehorn in too many things, but I found my Skorch team too ineffective, and my backfield team too short on defensive power. I was playing Knife to the Heart, and my opponent can teach seminars on bubble-wrapping.
  11. 50-60 wounds is awesome, but then what? I just don't feel like it's enough to counter something like a well-played Tzeencth or Blades of Khorne list - or even any horde list with more than, say 110 wounds. I've played it against Seraphon and got my ass handed to me.
  12. It's not worth it any more. You lose too much.
  13. Assume average damages, and a 4+ save. Warpfire, if in range, is average of 3 damage per model (1.5x2), so 3/100 is .03 damage per point spent. Clubbing Blows with no buffs works out to .02 damage per point. Let's assume tunneled stormfiends, so no shooting first round, and say they survive 3 rounds. That's 3+3 (2 rounds of shooting) +8 (+4 if they get the charge off) (4 rounds of combat) = 18 damage per fiend over the course of 3 rounds. Shockers will average 2 wounds per model, per combat phase. So, in essence you get the same result of the warpfire without the shooting, so the damage loss is obvious. Once you add in the packmasters, the damage goes up, but so does the cost, and the lack of shooting, and if you want to tunnel, they're useless...
  14. I was never impressed with this guy enough to take him... and now you can't.
  15. One of these days I'll learn to read warscrolls
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