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So I reckon I'll start this thing up with little to no ceremony or a grand introduction.

After playing a decent amount of games with my wood elf army ( an army made during and for WHFB 8.ed ) I felt that something was lacking. The supreme archers of the warhammer world weren't all that great in the age of Sigmar, in other words a change of pastures was needed.


I've always wanted to do a greenskin army, so when the Bonesplitterz dropped and the opportunity arouse, I knew the time to paint me some orcs was had finally come. I decided to go for a build focusing on boyz armed with spears, some shoota boyz and Frank the magma dragon, with the ability to "spec" into a double Kunning rukk for turnaments and such shenanigans or the drakkfoot warclan (for none douchebag games). Beyond that there's really no greater plan or theme to the army.....well other than the fact that they won't be green. I really like the red-brown hue of the uncorrupted warcraft orcs, so brown orcs here we come.

And to start the party we have a small dump of pictures.


First off we have the Wardokk and some boyz:





And then there's Frank:


For added bonus, the first objective marker:

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I like the basing and the red/warpaint scheme. That grey will be a nice color to contrast the skin tone. If there is a hint of turquoise or green in there than it will create a bit more contrast subtly. The skintone and the color of the ground are similar, so that could be of concern. Keep posting the great work!

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Thanks for the comments guys, appreciate it :)

@Aaron: Yeah I did fear that the bases and the skin would end up being too similar. Problem is that the badlands/ south American desert is sort of the only base theme that works for savage orc, in my mind ^^. Might help if i go for a more desert sand shade for the cracked earth.


@Soulsmith: I know,  back when I painted the lad I kinda hecked up, as I failed to pay attention to the wash as it dried. I'll have to go back and fix that, thanks for reminding me :) .

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@Foz: Thanks dude, my recipe for "brown" orcs goes something like this: A Tuskgor fur base coat, followed by a layer of Deathclaw brown and then give'em a reikland flesh shade wash. When the wash is good and dry I add a cadian fleshtone highlight, followed by a highlight of elf flesh and finally a dilted reikland wash .


Hope that helps :)

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@Soulsmith: Sure no problem, I'll make a smaller one for the second Big boss, and it is indeed cork. I pretty much just tore/carved up 5 or 6 pieces of cork (varying form large to small and then to large again...) then just glue the ****** together according to how you want the rock formation to look. Lastly  I just go to town on the formation with an exacto knife and add some Agrellan earth as needed. I usually try to make them look as similar as possible to the sort of rock formations you'd see in like the Arizonan desert.

I'll try to remember to do a picture tutorial for the next one.

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Alrighty then, haven't been able to do any hobby related stuff lately due to a thumb injury, but I did manage to throw together a small step by step for the cork stones.

First off y'all gonna need some cork, naturally the height of the rock is going to dictate the number of layers.



Step two is to glue them badboys to one another.



Step three: Add a little exacto knife magic.




And the last step is simply to fix the miniature to the base. And if doesn't fit as snugly as y'all wanted it to, just add more cork or shave more off.



Hopefully this small tutorial is useful to all y'all.

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Ah yes, that's just Big Boss number 2. Thought it would be boring with two identical bosses, so I decided to do some alterations on the original model. And of course he's going to be part of the slightly more competitive version of my 2K list (double kunning rukk boi!).

Anyways he's about done and ready for priming now.

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No painting update this time, haven't really felt like painting lateley so I've been doing some conversion work instead.

As we all know, the kitties needs a pack leader to truly be effective in the game, so I went ahead and made one.

Introducing....uhm let's call him Bubba.

Bubba loves kitties, long walks on the endless steppes, smashing heads and being "All sneaky-like".
Oh and pink tractors, but they don't exist yet.


(He's still a Wip project. I need to add a skirt and some other doodads.)

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