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Warcry is awesome


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So, played my first ever game of Warcry 2nd edition last week. Game was a matched play Skaven vs Cities of Sigmar. I've got to say, I'm mighty impressed. Rules are easy to learn, clear and concise. I printed out cards for all the fighters involved, each armies reactions and abilities and a set each of the universal reactions and abilities for each player. Barely referenced the core rules during the game and pretty much played off the cards.

I was initially put off by the alternate activation but after playing this game I am a convert. They nailed it. Smooth rules and not crunchy at all. Super excited to try a campaign. Also, really impressed by how balanced the game was, even with a monstrous Stormfiend in the game. I lost but had I moved in on the objective a little earlier...

Highly recommended.


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I completely agree, awesome game. Hope this section of the forum becomes more alive. Glad that u enjoy Warcry. 

I played a few games by now and last game i played my Nighthaunt versus DoK. This is a quick review of my game. Next time i would maybe like to start a campaign.

Could tell more about this game if anyone is interested.

Copy from my post in a dead topic:

List: 970 points

2x spirit hosts

2x chainghasts

1x spirit torment

1x lord executioner

I found the Spirithosts really underwhelming. The reaction that damages them on misses almost outdamaged them even when using Frightfull Touch. They werent bad, but not an auto include for me next time.

I did really like the 2 Chainghasts. Chipping away at foes with ranged attacks and threatening objectives and blocking attacks with reactions really made them deal a fair amount of damage as they got targeted over the Spirit Hosts a lot of times. More than i expected them to.

Spirit Torment didnt do much last game but got to ress a Spirit Host.

Lord Executioner hit like a truck with the use of a double. Got a bit lucky with the dice, so couldnt complain. Did 24 wounds in one activation.

Managed to pull out a win. Did also play catacombs for the first time and i didnt expect it to be as fun as it was. I really liked the dungeon setting and fun thematic addition they added for the extra flavour.

Edit: Also a friend gifted me a set of warcry dice and tokens, so i can play games on my own now. Still need to get myself some more terrain though.



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Yeah i cant seem to get used to playing multiple small units yet. For some reason i just keep using them as meatshields because my opponent mostly plays big scary things with 1 or 2 highly mobile squishy models to grab objectives etc. Maybe it would work better if i really go all in on smaller stuff, can see why that would work out nicely vs reactions.

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Is it really not popular I wonder? Cursed City sold really well but the forum here for it never took off. I do think the game is still building its audience though. It’s getting some positive coverage from influencers such as Atom Smasher and Sam Lenz. Perfect game for school games clubs. I am hopeful for its future.

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