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Anyone know where I can buy old style zombies?

Redmore Trout

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You can try posting "looking for Zombies" type threads in forums/groups like TGA (we've a sales section) which might get you some people who are interested in offloading theirs. These days I'd also suggest searching on Facebook for "Age of Sigmar" and "Warhammer" trading groups as there's quite a few of them now (some generic some region specific) and there's a fair bit of second hand trading that now goes through FB since some dislike having to pay ebay fees. Though as always, with any secondhand trading, its advised to use Paypal Goods and Services when exchanging money for the protections it gives you (friends and family is just a bank transfer and comes with zero protections; sure its "free" but it has no way to help you if something goes wrong on either end). 

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