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  1. Oho, quite the opposite in our circles, the old Dwarf players HATE the Fyreslayers, they are a poor slayer knock off that appeals to basically none of the same things as the old dwarf armies, usually i am very anti wishing someone elses toys would go away but the Fyreslayers are the exception Idoneth are a very cool concept, i dont like their infantry sculpts very much though, which has put me off collecting them, but everything mounted is awesome.
  2. I would just like to say i do quite like the moderation approach here, a bit of steering when we are getting into a circle of negativity is no bad thing, especially when the negativity over negativity whirlpool starts up. Other places lock down at the slightest criticism of GW and i think that lak of vent just makes things worse. So thankyou mods, for running an excellent ship! Back on topic, i do think the Red King has hit the spot here, it feels like over the last 6 months-year GW have been increasingly anti consumer to the extent where such a draconian NDA seems plausible to so many. Thats probably a bigger problem than this probable fake tbh.
  3. Yeah ive signed NDAs with RPG companies for early access bits and the Official secrets act and it bears a much closer resemblance to the latter
  4. Yes i think people miss the culture shift, if a brand new game wanted me to spend out £30 per army on rules id laugh in their faces. if a brand new game wanted me to spend £5 a month for a mediocre app id laugh in their faces. Gw is doing it because they think they can, but ultimately i think its going to repel new or returning customers. I mean, i chiefly credit the big delay thinning my keen out but i was super invested in a revamped Stormcast army after i got Dominion but right now with that additional up front cost im not going to bother.
  5. Im pretty confident anything with a .ru domain is completely immune to GW's wrath unless they start hiring hackers
  6. Couple of quotes from my feedback to gw: "I honestly think driving people to research new armies on Wahapedia rather than your own website is going to obviously cost you money." "People want you to succeed, a mediocre product would be enough, just not an awful one"
  7. Hmm they arent bad, love the retro look on the Khornegors but Sniper and Wib effectively showing off how solid and imaginative most of the BB range is today has not been kind to these chaps.
  8. My main dream is some Gutter Runners... I mean we are on home turf right? Right?
  9. I suspect we might get a new Cities of Sigmar book alongside these releases that treats them like "skins" for the human armies of Sigmar, whether or not they go into more detail on those units or we just get "Halberdiers" and they all work the same depends how bloat happy they are i guess?
  10. There was a lot wrong (especially for new armies like Dark Eldar who basically had no real in depth fluff for years) with the 3rd edition pamphlet codexes but i dont think sales were ever an issue, if anything, anecdotally people bought a lot more codexes for armies they didnt directly play because they were so cheap.
  11. I definitely definitely dont advocate for piracy, but it really feels like GW is right now, just removing a previously valuable service and not offering a replacement just means people will find their own. The lack of electronic books is the main downside to me but the warscroll cards on the store was also hugely useful and i think a much more valuable marketing tool than they realise. The app (assuming its in the mould of the 40k version which it seems to be) isnt particularly useful as a replacement for either of those, missing huge amounts of army book content and lacking a PC version you can easily flick around when shopping. Its essentially useless to me outside of something to read on the loo.
  12. Im all for books if thats what people want but they are a bit of a liability to me tbh, pricy, heavy and need to be stored in my limited space. Though i suspect ive just been burned out over the years by barely used books going obsolete or in the case of Age of Darkness, an absolute excess of book being needed for too long. So yeah, i prefer an ebook on my PC, or an app in a pinch, but it needs to work on my PC too or its basically worthless, which the 40k app does not. And then ill pick up cards or make my own references if its easier/more cost effective. But GW does not want the ebook money, their cutting off that revenue stream delayed the pirates for whole days im informed. Good call GW, good call. I would rather pay GW (reasonably) for good digital products but if they wont offer them there are plenty of other options. *shrug*
  13. I mean, using something written most of a year later in an effort to make everything look deliberate is pretty questionable in the first place, but especially when it is not borne out by GWs actual actions with made to order and less sanitised sources thoughts. They certainly do encourage FOMO marketing but they dont want to be running a scalpers paradise or hosting Saturday morning panic swarms. Thats all been pretty clear recently. Plus, y'know, a whole pillar of that scheme you made up there is abandoning projects, whiiiich is just nonsense. The only example being Cursed city which has clearly been a total ****** up rather than any intentional plan
  14. As i understand it the initial projections for the 40k version should have lasted until Christmas-ish, i suspect the same would be true of Dominion. It was a one and done thing but not suspected to instantly sell out!
  15. Gw has been moving book production into the UK over the last few years, so it's entirely possible the new books aren't being affected by the bigger delays. That said an entirely unrelated book was delayed by the appropriate paper not being available anywhere in Europe so things are rarely simple these days... I guess check the books when they arrive and see what they say? I had heard its the same small team doing all gws apps and it's all hands on deck to get Warhammer+ up and stable so AoS got delayed a bit as it was more flexible. No idea if they are linked ofc
  16. Ahhh so you dont want critique then? Your maths on the first part seem shaky though.
  17. It would be nice to have Warcry move to Shadows given how much attention beasts is getting. You can get dawnbringers anywhere but samples/units for Eshin and Malerions lot would be AWESOME.
  18. Sounds like the usual launch day fun for this kind of thing too, subs vanishing, shonky servers, apps not working, all the bells and whistles
  19. Eh, signing up on day one seems like a mistake, you can still sign up in the next week and get the £10 bonus, will wait and see what the consensus is in the meantime. If the launch line up is as sparse as it looks i can always hold up a while, the real selling point right now is that sweet Vindicare mini and ill have to wait a year for it anyway, whats a couple more months?
  20. I think its for two reasons, pumping up those initial sub numbers with 2 months "free" (thatll also spike sales in Octoberish anyway ) and also hooking a few people who wont recall being subbed and leave the payments running anyway, which is a non trivial source of income on subscriptions and the like.
  21. They have been switching all production, including books, in country for the last couple of years precisely because of anticipated troubles, i guess we shall see what flag is on the book when we get it in November The Charge rule on the chariot sounds very good, and if all the hounds get that Interceptor rule as well as the hit and run i might well have to paint some up!
  22. They seem to be all hands on deck for Warhammer+, to the extent that they are stacking up irritants for their players, one after the other these things are mounting up to wreck the launch they are seemingly working so hard to support...
  23. Ooof a fair amount of sense in the rumours amongst the REEE-ing but i cant lie, Squatting AT would put me on a warpath, best game GW has made in years.
  24. Yeah big same with my stormcast, i was all aboard for the new style minis but now im not even sure ill get the army book. Though, also very much the same for Kill team, the roadmap for that was the last nail in the coffin if there will be starter boxes with forces i actually want in rather than kinda fancy but the seemingly endless previews for both have had a huge chilling effect.
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