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  1. I think you are being wildly inaccurate with the Stereotyping there Daark, people were playing Heresy on a budget before Forgeworld resin and hordes did it once we had those accessible plastic starters with a free bonus game included Black books already managed a couple of edition shifts fine, Betrayal was written for 5th even though 6th slightly predates it after all, and by the time 8th rolled around half of the black books already had obsolete rules content, which is fine, they are godawful rulebooks anyway (lugging 3 around for a weekend event at WHW was character developing...) their value is in being gorgeous and full of fluff after all! Nooo FW got screwed over by the GW studio and then their star writer (and it seems pillar of the team) tragically died at the same time, they were screwed and desperately scrabbling to get the 40k indexes out let alone update the whole bevvy of 30k related rules, sooo they improvised reprinted the 7th ed rulebook with some FAQs built in and minor additions for the existing extra universal special rules and marked it "good enough" and left the game to limp on for a while. 90+% of the Heresy players i know have moved on to other stuff while its been neglected, what you currently have is absolute fanatics and 7th ed obsessives really, but the tip of the iceberg as far as player base goes. I am hoping a new edition fixes some of the current system problems and uneven rules but that seems to have been pushed back again I think the first Red books were back in 6th too? Regardless the current ones are a second edition, not something new.
  2. I dont think it was ever "marketed" in those terms, the most they ever came out with was "more granular" but i think for all their sins the 40k team has solidly proven that to be ridiculous, at least in terms of differentiating sub factions. It was something fans of the product frequently spouted off though. I think ultimately AoD was most popular and successful as a 40k expansion with crossover potential and the major reason it ended up a separate system was Forgeworld being left out of the 8th edition loop entirely and the knock on problems from that. Then with the new starter delayed considerably (it was apparently meant to be out last year) they just figured no news was good news so until recently its just been rolling on momentum Obviously Old World would not really work as a AoS expansion as the rules concepts and even basing is incompatible but i think having the models crossover may well be what the system lives or dies on, investing in a new system is always a gamble and a warhammer army is not a small investment! Having AoS to fall back on if it does not take off in your groups is a good safety net imho.
  3. I wouldnt expect OW to follow the current AoD model because its godawful* and FW knows it, i would expect he upcoming box to switch it over to the more common Specialist games model where you just need a one rulebook and one splatbook to play your army with a decent plastic range to support the game ala Necromunda or Adeptus Titanicus. They have announced or implied a wildly optimistic set of releases for Old World, we shall see how that actually rolls out in a few years *Having to drop well over £100 on rulebooks for some armies before buying even a single extremely pricy model is objectively bad, come on.
  4. I mean, thats deliberately missing my point right? Or did i forget the time Valnir fought Itzi Bitzi to near death, only to be saved by Valmir von Raukov (The Elector count plot forgot) in a dramatic twist. There adozens of old Warhammer special characters who never got a mention past their armylist entries or maybe a "This guy was here too" mention. its always been the case, and id argue it was more common in WArhammer simply because they went through a phase of adding a dozen special characters in the army books with no real intent to do anything with them (Albeit more so in 40k i think). 90% of all models have always been designed because the model designers think of something cool to do, and the story and rules have always been flexed around that. Which is also i suspect what causes this issue as the add more and more centrepiece models to armies to push GWs advantage in model making and in AoS that mostly means gods. The number of main release minis who exist because of background or stories is extremely small, (which is why the annual Black library releases have been so good) and a lot of them like Malekith changed considerably to fit the models in many cases, going from his special chariot to riding a dragon because they made a cool new Dragon riding character that should be important for example. The story has always been in service to the game, which is in turn in service to the models, not the other way around. The High elves are easy to pick as all being significant because authors and fluff writers got interested in them and wrote a whole load of plot around them, pushed on by significant mini sales of that range, which itself pushes sales ofc, in a whole snake eating its tail way I think the real problem is (from memory) most the AoS novels have been very stormcast focused, or somewhat away from the battlefields dealing with different types of characters, if AoS had series focusing more broadly on wars, or character focused pieces like Warhammer had, you would get the same effect. Meanwhile, the plot constantly moves on, people are not focused on the same conflict like Karak Eight peaks, or the Elven Civil war for a decade or more of real time, theyve seen twelves campaigns in seven realms in that time. :) Im referring to characters in the game sense, so unique characters. Otherwise if we included everyone from novels etc there would be a need for hundreds more minis. More female representation would be nice though! Its actually a lot more plausible in AOS at least where teleportation is fairly commonplace for several forces and anyone can use a realmgate. The same thing happened in the Old world but there was no fast travel methods to try and explain it easily, its a mjor part of why AoS is built the way it is so any force can go anywhere and fight anyone so they dont have to explain why Tomb kings and Savage Orcs are fighting in Kislev for some reason.
  5. I think people view old Warhammer through very rose tinted specs, there may not have been gods but there were definitely A-tier characters who filled the same roles, whether through good stories, OP rules or models you saw some characters constantly while dozens of others just got ignored and forgotten. Essentially nothing has changed, well, except every character gets a mini these days.
  6. Pretty unlikely if they stick with the old rules as adapted bases are bigger and that makes a significant difference mechanically. That said if they push for bigger square bases it could be dooable and would soften the blow of trying to rank minis up, or making boring minis to achieve it.
  7. Exactly this, unless you are secretly one of those original writers/artists
  8. As written, the Southlands is a three way battlefield between Lizardmen, Savage Orcs and Terrible racist caricatures with the Odd rogue Tomb king unfortunately
  9. Eh, i dont think AoS has much to worry about from OW, it wildly outsells Warhammer of old and im fairly convinced they are biting off more than they can chew with OW, its still years from release and they seem fixated on no cross play and also supporting a dozen armies or more off the bat on a Specialist game budget. Id like it to do well but i suspect its going to go poorly.
  10. Yeah who would have guessed the tiny initial offerings were front loading?
  11. All the S1 boxes were extra sculpts the studio made as alternate minis for AoS units but never released so they got repurposed, so yeah, they do work well for that Got a few underworlds warbands for painting projects and alt models, the game itself is pretty fun but our group was turned off by the deckbuilding after getting burned hard by xwing putting the best cards for a ship in another factions ship box or worse, the pricy big ships box (Look at you C3PO!) but i think the rivals format might actually see some play, thought tbh the price hike is severe enough to stop Harrowdeep being a casual purchase I do wonder if the marketing team used lightning for a warband assuming we would all go "More stormcast? mehhhhh" and then they can go "Oh you assumed it was stormcast?" and its all very tiring Gimme the rat ninjas already!
  12. Fyreslayers are the worst army GW has ever designed and the only force id happily see slide into Legends. Its not even a popular opinion with me, im usually super anti wishing other folks toys away but i just have a visceral hatred of everything fyreslayer, from the name, to the fluff, to the minis, just awful.
  13. Well as long as people keep paying enough theyll keep developing NGL it certainly feels like they have more ideas for Ind there, Nippon was always just a flanderised Japan from memory but i cant help but feel with invincible dragon Emperors next door things would be different? At least with Cathay they have shown their designs arent beholden to the slightly awful in retrospect 80s concepts!
  14. Having been involved in running a few events myself (Albeit on the small side) its worth investing the extra time in venue hunting sometimes, there are some absolute gems out there if you dont mind splitting over smaller rooms and the like that let us run extremely cheap events. That said it still relies a lot on free labour from the organisers and between the team having a lot of relevant experience to call on. Still i dont think im particularly unusual in preferring a couple of tickets to small events over a pricier one at a premium venue, the games themselves are still essentially the same at the end of the day.
  15. Essentially a relatively small badly ventilated side workshop crammed full of people wearing little if any PPE and knocking out casts of various things, they recognise pokemon and krieg minis alongside a bunch of other things the manager showed them as a sample, i suspect it was all knock off recasts destined for one of various websites or similar. Given the workers risking cancer and such were all probably paid pennies its particularly gross.
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