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Leadbelchers firing how many shots after crossing the Soulscream Bridge?

Lord Krungharr


Since units don't count as having made a normal move if they're set up instead of moving, and the Bridge not permitting a normal move after crossing, and the Leadbelchers firing D6 shots if they haven't moved yet in the turn....can they fire D6 shots after the Bridge?  Or does the teleporting count as a move even though it's not a "Normal Move" ?  

This is where the older warsroll is sort of not caught up with the new rules.  I'll vote yes though because I have 8 Leadbelchers 😛


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Here are the pertinent rules verbatim:

in the FAQ :

Q: Some abilities allow a unit to be set up ‘instead of making a normal
move’. Does a unit set up with such an ability count as having moved?
A: No, unless the ability specifically states otherwise.

Then the Soulscream Bridge bit:

Deathly Passage: Those who pass across a
Soulscream Bridge travel the tides of deathly
magic, bypassing physical obstructions.
At the start of your movement phase,
friendly units wholly within 6" of one
Soulscream Bridge model from this endless
spell can travel across the Soulscream
Bridge. If they do so, remove that unit from
the battlefield and set it up again wholly
within 6" of the other Soulscream Bridge
model from this endless spell, more than
9" from any enemy units. That unit cannot
make a normal move that phase.

Then the Leadbelcher rule:

This unit's Leadbelcher Guns have an Attacks characteristic of D6 instead of D3 if this unit did not make a move in the same turn.

What do people think? Seems like D6 to me.

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With the old Soulscream Bridge rules, they would definitely get a D6 (this was commonly used with Irondrakes in Cities of Sigmar for similar "doesn't count as moving" reasons).

There's a new version of Soulscream Bridge in the GHB2021, which I don't currently have, but I believe the wording has changed. You might want to check that version.

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7 minutes ago, Liquidsteel said:

The wording seems to be the same as before, that you cannot make a normal move or run in the same phase.

So yes should be D6 shots.

I agree, I can't see any valid argument that they would count as moving.

As someone who owns 12 painted leadbelchers, I guess it's time to get myself a Soulscream bridge. :)

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