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  1. Yeah I can't leave Bella at home these days, she's been in almost every list I've tried recently. Vhordrai is definitely whiffy sometimes and I wish quickblood was easier to cast but alas it is what is, and thematically I have to take him.
  2. Yeah Nighthaunt were my first army but I was immediately pushed in to Legion of Grief, then gave up and went FEC and never looked back til Gravelords came out. I've held on to the army though, collecting dust for the past 18 months, in the hope that an eventual new book gives me the impetus to play them properly.
  3. Very nice, which list will you be taking? I'm giving the below a run out tonight against Sons of Behemat. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords- Lineage: Kastelai Dynasty- Mortal Realm: Shyish- Grand Strategy: Hold the Line- Triumphs: InspiredLeadersVengorian Lord (280)**- General- Command Trait: Rousing Commander- Artefact: Grave-sand Shard- Lore of the Vampires: Vile TransferencePrince Vhordrai (455)*- Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine PinionsBelladamma Volga, First of the Vyrkos (200)*- Lore of the Vampires: SoulpikeBattleline5 x Blood Knights (195)*5 x Blood Knights (195)*5 x Blood Knights (195)*5 x Blood Knights (195)**10 x Dire Wolves (135)*Units3 x Fell Bats (75)**Endless Spells & InvocationsUmbral Spellportal (70)Core Battalions*Battle Regiment**Battle RegimentTotal: 1995 / 2000Reinforced Units: 0 / 4Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 122Drops: 2
  4. I mean they are just guesses, but it probably won't? It came out on the fringe, some rules were definitely written with AoS 3.0 in mind (Riders of Ruin, removing the command ability on VLoZD etc). I think we will get a White Dwarf issue with new Battalions, Tactics and Strategies and that might be it.
  5. They can't Aetherquartz each one, in Syar two can receive it otherwise it's 1, but they're probably Helon with this build. But anyway they are 2s and 3s so no pluses to hit required, and only Sevireth can be 2s and 2s with Finest Hour and maybe another with Inspired if they take the triumph. You can give Nagash Finest Hour turn 1 and also All out Defence so +2 to save. The "average" damage of 4x Wind Spirit and 1x Sevireth (under Finest Hour) is 9.72 damage against Finest Hour and All Out Defence Nagash (with 6+ ward). Sentinels are only battle line if they take another unit of wardens. Being Helon they can also consider Windchargers. Furthermore 4 x spirit build cannot be 1 drop, and Nagash can be 1 drop, so you can dictate first turn. Only way they get 1 drop is Sevireth and 2 x Spirit, which I have played against. You can do Nagash, Necromancer and chaff in Legion of Night and it's actually a decent game, they can struggle to remove hordes unless they charge in, which the zombie 6" pile in can then work around, somewhat. Not being in combat gives you opportunities to Rally. Of course, it's an uphill battle, but it's not totally unwinnable, in my opinion.
  6. Nagash can dust them, and is very difficult to kill. Especially if you also have lifeswarm to keep him topped up. 4 wind spirits will not have good casting, once you move forward you can deny things like power of hysh, speed of hysh and lambent light.
  7. I've been impressed with them in general, though have only got 2 units painted as I initially opted to run a horde style lists with lots of grave guard and zombies, only just about clearing my backlog (one more box of wolves to go and I'm there). Rend -1 isn't great but damage 2 is nice, or damage 3 if you can rousing commander them in Kastelai. By spamming them you can force multiple combats so neuter the save stacking game. I'll probably get up to 4 units total myself then see where we end up in January points, if it comes.
  8. There was a strong performance from a Soulblight list this weekend at the Facehammer GT at Element Games, played by Tom Mawdsley (former Team England ETC player/captain). Went 4-0-1 in the end, losing only in game 5 to the eventual winner and from what I heard, it came down to or was partly effected by Vhordrai fluffing his lines somewhat in an important combat phase. Nevertheless it holds up what we already knew about Blood Knights, and I am pleased to see Grave Sand Shard make an appearance as I've been touting it as a strong choice in this meta, over the stock pick of Fragment of the Keep, especially when you factor in the re-rolling 1s on Deathless that banners offer. Not to say Fragment is bad, both are excellent, but nice to see it feature so well finally. Even better is the cameo from Kritza, as well as seeing him forgo any low drops in favour of Vanguard/Hunters. Worth pointing out his match ups, he played in to Archaon twice, Sons of Behemat twice, and a third list that I cannot see. So the list did not face any strong shooting it seems, though with so many blood knights it may not have been a problem anyway. I would like to have seen how that matchup would have gone against a strong opponent rounds 3/4/5.
  9. Yeah completely fair interpretation, as I said it's been discussed several times, which shows it's not cut and dry. On this one I'm going to err on the side of caution unless a TO allows it. In general, the word benefit has come up before, also, in a different scenario. I played against Lumineth a couple weeks ago, and Teclis cast Howling Gale on to Nagash, who had used his Supreme Leader of the Undead command ability in my own turn before. The spell howling gale states that a "unit cannot use or benefit from commandabilities until your next hero phase." My opponent claimed this meant that Nagash no longer benefited from his re-roll 1s to hit and save, I wasn't sure, so agreed to play it that way. The fact is says use or benefit, probably does indicate that "benefit" means actually utilise the effects of, which brings me back to my point regarding the Vamp Lords ability, though can see what you mean regarding AoS 2 and 3 language differences, as maybe if it was written now it would say "issue or receive".
  10. We've discussed it in the WhatsApp chat a few times. and I'm not sure it 100% works that way, personally. It says a unit can only "benefit" from it once per phase, which I take to mean actually benefit from the effects of. Meaning you could theoretically stack it across 2-3 combat phases, however the extras would be wasted as you can only ever "benefit" from +1 attack. It doesn't say you can only "receive" it once per phase, it says "benefit".
  11. I think save stacking itself is okay, as it allows those big monsters to actually be tough, and not get dragged down even under weight of dice from a buffed up horde. They should be all but immune to chaff, in my opinion, just like in 40k where 2x Toughness puts the attacking unit on 6s to wound. My gripe is that instead of pushing rend (we could easily have -2 rend on many battleline units for more "elite" armies, and rend 3/4/5 on the biggest stuff) they have decided to go the way of dishing out mortal wounds. Lumineth, new Kruleboyz, new Stormcast, all having access to MWs on 6s to hit even for their regular units is just silly. It would have been much better, I think, if they were either 6s to wound OR just 6s to hit are an auto wound, still allowing a save roll. They're also really pushing shooting, which combined with all these mortals has changed how the game is played massively. Getting big monsters to survive turn 1 and actually get in to combat is going to get even tougher I reckon.
  12. It's subjective I guess. I personally dislike but have no issues playing with and against unpainted models, proxies etc when it's about practicing, or vs a new player. I like that most events, at least those that I am aware of and will/would attend, require a minimum standard (painted and based, for example) to avoid the above.
  13. Wolves are there as fast moving chaff, and a wounds buffer for Belladamma. They do basically no damage so don't expect anything from them, assuming you charge a screen with a 5+ save, even on 3s to hit and wound, you probably have 6 bases in combat? That equates to around 3-4 damage, on average.
  14. Not entirely, he does well against non Teclis builds or non Zaitrec, from my experience, but Teclis shuts him down. The guaranteed unbind is very powerful and the spell ignore makes offensive casting a 50/50. I had the misfortune of playing vs Teclis in Zaitrec, where even the regular units were on base +2...
  15. Yep completely agree with you, as I said I am too attached to big heroes myself and have been trying to make them work. And full zombie/chaff spam is not something I can play. Blood Knight spam is what I am working towards, however hobby time and space is now at a premium so its slow going, only have 2 units painted up with a backlog of other models staring at me.
  16. Love the energy of the list but is it not technically illegal? No single model can be above 50% of the army points now.
  17. Lumineth are and have been the bane of my existence since their release, mainly because I enjoy playing big monsters e.g Ghoul Kings on Terrorgheists in FEC, VLoZDs and Nagash in Soulblight, which they tend to eat for breakfast. I'm still working out how to beat them, but my next list attempt will be a one drop. 50/50 chance to take away their choice is great, as the worst thing for me is being out dropped and not knowing the turn order which they are expecting to have. Lumineth will kill a dragon per turn no problem, and are defensive enough to weather a precision strike. Sticking with two dragons though, you could deploy aggressively, forcing him to go first and shoot off Vhordrai but leaving VLoZD plus Blood Knights free to cause havoc. You can then push forward and hope for the double. Or potentially deploy at least 30" away from Teclis whilst taking Pinions and Run and Charge command trait on the VLoZD. 26" movement plus charge. If given first the unleash hell isn't as bad without power of Hysh and you can try to strike hard. If he takes first the VLoZD dies anyway but then you push forward and again hope for a big double.
  18. Regarding Riders of Ruin, if you make them fly, I think you can still do mortals by passing over. As it's a new sentence.
  19. Well you can fit it in if you take 2 x 10 skellies. I know the 3 x 20 zombies was played on a stream in a team tournament but I can't wrap my head around losing spell portal for Nagash.
  20. You can swap it for the Brazier corpse cart. That debuffs enemies with -1 to cast within 18" and -1 to wound within 9".
  21. They get to issue command from 18" rather than 12" as well, which is a big increase on the aura.
  22. She's a Vyrkos Vampire Hero, thus gives out +1 to wound to Deadwalkers and Deathrattle units wholly within 9", as part of the Vyrkos sub allegiance abilities.
  23. Yeah you can already see pretty good list variety, you can go full zombie horde, a mixed horde and monster, or full monster/hero/godhammer as you please, which can help adapt to what is at hand. With Kruleboyz I think we are going to see a very strong army, and new Stormcast already seem decent. Nurgle should be next and is currently very strong, so if they improve it might start to shape list building. My hope is that some of the next few releases can help curb some of the Lumineth stuff going on, if taking mass sentinels or 3 wind spirits becomes less viable, it helps our Monsters stay alive. It's not fun having your VLoZD shot off turn 1 without anywhere on the board to hide (bar LoN ambush). Nagash is very good right now, though someone plagued by his miscasts. He still offers a lot (the command ability is SO good) even when he miscasts, but I imagine it's the difference between being a reliable "5-0" list as people put it and just a solid "4-1". I don't think he will go up. I wish he had some sort of protection, for example miscast but can keep casting at -1 or something. For me, I'm still new to competitive 2 day tournaments (had my first the other week, went 2-3) so I'm not too fussed whether a list is 5-0 or 4-1, for me it's about being able to deal with most of what I can expect to face, and have a fun time doing it. Outside of that team event in Poland, Blood Knights spam hasn't hit the table yet from what I can see, so maybe they will be okay. At most I am considering 4 units anyway, so I think I will be okay. I'm over 7k painted as we speak, I could actually play vs myself without needing to share models and run competitive lists on both sides, which is great.
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