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Hedonites let's blow off steam!


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We've had a bit of a naff night tonight, I want to see recently finished works of yours and your WIP stuff!

Also if you need to vent about how messed up it has been let's discuss it here rather than the rumours thread, as getting screwed is no longer a rumour! 

No matter what we'll have a crack at the edition and smash some Aelves! 



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While I'm very disappointed at the points, I'll continue to make some lists and try games with what I have. 

I'll still message GW and try push for point reductions, but I have the models and from a narrative perspective I really like them. My excitement for 3e has died down quite a bit (mostly just don't trust the rules writers to know what's best), but I shouldn't cut my nose off to spite my face. If I can enjoy narrative play, I'll focus on that instead of matched for now.

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