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  1. Lobbing magic at Teclis will never be a good idea, even less so now that he can heal in both hero phases. You have a 50% chance to cast Pavane, then Teclis has a 50% to flat out ignore it, and after that you'll average 4 MWs with him healing 2d3 a round if he feels like it.
  2. Also, Morathi doesn't benefit from the healing CA. It's not much of a reason but it's something. Edit: Daemonettes went up 30% and that didn't prevent the KoS from taking a beating
  3. Go to the Lumineth thread in this same forum and watch people saying Slaanesh was already top and will continue to be in 3.0, so please stop complaining. Slaanesh is hyper competitive. /s
  4. Where is YOUR data? I mean, he has data about you probably being bad (or not necessarily bad, just the other guy was better or there was some extreme bad/good luck involved) when you say you got destroyed against Slaangors
  5. Thanks for the feedback. This echoes my worries mostly: I'm ok with certain things going up in points (mainly Eternal Spells, a modest increase to KoS and Glutos) and with the LoP tax to get Myrm/Symbs as battleline, but there are some units you just can't include in your lists now, and they happen to be really iconic units too (KoS, Daemonettes, Epitome). I honestly don't give a damn about playing a high competitive army, but I do want to be able to play my amazing miniatures I spent time building and painting, and just a tone down of the worst price hikes would do that
  6. So now list building is basically "don't ever take anything whose points were adjusted" with a bit of "don't take Hedonites units" sprinkled on top And 3 days ago I was uber excited at running a kitted up KoS with the Epitome. I mostly like all the 3.0 changes did, but I can't use most of them due to the way our points changed because I can't build a list to makes good use of Monsters/Heroes/Endless Spells with our new battleline tax and the massive hikes for KoS and Epitome. I can handle the rest, but KoS and Epitome (and probably Daemonettes/Archers) are just too much
  7. Even while I like the positive outlook, the fact that you didn't play any of the units that got the big price hikes (because they are nigh unplayable now) proves we are not okay. The huge point increase to Daemonettes and KoS (and to the Epitome) means they are relegated to summons now and we are encouraged to buy mortals to fill the battleline and I can't help but wonder if mortal kits didn't sell as well as they wanted (because, you know, dull rules) and they already sold as many KoS kits as they wanted.
  8. For that to happen we would need yet another HoS time, and I don't see that happening
  9. It seems whoever finishes deploying first takes Priority, choosing who goes first and who goes second
  10. So we need our summoning just to be even, while the rest of allegiance abilities for other factions are actual advantages that usually are there since the start of the game and not gatekeeped by our "you are fragile so hit hard, but don't actually kill stuff because that's bad for you" Other factions can leverage their allegiance abilities to actually get an advantage, but we have to actually exploit ours just to be even. Seems like good design. Again.
  11. There was so many things i wanted to try, but right now im just thinking about what other faction to try or just leave AoS to the elves. Fool me once, you know...
  12. Are you for real when you say of those 1300 points Teclis will only contribute 4-5 MW a round? This kind of disingenuous "arguments" are the reason people dont like LMR: "hey, let me add a 600 points model here and do the math with it only adding 5 MWs a round. Wow, Sentinels are sure mediocre when you add 600 points of practical dead weight to their cost and you dont take any buff into account!!"
  13. It seems like most armies went up roughly 10% but Slaanesh went up 25%? Why?
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