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  1. What's that AoS thing you're talking about?
  2. I heard a rumour. I heard GW released a new edition for AoS this year. This must obviously be wrong because if they did they would be promoting the game, right? i must have dreamt it
  3. How many pages ago did this thread change from "rumour thread" to "unbelievable hopium thread"?
  4. Ok, i can see how i wasn't clear: you can't access the warscrolls from books you havent paid for, so forget about checking other armies units.
  5. 40k app requires a book code to check any given army's stats, I don't see why the AoS app would be different, specially seeing this return to absolute greediness from GW
  6. This could work if the majority of battleplans didn't have the objectives pretty close to each other in the middle of the board (a smaller board too now)
  7. A paywalled (because paying astronomical numbers for the miniatures is not enough anymore it seems) broken game with wildly unbalanced factions. Seems it's time to find new pastures as every fear about 3.0 is coming true.
  8. The problem with this is you should use either high rend or MW to balance buffed armor saves. NOT BOTH, and specially not both in the same army while other armies get none.
  9. I honestly don't think the AoS app is remotely close to finished so i highly doubt we are gonna get battletome preorders before the last weekend of September, and im not sure we will even then. This is probably one of the worst releases of a new edition i have ever seen.
  10. So it seems Rend is going up across the board. That would be good if it didn't take ages to release new battletomes for every faction, now if your faction is far from receiving a new battletome (hello, my fellow Hedonites) you are playing on hard mode (even more than before)
  11. Except you are wrong, unless you mean 2 months and a bit for 40k and presumably 3 months+ for AoS. What's making it seem longer is it actually being longer. Also yes, Indomitus and the first Codexes were released at the height of the pandemic/Brexit in Europe.
  12. Then how come 40k books are not delayed?
  13. I have the feeling they had the battletomes ready for release this week but it's the crappy AoS app holding them down, not Brexit nor Covid. Which is pretty infuriating.
  14. I'm certainly not buying that pandemic excuse
  15. Except Kruleboyz is a micro-army/subfaction and not a full fledged army, it's just we didn't know it until they told us they didn't have their own battletome. Will GW expand them in the far future? Maybe, depending on sales, but I'm pretty sure it won't be this edition.
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