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  1. 6" pile in and locus are good... vs melee armies. AoS is not a melee game. Wasn't for some time now. So yeah, tome is very good for some other meta, and it melts in current meta. As for the summoning... Would you be so kind to explain HOW you get to those numbers. I am quite sure that everyone here would love to hear it and use it. Also, while you are at it, please tell me how to use Slaangors, Painbringers, Twinsouls... I really love the models but they seem to not really do anything. You say they are not overcosted. Ok, I believe you. How would you use them with their point costs? Thanks in advance for all the valuable tips and tricks.
  2. Dude went as far as to compare Vince to Ben Shapiro. I was really looking forward to the show and was delighted to see it is that long. But in the end we got an adequate, but not spectacular show with Mephiwhatever derailing it and being rude every few minutes.
  3. Exactly how I feel about our new tome. I have discovered that AoS can be fun.
  4. Wow, all of this is actually super useful! Thank you. How would you rate Seekers vs shooting? for 150 pts, you get 5 of them. That is 10W with 5+ save and mediocre attacks (11x 3+/4+/-1/1 and 10x 3+/4+/-/1) but they have speed. 14" move, 2d6 run (that can easily get a RR in T1) and can run and charge with charge RR. Sounds exactly like what you advocate in your point 1. Points about terrain and Gluttos are also great.
  5. I use Splintered Fang and The Unmade as marauders. Just place them all on 25mm bases and you are good to go. It's not like those great models will ever see play as their original warscrolls.
  6. We sure can. That said, Lurid Haze is the only one that is worthwhile IMHO.
  7. I think that this is going to be our main foil. So, how do we live in our current shooting meta? Tips, tricks, tactics, unexpected use of units... All is welcome. I'll start by saying that it seems to me that the common Seeker unit will be a good addition in any list that hopes to go against shooting. Unit that fast will force the opponent to make a choice - shoot at them or shoot at a more valuable unit, loosing those crucial early shooting turns or risking that the seekers will then tie up their shooty units in melee. It is by no means a perfect (or even all that good counter) but it seems like it could work.
  8. We might want to start making specialized topics given that we have a shiny new subforum for our shiny new battletome.
  9. So the game is over. We played 2000 pts Total Conquest and the opponent surrendered when I won the priority in the 4th turn. Lists in spoiler Game flow So, I have to say, this tome is incredibly exciting and I feel like I am actually playing an army. Not a single unit in the list disappointed (even the humble seekers did their thing and had a role). Debuffs are very strong and make our units resilient and Fiends almost unkillable in melee. I lost one fiend due to 3 MW from geminid that was swung back at me and 1 wound that somehow got trough from all those attacks from general and knights over the course of several turns. Glutos is a beast and is worth every point. His spell is game changing and his debuff aura is oh so good. I forgot that he has a RR to charges and I forgot to activate his 5++. That said the opponent never targeted him, citing that he is too defensive and that he will try to focus on other units. Shardspeaker is also a nice little support caster. Slickblades are fantastic! They are deceptively tough and killy. Regular Seekers are scary fast, 14" move + 2d6 run (rr if within 12" of general) + run and charge mean that they can pretty much get anywhere T1. They are a nuisance for the opponent who has to choose between dealing with them or focusing on more dangerous things in front. Speaking of nuisance for the opponent, Marauders are awesome now! Not nearly as killy as they were before, now they show up and wreck things, if the opponent lets them. Of course, it is still 20 wounds so any resources directed towards them are not spent on dealing with other things. It is weird, the only change was that they lost Euphoric Killers and that actually made them better. I guess because you do not sink 320 into 40 models that can make some dmg but that will get priority from the enemy to be killed and then they just melt due to low bravery. They are actually far more useful now, given that they are still as mobile as ever, easy to slip in the backlines with Lurid Haze and yet it is hard for the enemy to justify targeting them as they are just not as dangerous as the other stuff. Without keepers, army is also not nearly as CP hungry as it used to be. I spent 1 CP total to RR charge for Fiends. Aside from being very excited over the new book, I am also very scared to go against a ranged army. Soulscream Bridge Irondrakes and KO seem like very tough opponents. Those kinds of matchups will be the hardest methinks.
  10. Yeah, I am a bit suspicious of deathstars too. Ranged armies are the biggest of my worries atm as I do not see an effective way to fight them. I have been thinking about plain old Seekers to be honest. They do not have impressive attacks, but they have greater threat range than most shooters (14" move + 2d6 run + RR charge). They will not kill much and will die, but they can tie up a shooting unit for a turn or two until we get other pieces in position to threaten them. KoS is good, but as you said I would rather have board presence and summon in. Plus, I have seen enough KoS on the table, I can do without for a while Marauders are fine with me, so are CW. I will be playing a very casual test game vs CoS demigriff list tomorrow morning. I will definitely go as a Lurid Haze host. Outflank target likely being the Marauders. So far I am pretty set on my first 1600 pts Glutos 400 Shardspeaker (General, Artifact) 150 6 Fiends 360 5 Seekers 150 11 Blisbarb Archers 160 11 Blisbarb Archers 160 20 Marauders 160 Geminids of Uyi-Gish 60 Remaining 400 could either be: The Masque 130 Syll'eske 200 Umbral Spellportal 70 or 5 Slickblade Seekers 200 5 Slickblade Seekers 200 I'll see if I can post the results and impressions once the game is over.
  11. I am thinking about trying out a list build around Glutos and Fiends. What is everyone's opinion on that combination? Is 6 Fiends enough or should I aim for 9? Shardspeaker and Geminids look good in combination with them as well. Glutos, Speaker, 6 Fiends and Geminids come out to 1070pts. How would you round out that list? How would you play it?
  12. Honestly I still see Sybarites as one of the best if not the best battalion. We will not be going full herohammer, but I still think that lists will be 3+ heroes. They will just eat up less points. What other battalion comes close to affordability and utility?
  13. I am curious about this. How do you envision matchup vs LRL with Glutus and what makes him so good in it?
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