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  1. I'm kind of leading towards the pretenders host being caster heavy with a keeper, syn, contorted epitome. It may not work but looks like it could be fun!
  2. Really great write up glad your army worked out. What was weird about the beast player no sacrifice unit so didn't play with the summoning they have, it doesn't matter if it's smashed of not as it's not part of the warscroll. But definitely something I would target to smash every time. It's also weird seeing beasts of chaos without board control it's really the only thing we do that's half decent as that should have screened sigvald out easily with a normal list. I'm currently practicing for a tournament in July where I'm running beasts. It's a shame we can't being negati
  3. I have 10 built and all posed different same with 10 twinsouls. When I use 2x5 painbringers I use the spear one from the dread pageant 2 have 2 really different units
  4. Seems similar to what I've been wanting to try, I was looking to fill the other 170 points and only have 2 units of painbringers I may just have to get a third! I was tempted with daemonettes to try and bid for the triumph, and maybe have some use of the Syll esske balancing power. Personally I'd take flaming blade on Syll esske, lots of attacks at damage 2 would be really nice!
  5. I normally rate goonhammer quite highly but the amount of errors is frustrating.
  6. There was another word they used that wasn't allies but worked for things like chaos which I think was cohort so they could be used. I'm working ATM so can't rewatch the start of the video until later!
  7. One thing I have just noticed.... Why is sylle eskke a behemoth?
  8. Why not? I thought he was under as the same thing as marked warriors counts as everything but not battleline. He also has the Hedonites key word
  9. This pretty much sums up slaangor. The beasts of chaos page is a hoot.
  10. We've had a bit of a naff night tonight, I want to see recently finished works of yours and your WIP stuff! Also if you need to vent about how messed up it has been let's discuss it here rather than the rumours thread, as getting screwed is no longer a rumour! No matter what we'll have a crack at the edition and smash some Aelves!
  11. So to not be too down. Idea for a list lots of ranged wounding and a lot of mortal wound generation. Probably invaders and it's a 2 drop list unless allies can't go in battalions then it's 3 Thoughts?
  12. My first army is Beasts of Chaos and I have been playing them since the late 90's and Slaanesh and STD came in 6th edition. I personally will be sticking it out I have some ideas.
  13. Hey guys, if you want an already populated points sheet to quickly make lists here you are. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16mtTZojmLn5TbUPzjf2zL7bLjdk3vuF4UDX5-ErY8mg/edit?usp=sharing Just make a copy!
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