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Slaaneshi Marauder Horsemen


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I started painting a Chaos army seven years ago. I have still not finished it despite actually having made decent progress on it at the time. Last year I took out these half finished models and got them finished finally.Marauder Horsemen.jpg

I had intended doing some OSL on the regiment but it is a hard technique and time consuming for me so I skipped that. I did however sculpt fur cloaks on all of the models. They aren't the best ones I have ever done but I learned a lot from doing them.

Marauder Cloak.jpg

Marauder Horseman 2.jpgMarauder Horsemen 3.jpgMarauder Horsemen 1.jpg

The white of the horses is washed out in the photographs. You will have to trust me that they are indeed shaded albeit subtely. I have always intended coming back to this army but the sheer time it would demand is too daunting so far. Orruks have proven far easier to paint, well quicker at least.

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