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Troggoth warband?


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Has any one tried to make a troggoth home brew warband yet? I think it would be awesome to use mollogs  mob as the leader with some rockgut and fellwater troggoths. Could even add in a dankhold or a hag for a monster. Unfortunately I lack the ability to make cards that look good or rules that are not ridiculous.

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The stats seem balanced at a glance, but I feel they look pretty weak compared to what I’d expect a troggoth to be like, especially the fellwater troggoths. In my opinion they should be stronger than a stormcast, at least comparable to an ogor breacher.

If I were to design a troggoth warband (which I won’t haha), I’d aim for a cost of around 300 per troggoth, and have some weak squig options to fill it out. So a warband would be 1-3 troggoth and 2-12 squigs.


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