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  1. Thanks all! The is an astoundingly thorough, and helpful few posts. I really appreciate it. I'm glad the data largely lines up with my instincts, as to which units I might finally be able to get back on a table. You've given me plenty to chew on. I'll be testing out Evo-kitties next, and already have a Comet on my painting table, alongside my old Knight Incantor.
  2. I'd hope so, as they cost almost a third extra. πŸ™‚ I've just always enjoyed those models, and am looking for an excuse to run a few. πŸ˜‰
  3. I was thinking, as I continue to delve into Cities of Sigmar, that it might be a good excuse to repaint some of my Stormcast units, and give them new life. I frankly loathed trying to run Stormcast in a serious, competitive way, but feel a lot of units have meaningful potential as CoS. Any favorites, tips, tricks, etc...? In early days testing both Knights Azyros and Incantor have proven fun. I'm thinking of seeing if Evocators on Dracolines can add anything of note, though I suspect supported Demigyphs fill a similar role already as shock-cav.
  4. Thanks for the great tips. Nice to know I have a few options, even with the huge number of Guard I ended up with!
  5. Hey folks. So while picking up a bunch of lots of models for future Fantasy Fisticuffs articles, I found that one ended up including almost 90 beautifully painted Phoenix Guard. Any suggestions on some fun and competitive uses for them? I'm really unfamiliar with that corner of the CoS book, but it seems it takes very little to get them up to 2+/2+ hit-wound, re-rolling the later. Is that enough to make me want to run really large blocks of them?
  6. Has anyone found value in going out of the way to maximize the efficiency of the Endless Spell Daemonrift? I mean I know it can be excellent, but is there any quirky thoughts about outright building around it?
  7. Doppleganger Cloak is still very strong. I rolled people at a tournament this weekend, and it was absolutely key. Two combat phases + feeding frenzy guarantees that you can even foolishly throw him into, and tie up, half your opponent's army, and likely remove large swathes of it.
  8. Any suggestions or tips o n how to pilot the list? I just did a bunch of mock deployments and move phases to figure our spell buff ranges, etc... The placement of the Throne and desire to keep the Arch Regeant within 1" keeps mucking me up.
  9. Honestly, it isn't terribly relevant as a battalion, but I wanted the 2nd artifact, and no other battalion worked points-wise without me taking some tax units I wouldn't have otherwise taken.
  10. Any thoughts on this list? It is for a three round event with only one likely competitive opponent attending (an Ork player likely using Big Waaagh). I haven't dusted off my FEC in some time though, so the table-top equivalent of ring-rust will be in full effect. Thanks! FECKirwans12-21.pdf
  11. I'd look to FEC's Flayers and Horrors for inspiration, but the whole warband would end up being like 3-4 models, and mostly unplayable. πŸ˜›
  12. Random question, but why do people continue to lump in FEC with the broken-tier books like Hedonites? I know I am a bit out of practice with playing my FEC but I just got absolutely rolled in a bunch of tournament prep games against Big Waaagh, and Ironjaws, as well as against a well screened Cities of Sigmar shooting list. I ran the pretty traditional Feast Day, with two AGKoT, a Ghoul Patrol, and an Arch-Regeant, and at no point felt like I had the tools needed to out-class either army by any significant degree.
  13. Unrelated question, but a friend gifted us 60 Grot Shootas... Haven't had time to do much to see what is worth doing with them. Are there any tricks or ways to buff or support them meaningfully?
  14. Mortal Wounds are weakness for OBR so going Endless Spell heavy, with good casters is a very powerful way to work through their support heroes, etc. They are sort of pillow-fisted, so giant Grot blobs just grind and trade for most of a game, especially in range of the Loonshrine.
  15. The foot-print of a Loonshrine is such that it is very unlikely to tip over. I transport ours in a small card-board box, otherwise it would take up a third of and army bag all on its own. πŸ˜›
  16. I ordered a couple after asking about them a few pages back, and have since had a chance to run them three times. Honestly, they aren't as excellent as I hoped. They're fun and fill a niche nothing in the book does, but they end up not having the rend needed to get through more durable, key support models. They do work against fragile, minor characters, but the minute you face a Fyreslayer or Stormcast (heck, even Ironjaws) character, you're putting 320pts (if you take two) to kill a single character every 2-3 turns. Their being better anti-horde is irrelevant as Gitz have no problems vs. low-armor hordes already. Cool model, fun to paint, and fun to run in more casual games, but just outside of usability at competitive levels.
  17. Do Auric Hearthguard weapons fit Vulkites without too much conversion? I have tons of the little guys, unbuilt as they're so middling, but would happily give them new lives as more Hearthguard. πŸ˜‰
  18. Painting Fyreslayers and Grots for my in-laws right now, so one of those will probably get a test run on the 18th. πŸ™‚
  19. Hey man! It's Mark and Nikki! If you need help testing out Fyreslayer stuff, let me know. For your need they will not disappoint!
  20. Fungoid Cave Shaman, actually, but yes... they're absolutely stellar allies, and give access to Skuttletide which is just incredible.
  21. Dude... Big Waaagh is awesome in Big Waaagh. I'm not disagreeing with you, more doubling down on how crazy good I think that Allegiance is going to be over time, period! πŸ™‚
  22. Don't get me wrong... I feel like an ever-expanding tide of Orks is a rare time where fluff, and a desire to sell more align pretty reasonably. There are certainly worse offenders.... *coughKeeperofSecretspamcough* πŸ˜›
  23. I think the fluff implication has always been that Orks fighting and dying draws even more Orks from all over... thus how Waaaghs get going, and keep growing. Their idea was probably to let the death of one unit summon however many you happen to have the CP + luck to get. Whether that is good/healthy for the game is a wildly different discussion. Slightly cynically, the rise in summoning / model recursion feels like a rule-writing suggestion that might've been born out of its good business sense.
  24. I've been painting six allied Gyrocopters for him (two units of three discounted fit the allied points at 2k). Do we think that could help in the match-up? Bombs blow up their little min-Aetherwing screens, and then just shooting/distractions into Longstrikes?
  25. Anyone have suggestions on Fyreslayers vs. Shootcast? Is it just a tough match without skewing towards it... adding extra underground Hearthguard, etc...? Edit: For context, I am helping my Father-in-law as he is really getting into AoS. He's competitive by nature, but a deeply good sport, so I was surprised when his first 2000pt game at a store was against someone who brought the 9 Longstrike, all shooty Stormcast, didn't offer a handshake, etc... On paper I would've been sure my Dad-in-law had the win. He was rocking the big Zerker blobs and foot heroes, and had a small unit of the shooter-Hearthguard as ablative wounds for his heroes. From what he says he thinks giving up first round hurt him as the army took out well above average numbers of Berserkers, which put him on a perpetual backfoot. No one ever got the double turn either, so it was just attrition. Any suggestions I can offer him? I want him to know he didn't get a ****** of an army, far from, but that there are just plain good and tough match-ups in this hobby too.
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