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  1. This is the list I’m going to be running for a club campaign starting next month, really looking forward to it.
  2. I forgot to take a picture of the abilities will add it later on this evening
  3. Don’t tell me that I’ve got to wait till next weekend before I can get the book 😭 I’ve had a go at making some on a site I found https://rachelnertia.github.io/warcry-card-creator/
  4. Has any one tried to make a troggoth home brew warband yet? I think it would be awesome to use mollogs mob as the leader with some rockgut and fellwater troggoths. Could even add in a dankhold or a hag for a monster. Unfortunately I lack the ability to make cards that look good or rules that are not ridiculous.
  5. My general will be an Infernal Guard Castellan, converted from an arkanaut admiral. Bharakk the iron forged, master of the 19th Legion of Azgorh, and Lord commander of the black stone fortress. Will put up the his back story soon
  6. I'm currently working on one I'm using the dread abyssal and the VP lord from the zombie dragon and wings
  7. I would like a stand alone soulblight army. With a vampire on a dead abyssal. And a foot unit vampire warriors of some sort similar to liberators. A revamp of the blood knight's and maybe some sort of Chariot. Definitely a shooting unit would be good as we'll.
  8. Here is my entry converted to a vampire lord https://twitter.com/Ferguson3086/status/778557836909576192?s=01
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