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Undercoating for Contrast paints


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I'm just planning some new painting projects starting in December and was wondering if anyone has used Vallejo or a UK car primer by Halfords with Contrast paints with success?

If I can use these over GW ones id be happier as less £££ on sprays and more for minis or other things lol

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I’ve used Vallejo white surface primer through the airbrush with Apothecary White on some Stormtroopers.  There is not any kind of chemical reaction with contrast and primer.  You just want a light primer.  The color primer would depend of what contrast you are using.  You also want to make sure there is a matching paint for touch ups.

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I used Vallejo surface primers too in a zenithal method. Worked okay for me - but it was for a dark colour scheme. I also used them over the Rustoleum gray on some terrain. It's okay - not exactly what you'd get over grey seer but not bad. BUt honestly I did go back and re-basecoat the skulls with wraithbone.

Also, just to stay wraithbone spray is a really good basecoat for skintones when not using contrast so it is worth it.

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