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Magmic Invocations for Mercenary Fyreslayers



Can I bring in magmic invocations as part of a Fyreslayer mercenary company?  If they were regular endless spells then I would say yes, but I'm guessing they're technically an allegiance ability like the Khorne ones so, no?  Obviously the Azyr app doesn't add the invocations to my list of selections when I pick the Greyfyrd Lodge mercenary company, but I wanted some confirmation on here if possible.  Thanks!

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I can't say for Fyreslyers but for Khorne allies you cannot add Judgements:

KHORNE PRIESTS in a Khorne army
can summon judgements of Khorne,
each of which is represented on the
battlefield by one or more models.

The Judgements are limited to a Khore Army, so if you play Nurgel with Khorne allies you are not allowed to add Judgements.

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