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Legends sticking it to Sigmar contest!


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Because just complaining is not really fun, let's make it creative!

The rules of this contest are simple, have one or more of the recently deported units or characters stick it to a Stormcast or Sigmar image (units or characters phased out after the start of AoS, but not limited to the Order culling). Voting is done by simply counting the "Like" and "Love it".

Sticking it need not be rude gestures, it could just be dismemberment, sacrifice, skewering or grafting it into a chaos abomination. You know, the usual stuff.

It's a bit fast, because I want it finished before we all start gushing over the Cities of Sigmar hotness, so the end of submission is August 31. Then 14 days to allow everyone to vote.

The prize is small, and I have not figured out what, but wanted to get the contest underway. I am thinking about something along the lines of a Underworld warband or same value.

If I'm breaking a rule or something, please tell me and I'll change it. If too many people say the deadline is unachievable, I will shift it a bit.


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On 8/9/2019 at 6:49 AM, Turin Turambar said:

I am not really annoyed or angry but thought this would be fun to do anyway... FOR THE LADY

Bretonian 3 - Copy.jpg

My own general got delayed in the mail. so I can't even start my own one! I have a few archers, but I really want to use the general. I can prepare the Stormcast, however.

EDIT: Stormcast prepared, General arrived in the mail. Can't work on them for the next few days, however.

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