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  1. personally I would like a mixture, some of the existing aelves absorbed into the new aelf factions (specifically i would like swift hawks in with light aelves and order serpentis with shadow aelves) and others with free people (specifically Phoenix temple) and then for wanderers to be their own thing.
  2. so we are looking at atleast 4 more tomes, with up to 11 more but most likely 5-7 tomes this year. Hysh aelves were teased in Slaanesh and the forbidden powers, they seem likely. however shadow aelves were teased fro awhile in many stories and the blades of khorne tome so they in theory should come out first, but who knows. one or both are likely KO are also likely as they both need it and they got their underworlds team which seems to be an indicator. I would infact say they are next with a potential aelf tome after them. seraphon could also come... lastly for order there are the rumors free people are haveing their tome written but i think they will only come next year, i would be happy to be wrong tho. so 1-5 tomes I would say KO, 1 aelf and seraphon this year, next year the other aelf plus freepeoples for death: death rattle, soulblight or a new faction all seem likely. personally, i think its between an idoneth type release of death (flying undead pirates?) or its soul blight 1-3 tomes, i would like soulblight the most, but completely new seems more likely to me for destruction: oruks will likely get a tome (a soup tome seems most likely), and a ogre tome also seems to be likely, plus the flying grots (forgot the name) that KO fight (this could be a cool release to have at about the same time as KO) i would expect atleast oruks and ogres so 2-3 tomes for chaos: STD/everchosen are quite likely, aswell as Tzeench? and chaos dwarves? nurgle? 1-4 with STD most likely if we get aelf (few to many new)+KO(most likely just heroes + spells)+seraphon(?)+'new death'(a few to many new)+oruk(heroes plus spells)+ogre(?)+STD( a few new), we get to 7 tomes and atleast 1 of each GA (note: lions are just an aesthetic look i dislike)
  3. If the lion is Hysh aelves... then I am worried it will turn out they are AOS space wolves, made worse by the fact I hate lions. If its wanderers then I would be ok, as it means it would almost certainly be a supplementary theme rather then a potentially main theme. Lion rangers could also be folded into wanderers as they are both nomadic aelves that dislike cities.
  4. but those are two very different aethetics. knights are elite regular humans in armour (like scions/storm troopers), storm caste are over muscular humans in muscled armor with oversized puldrons (like space marines) they would have different aesthetics and playstyle
  5. hmm must have missed her, could you give the source. either way I think bringing her and a copy of her loyal worshippers (pikemen, crossbows with pavises, light cannons with limbers, etc) in the free peoples tome would be cool.
  6. Personally I would like 'Bretonians', 'Kislev' and 'Dogs of war/Tilea' return as elements within the free peoples faction. make the free peoples lore wise have multiple different uniforms and equipment like the guard in 40k, make some of them look more like Bretonians. also units, expand free people cavalry to include bretonian style units like pegasis knights and hypogriphs. while add things like pikes (or long spears), sword and bucklers with throwing knives, horse artillery, non-skirmish archers and skirmish crossbows, shields for crossbows/handgunners. battle pilgrims for devoted of Sigmar. war wagons etc. also lore wise i think its not unreasonable to have Louen Leoncoeur (who became a god during the end times), the lady (well her daughter), Myrmidia and even Boris Ursha or tsarina Katerin return as Gods of the free peoples. (aswell as grail knights) that way we get the 'return' of fan favourites, reimagined to fit AOS better and we expand on an existing faction. model wise i think they would likelu have one main type of free people look and then either have 1 or 2 'reskins' if free peoples are popular enough in the future. while forgeworld can make resin upgrade kits (like they do with cadian cold weather and veteran upgrade kits) aswell as their own 'regiment' like they do with deathkorps. for the others, I expect we will see the return of greenskins and gitmob in some form as they are still dirrectly in the lore, the best we can hope for when it comes to tome kings is death constructs and bone rattle 'regiments' for the dead of different cultures (including Egyptian looking dead) largely due to the fact GW said they won't make it. I also wouldn't mind if a non-human faction picked up the general aethetic of Bretonians as the return of bretonians. ie soulblight or one of the aelves (like aelves?) or even death rattle. actual armoured cavalry charging gloriously to battle. but would prefer an expansion to free peoples.
  7. the romantic in me still hopes Kurnoth turns out to be the sylvanneth interpretation of Tyrion
  8. @awcamawn for me i would rather have wanderers in combined aelf tome but i always have disliked the treemen, and i feel i could get a better looking army with other aelves (plus it gives more conversion material) war eagles, war eagle riders (bow, lance and magic), war hawks, war hawk riders (bow, lance and magic), deer mounted arhcers[wild riders with bows] (they are nomads after all), new/updated stuff like Forrest dragons of various sizes and shapes (smaller monstrous cavalry and larger full on monsters), completely new stuff like wanderer wagons or war beasts. GW's imagination is the limit. also even if war dancers=revenants (which is debatable) it would sinergize differently with wanderers differenlty if wanderers got their own stuff.
  9. alos no reason why old dark aelves cann't be mixed with light aelves, order draconis is a military order. I still hope we get aelven citizen militia type units, but in free people aelves type tome.
  10. @Eldarain thanks, very interesting (and cool considering i don't think hysh aelves were mentioned in blades of khorne which did speak of malerion's aelves), i think its going to manifest (atleast partially) as endless spells and unit buffs. but ancient hysh spirits sounds different to constructs (not that i would be against constructs, it sounded like it came out of no where)
  11. *most likely won't be back, GW has done weird and surprising things before, and there i nothing stopping them from doing what they want in AOS I ope not as it would reduce the chances of wanderers getting new and unique stuff, rather they stay separate.
  12. the hatch is not very very sister of battle, it doesn't match any sister vehicle in the past nor does it have fleur de lis (it is closer to the cross of Saint James the Greater), it is however identical to scion(and guard)/admech hatches so its more likely a new or updated vehicle for them. thus it should be moved to grey box, with the caption; " admech/scion (maybe sister)"
  13. plus malerions aelves are mentioned as no longer hideing in the blades of khorne book (unlike light aelves which aren't mentioned)
  14. @Chikout *crosses fingers in irrational hope for an army that captures Brettonian visuals to be released 'soon'*
  15. disagree, every other god gets their own tome, why would two gods who; A-don't share a home realm and B-hate each other share a tome, it just does not match GW's current buisness model for battle tome themes aditionly the blades of khorne book teases the release of shadow aelves but not light aelves aditionally mixing two contradictory themes towgther would just make a mess of an army; - what would the free terrain be (one army is going to loose out) - how the hell is the battle traits going to work - how limited is the endless spellls going to be -speaking of limited think of how limited the theme will be on a tactical level. it would not only make no sense fir GW but suck for us players. I also doubt GW would waste the opportunity to expand and sell two major aelf armies (double the units, terrain and endless spells to sell) especially since aelf armies tend to sell really well and be very popular. besides they have been hyping these factions as SEPARATE for eons now, just can't imagine they will be like "yes you know those two new factions we have been teasing for ages, yeah we desided e could be be bothered treating them like even the most minor factions and jsut through them in 1 tome even though they share nothing in commen thematically, or in the lore so far but they are both aelves so they should be in 1 tome" it would be like putting slaanesh and nurgle in 1 tome and largely sharing the same kits while khorne and tzeentch get full unique armies. if this happens i won't buy a single model or the battle tome (ok thats a lie, but it still makes no sense and would be lazy as anything) they aren't even the same race (sure they are both aelves, but they are created by different gods with completely different traits), i can see a combined free city aelf tome, i can see daughters of khaine absorbed into shadow aelves (as they both come from ulgu) but cannot see the realm of light and the realm of shadows being put into one tome with only 2 units (not including heroes) each and then a whole lote of old stuff that don't even match the new themes properly. AND this is before we talk about wanderers who are not even associated with either light or shadow aelves (they are sylvaneth if anything)
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