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  1. Turin Turambar

    AoS 2 - Free Peoples Discussion

    I don't Ironweld will be split up. we already have books that expand apon Ironweld lore, and they have made it clear that the Ironweld Dwarves are not lead by dispossessed and have closer relationships to humans. what i think will happen is 'free peoples', dispossessed and aelves all all have battle tomes based on the website, but all three tomes will have the 'free cities' keyword allowing for mixed human-dwarf-aelf armies.
  2. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    somethinhg I think could also be cool to see, is a subfaction of hysh (be it free peoples, or a light aelf subfaction) that are all about cold logic and the math of war. you see i really love the deathkorps of krieg and was reading the siege of vraks the other day (and imperial armor volume 12, can never remember its name) and (other than the cult of sacrifice) the main theme of the deathkorps is cold logic and the math of war. since Hysh is the realm of logic and mathematics (aswell as magic, light and speed [of mind and body]) it would make sence that atleast some in Hysh would view war in this cold logic and mathematical way, aditonaly you could have magical clones (like the soldiers in fate apocrypha, essentially vate born grown with magic), and an attriotion warfare army. if its a light aelf sub faction it could be the chaos cultists to the rest of the armie's chaos space marines. while most of the army is fairly elite aelfs, you can take some of these expendable hysh-deathkorps troops as bubblerap/or what ever. perhapps not my best idea but I still think this could be cool.
  3. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    but isn't Faerie Queen about arthurian knights? I don't remember actual fae in it (i could be mistaken though). but I still think since Tyrion is called the god of logic in at least one source his aelves are going to be magic/light/speed(a major element of the realm of light)/logic army.
  4. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    I have been thinking about Hysh recently (partly due to this thread), so I was looking at its lore... Hysh is a realm where reason and symmetry rule, and where purity endures the touch of Chaos. (So obviously reason, symmetry and purity will play a key role in Tyrion's light aelves) Transient Isles: A floating archipelago containing many aelven sanctuaries. The Dawnspire is located in the smallest of these isles. (so light aelves are likely to have lots of units that can fly, be it the aelves themselves or their mounts) Weaveweld Spire over the Dreaming Vales where stands bastion of the Swifthawk Agents. (so you could argue that swifthawk agents are one of the aelven subfactions more likely to be absorbed into light aelves) The realm is notable as being the home to a variety of Aelvish cultures... (there will most likely be a variety of light aelf subfactions like space marine chapters) A realm of symbolism and mind-expanding arithmantic lore (thus light aelves will likely be very mathematical), Hysh's interlocking planes are inhabited by people elevated to higher thought by the very nature of their homelands. The most part of their number have a love for reason and symmetry. Even the wordless tribes of the crystal caves are given to long periods of introspection, and the walls of their artfully sculpted tunnels are covered with intricate images and diagrams. The magical energy of Hysh does not coalesce into realmstone deposits as with the other realms, but travels the lands and skies as beams of pure yellow-white illumination. When the seers of Hysh learned how to harness these beams in magically-translucent prisms, the composite realmstone-equivalent known as aetherquartz was devised. It quickly became a sought-after resource, and gem-like beads, jewels and necklaces strung with that incredible substance took the form of currency across the lands. Those who wore jewellery made from aetherquartz found that they took its light into themselves, the gemstones growing dull as their intellects blossomed at incredible speed. Even their movements became swifter and more dexterous, for the stuff of Hysh lends the speed of thought to body as well as mind. (so light aelves are likely to take that aelven trope of swiftness and dexterity up to 11, and will likely have some mechanics revolving around aetherquatz buffs) Others, however, found their personal weaknesses brought out into the light by the power they held in their hands. The lure of pride and the pursuit of perfection blended together to create a spectrum of unhealthy qualities. These were hidden at first, but as the contest to become the purest and most intelligent grew fiercer, they were soon revealed. At first, the friendly rivalry between two scholars might see them raise the pillars atop which they meditated to ever greater heights, or make their robes grow whiter and more luminous than those of their contemporaries. (GW seems to be going with arrogance and the persuit of beaty as one part of the grimdark side of light aelves) "In Hysh luminous beings and angelic creatures of reason were born." (hence the idea that Tyrion's aelves will be angelic, what ever that means) Sources: http://whfb.lexicanum.com/wiki/Realm_of_Hysh Warhammer Age of Sigmar Rulebook (2nd Edition)
  5. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    fair enough
  6. Turin Turambar

    The Rumour Thread

    actually its very likely that 'bretonians' as we know them are coming back, as in an army who's focus is fast shock cavalry. knights are just too popular an image for GW not to make their own version of it. GW even left plenty of options open for it. either as a free people subfaction separate to freeguild (a feudal knights subfaction) or an equivelent to a imperial guard regiment of freeguild (either mainly aethetics like catachans to regular guard, or with actual rules and new units like deathkorps to regular guard). Aditionally we have events in the end times which can easily justifie 'bretonian' faction completely separate from freeguild (louen becomeing a god, plus although we know chaos new of the realm of haven it was never actually stated to have been destroyed and even hinted that it survived). in adition the lady is even mentioned in the lore in AOS (by deranged chaos troops, but still) which could simply be a nod, but it also means that technically bretonians were 100% squated. also they never said that bretonians were too generic (as far as i remember), that is what fans argued to justifie them being squated. however i have heard that GW admitted they actualy squated bretonia by accident (the gies converting empire to freeguild, etc forgot about bretonians). this makes more sence as the bretonian range was just as unique as the empire one. so actually i would argue that 'bretonians' (as in army style not necessarily lore) returning in some form is basically guaranteed, they may even decide to make order draconis into 'bretonian' elves (currently their stuff is too focused on their dragons and not enough on their 'knights' to be a 'bretonian' army). also you can easily argue that with very minor model modifications you can make bretonian models very unique. Additionally I think its very pretentious for ignorant fans to deside what GW can and will do. If GW decided to they could bring back any faction they wanted (and if they were too generic adding just enough to capture the old flavor while adding enough to make it trademarkable). afterall stormcast are basically just generic fantasy buff paladins with relatively minor unique features. If GW feel it will sell they will add it eventually, which combined with both bretonia's internet popularity and the popularity of knights in general, a knightly faction or subfaction with clear references to bretonia, is very likely. even if its a forgeworld army.
  7. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    who says bigger is better, massive and big is not something aelves should be. they should be graceful and tall yes, but not big. who says bigger is better if you can make your aelves just as strong but smaller, that is infact an advantage. why make your aelves bigger (and thus rewuire more resources) if it adds nothing but some thing that impresses (some) humans? none. its we already know teclis thinks the perfect aelves would be indoneth sized, so why wouldn't his brother? also large models are far too spacemariney. why play massive order troops with an anglic look when you already have storm cast (massive troops with an arguably angelic look). I predict the hysh aelves will be shorter and (much) more lithe compared to stormcast. and who said anything about tyrion or teclis wanting to control everything (that sounds more malerion to me), so I doubt your mindless aelves thing. no i think tyrion's aelves are going to be an attempt at making the aelves from the world that was, but better. mindless would make them like animals or undead, which is literally the opposite of superior and aelfishness, it would destroy any alefishness about the faction and you might aswell have them not aelves. If they give them major character flaws it will be that they lack emotions (at the most extreme) but more likely that they are super arrogant and racist and quick to anger (after all age of sigmar is about taking a theme/idea and turning it up to 11, and then to 11 again) their grimdark is that because they are superior in most ways to all other order members they are both extremely arrogant and racist. they can also inherit Tyrion's temper. and ofcaurse they will have mounts. every army needs centre piece models, that means big warmachines or big monsters/mounts.
  8. free peoples will likely get the guard treatment of haveing many different looks (each based on multiple armies) but only have 2-3 actually represented with plastic kits (guard have cadians and catachans, and scions), the kitts themselves may also allow for a certain amount of customisation, alongside forgeworld upgrade kitts. As for aelves we already have shadow aelf models, there are those two shadow aelf models. .. these are still basically regular elves, even if the clothes are different. the lore also speaks of shadow deamons in their army. also the AOS lore for shadowblades assassins are they are shadow aelves of malerion working for sigmar. So expect shadow aelven range to inlcude alot of 'normal' aelves and shadow deamons (likely deamons of malerion), we also know however that some of malerions aelves atleast were twisted (although this could just be their nature rather then physical apearance) which could be dragon-aelves. As for light Aelves, I doubt they will vier too far away from regular aelves as their desriptions so far are angelic aelves that glow. besides protoss are just eldar ripoffs anyway (so there is no way GW will make anything like them in my opinion). Also the way Tyrion and Teclis are acting they will likely have made aelves as close as possible to idealised aelves (teclis partilly succeeded as the indoneth thatt aren't blind look like classic aelves with new style). So while expect new beasts, new clothes and perhapps winged aelves, don't expect anything radically different for light aelves. Personally I think we will end up with 5 aelven factions, atleast for AOS version 2. combined 'old' aelves will be a thing, they got a mega faction focus, they are listed as 1 thing on the online store, and they have their own representative art. Also 5 aelf factions isn't so bad (when you consider howmany human factions there are in 40k and even AOS), that being said they may squat them for version 3, or partly squat them and absorb some of their units into the light and shadow aelf ranges. shadowblades are already shadow aelves, order serpentis has that mist and dragon aethsetic that they seem to be going for (to some degree) with malerion's aelves. while can easily imagine many of the old high aelf and even darkling coverns (with a new paint job) in a light aelf tome. I guess we will see, but my money is on 5 aelf factions, as WoW proves that aelves are supper popular (they are the most played race-group, with blood elves alone being the 2nd most played individual race), plus multiple factions of 1 race is not bad especially when they have different aesthetics.
  9. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    thats because aelven cities got taken over by humans, it was more wise to let friendly mayflies hold them so you can trade, rather then over stretch like silly dwarves. besides elves still control all our other colonies outside the old world.
  10. Turin Turambar

    The Rumour Thread

    same, i have also been hoping for namarti with shields.
  11. it could be like imperium in 40k where you have multiple factions with the same key word (free cities), but i guess order will be that. the main reason it will likely be 2-3 battletomes is the number of subfactions and units is surely too high for 1 battletome.
  12. "literally all their other units are OOP" on the one hand I can see them being squatted due to that, but that is only due to their 'updated' models for those 3 units (reavers, highwarden and spireguard) being in that box mixed with skaven. swifthawk agents still have skywardens, skycutters, chariots, and shadow warriors. (so no they still have have 4/7 models available) the three former I think are too unique to squat and the last one (shadow warriors) are a sharded kit and thus unlikely to be squatted. thus they have battle line, commanders plus 2 large models and enough for playing. while it is possible for these units to be absorbed into other factions i think they fit aesthetically and rules wise in swifthawks. plus it would be relatively easy to take existing models from one sprue and design a new sprue for it, but too much work except for a battletome release, so I wouldn't be surprised if we got spireguard, highwarden and reavers back (I think its as, if not more likely, then swifthawks getting squatted).
  13. Turin Turambar

    Tyrion, in light reborn!

    yeah it ruined the dwarves so much they never recovered the only thing mayflies are good for is dying so an elf may live
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if we see the combined Aelven battle tome shorty after Slaanesh, as it fits narratively (to have aelves getting updated tomes after slaneesh), fixes one of the biggest messes in AOS and allows them to save the big releases of malerion and tyrion aelves for next year or later. some of the factions of the Aelves are also super popular from what i can see so making them more competitive would be something i doubt GW will not cash in on. I personally doubt swifthawk agents will be squatted (as chariots and skycutters are unique and to a lesser extent so are their other options being decent [to an extent] in both melee and shooting) especially due to their position in lore. personally if I were to design the Aelves of the Free cities, I would give the faction a list of basic units that get upgraded with traits and weapons based on the faction you choose them to be, combined with unique units for each faction. you use the existing models for these, combined with a few cheap upgrade sprues. for example: a generic lord or two; aelven shieldwall (with spears or swords), aleven skirmishers/archers (longbows?), aelven cavalry, and perhapps the return of bolt throwers. then if i took swift hawks, for example, i would unlock stuff for all the genric units, like bows (and other upgrades) for shield wall turning them into spireguard, and upgrades for aelven cavalry that turn them into reavers, etc while i gain skycutters and chariots etc as unique units, swifthawk agents also are the perfect faction to have the return of hawkridders (but now with lothern style rather than wood elf style) or if I chose darkling coverns the skirmishers could be armed with repeater crossbows and you gain sorcerers and blackguard, and unit rules and upgrades, etc (I would also move dark riders to darkling coverns as they fit their style better, they can be their 'upgrade' for aelven cavalry) In this way you could make a whole load of unique looking factions while also not overdoing the number of kitts, they could also in the future replace the entire ranges to just a few kits and upgrades both in the sprues and separate from them.
  15. Turin Turambar

    What if warhammer was real life?

    would they be human sized or stay small?