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  1. I think it depends on what the hysh aelves end up being, but seeing as the art for Tyrion is basically high elf. and they were one of the best selling old world army and one of the most well played Total war faction I would argue that they would most likely sell better then Kurnothi, not to say Kurnothi won't sell well I just doubt that it would sell better then hysh aelves, but we'll see i guess. but yes why not both
  2. but not all knightly orders worship sigmar. I would prefure a 'devoted orders'. and have most of the orders (sub-faction thingies) be sigmarite, but also have others.
  3. bows do work under water tho, just not as good as they do on land. you even get underwater archery tournaments.
  4. when did he say this. not doubting you just curious about when its likely to happen. was it recently or a few months back?
  5. If i remember correctly they were only dumb in fantasy due to inbreeding.
  6. If i were a betting man then I would bet on GW specifically designing the game to allow factions and parts of factions with crossover to make crossover as easy as possible. encourage as many Sylvaneth players to buy wood elf specific models and visa versa, for an easy example.
  7. I don't think it will be gargants for similar reasons. I also don't think gitmob (due to it being too close to the snarfflang gies, i would think they would have already given them gitmob keywords) as some have suggested it might be (can't remember if it was here or youtube) if its just one faction its either Hysh aelves or its something that hasn't been hinted at yet and it probably isn't giants. assuming it is a faction reveal for AoS or underworlds, etc. and not a campaign announcement (which would likely lead to new hysh armies anyway) either way we will almost certainly get some nice hysh lore, and likely more hysh aelve and/or twins hints/lore
  8. I find it hard to believe they will be too weird. remember Tryion and Teclis are trying to create perfect aelves, and IDK are the failed prototypes. while their idea of perfect may have changed since the world that was, i can't see hysh aelves being too different in body shape to IDK.
  9. i was talking purely models and style. not rules. as for model ranges, correct me if i am wrong (i don't own any of these as their styles don't appeal to me) but fyreslayers have 10 warscrolls KO have 12 DoK have 11 IDK have 12 so they have similar range sizes
  10. Isn't it obvious? battletome: chaos Bananas incomeing
  11. 2, aelves they currently have 2. and a joint faction. dwarves have 2, humans have 2. if you count CoS. then aelves have 2 factions and 6 subfactions that can't be played by themselves humans have 2 factions and 1subfaction that can kinda be played on its own, and 2 that can't be dwarves have 2 factions and 2 subfactions that can't really be played on its own., etc aelves are equal to dwarves right now. worse infact as aelves have 2 minor faction of barely armoured silly aelves while dwarves atleast have an unarmoured silly faction and heavily armoured less silly-to unsilly faction (being silly is subjective)
  12. ofcaurse not every faction should get airships, but that doesn't mean we can,'t have 1 or 2 other factions in game with airships. and you can give them different aesthetic styles, sizes and play styles. tho other then mentions in the lore, i don't think it'll happen unless they expand KO to be more then a flying ship faction (some KO players would like tanks or mechs)
  13. they could release kits that make more units then the kits it replaces, which encourages older players to buy it and newer players to buy more of it. this expands the number of units they can support with the same production (then again this kit will be in greater demand and thus take up more storage then the kit it replaces)
  14. but what about dragons? my ideal destruction faction would be tyranid-seraphon-moria goblin hybrid style faction of hive dragons. with goblin sized mini-drakes, gaunt sized medium drakes, tyranid warrior size drakes, etc, etc. useing dark poor qaulity metals and swarming all over the place. their plague would be 2 fold 1- like army ants or locusts they would need alot of food 2- like dragons in myths and magpies they would love collecting and hordeing things additionally they would be arrogant, challenge seekers.
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