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  1. standard measurement? i said 'about' for a reason, and we do know the weights used it exist in a range but they built roughly to a certain standard for each of the things listed. and yes there were attempts at standardization. all english longbows were made from yew wood. the arrows all made from the same kinds of feathers and wood. there is a reason why i specifically said Teutonic order and English-longbowmen, Danish Longbows and French crossbows might have been (and probably were) built to a different rough standard. to deny that they knew rough ranges for their projectile weapons is to deny primary sources, from which you might aswell deny all history and say it never happened. and I mean deliberately arced at higher angles, obviously. every projectile weapon will have a range for a mostly flat trajectory, and will need to be deliberately angled upwards to achieve a greater range, we have direct written accounts that specifically say that English Long-bowmen did not loose at higher angles while crossbowmen in service to the Teutonic Order did. don't get overly pissy about scientific terms when i am talking about military terms, breech loading cannons are described as not arcing their shots while mortars did in a similar way, all projectiles arc in reality but acing a weapon involves making useing of ballistics to get a further range.
  2. actually crossbows had a longer range in real life, atleast at the time. historical records show the English believed the longbow had a maximum range of about 220yards. the Teutonic order considered a (13th century) crossbow of haveing a maxium range of about 330yards (although around 250 for armoured targets), and 15th sources had the crossbow at 380yards for armoured targets (unknown range for unarmoured targets tho), 16th some century crossbows were considered to have a battlefield range of almost 500 yards. the maximum theoretical range of a longbow is about 330yards but that requires the shot to be arced which was not done historically with longbows.
  3. they seem like the logical conclusion to body guard/elite troops for kislev. Ice magic is respected in kislev, with their first Tsarinna being an Ice witch (aswell as their last) and ice magic being more stable then other magics, it makes sence that in a culture that accepts magic to an extent would use mage-warrior units as elite soldiers. they also seem to be on the same level as grail knights, being elite magical humans with glowing weapons, in terms of fantasy level. the difference being these girls are naturally magical and then trained for combat while grail knights are belessed into magical beings by their god after proveing themselves. I am glad this isn't just going to be an empire game, with multiple empire factions and now kislev confirmed. so far I am more interested in Kislev.
  4. the only bronze age helmets in that pdf are the boar tusk helmets. the rest are all 8th cen. BC+. the Bronze age ends (in Greece anyway) around 1200BC or so (some historians argue as early as 2000BC in Greece). specifically the ones at the bottom are from the Hellenistic period (roughly Alexander the great to roman conquest) and are the most Iron age a greek helmet can get. this website has some nice detail about Bronze age greek soldiers http://www.salimbeti.com/micenei/index.htm, and there are infact cheek plates in this period. however cheek plates are not specific to any period, used as early as the bronze age all the way up to the late renaissance. and to the layman they (usually) are most associated with ancient roman legionaries (iron age) and greek hoplites (also iron age). personally I don't associate them with any period. PS: sorry if I write too much about this topic as for the actual helmets the Lumineth use, the archers helmets have grown on me since my last post to the point i think they are my favorite Lumineth helmet
  5. I disagree, they don't look Bronze age style to me, bronze age helmets don't have the side panels. they look more like classical/iron age greek or old high elf helmets mixed with the knights helmet in Albrecht Dürer´s painting "The Knight, death and the devil" (see picture below) mixed with chinese helmets (for the decoration) and also alittle eldar influence (the art work especially reminds me of eldar wraith constructs' heads) I think they fit in well with the mix that is the Lumineth, just not sure I like them personally (like I said tho, I want to try reserve judgement for later) atleast that how they feel to me, with the greek style cheak plates, the chinese style plume, and the large sloping side pannels.
  6. considering we have egyption records of a man of the upper egyption nobility changing his name to moses, converting to a monotheistic religion and then leading a mass rebelion that fled north out of egypt. and thus have two sources with very similar events. its very likely the gie was real. is the whole story true? maybe, but the man was probably a real historical figure.
  7. I sat on it for a few days, I think the reason i dislike the sentinel's helmets is due to the orginal depction be cooler (in my eyes) but the difference might not seem so bad with different colours. I think i will wait for the actual models for further judgements...
  8. Also I am really hoping for some Haven details mentioned in the background lore in this army.
  9. I like every thing about the archers, except the helms. I may need to buy some cities of sigmar elf bits for this unit...
  10. another interesting note, is that the mountain ruin banner has some kind of yak like creature on it, which could hint at a potentail mount or hysh spirit...
  11. the veiled female elf has a laurel wreath, which implies royality. so she is likely a queen or princess If she is a named character, Aliathra could be a potential world that was character edit: she also looks like a challenge for my current painting skills...
  12. although I must say I like how calm the model is and its general pose...
  13. finally! its here the new models! I don't like this one, i must say, his horns are too goofy
  14. I am only doing it every 3 minutes or so, hehe trying to distract myself tho
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