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  1. when did Leonardo da Miragliano set up the Imperial Engineers School? I think it was around 2000. without gunpowder or engineers, how different is the empire going to be?
  2. speaking of changes, basically every edition made changes to the look of an army, sometimes minor, sometimes major. what do you suppose the chances for various levels of changes are? sisters of battle, eldar banshees, and chaos warriors would suggest very minor to no changes. but we are also looking at an earlier/different time period which should cause changes as fashion and technologies would be different. plus a divided empire would have a different ecconomy, and other conditions so atleast for empire its logical to have changes even if the orginal models are still cannon for Karl France's reign. also how different would you gies want the stuff to be?
  3. he is just being an elitist. and 'the toxicity of video/ pc gamer culture' is related to the anonymity of the interactions, something which table top games lack. It also has nothing to do with the youtube total war players, nothing toxic about them and their fans (based on stream chats), atleast the ones he mentioned. maybe I am biased because I have been treated far worse (and more often) by "that guy" type players on table top then I have ever been by 'toxic' gamers on PC. edit: and arguments over the meaning of rules is very very common, and far more toxic. at least in my experience...
  4. there was that elf with the more open faced helm in the video, 0:04. it apears to have the 3-stringed rumour engine. and is probably an archer
  5. my expectation is that, due to the drain being a result of the diming of the aetherquarts which is described as eventually, the drain is slow. I would also imagine that if they stopped useing stones they would slowly regain their emotions. as their flaw was being overly emotional to the point it nearly caused their collapse. I imagine that there will be 4 basic types of emotion level. younger elves with significantly more emotion then a human but try hard to control it. middle aged elves with roughly the same amount of emotion as a human (who tries to control their emotions), and older elves with significantly less emotion then a human. and outcasts who don't use aetherquartz, or use it only during battle (thus avoiding the drain). but this is guess work based on a few lines in a preview.
  6. they can still get 'light dragons', but I am inclined to agree. they will likely get something that can fill the rough roll of a high elf dragon (after all Teclis was trying to recreate the high elves) maybe a giant 'eagle' that has the laser eyes of the tomb king's stuff and armoured feathers. thus having the size, strength, 'breath attack' and toughness of a dragon without stepping on potential malerion aesthetics?
  7. technically they start out overly emotional (to the point it almost caused their collapse) and the drain is "eventually" so its likely the younger gies will be super arrogant
  8. "Well, lads, lasses and enby pals, this is where I think my stop on the hype train comes. I wanted overly-emotional (Kin-strife! Kin-strife!) Silmarillion elves, not the arrogant and aloof LOTR elves! I am most likely hyperbolic right now, but this really feels like Eldar: AoS Edition with similar history, personality and both carry magic stones on them (albeit for different purposes, hahahah!). And nothing against Lumineth or Eldar - or anyone who wants more arrogant elves - but they aren't for me. The models are still cool and I'll gladly follow what kinds of Lumineth we'll still be teased with"-@Public Universal [my quoting they didn't want to quote his post] I wouldn't worry too much, to me it looks like their flaw is too much emotion and that the aetherquartz slowly ("eventually") drains their emotions. thus I think there is plenty of room for overly-emotional elves in the younger Lumineth and those that refuse to walk the standard path (like eldar outcasts in 40k). It also adds a potential for an interesting internal conflict within the faction. the younger elves will be overly-emotional battling with control, middle-aged elves are going to have normal levels of emotion and older elves will have little to no emotion. and then outcasts won't even try to drain their emotion. if you think generational frictions IRL and for humans is bad, imagine what it is like for Lumineth who have potentially massive differences in emotional experiences and thus behavior and perspectives. lol I get the impression that there are going to be multiple types of elves made by each god. Teclis has made (at the very least) the idoneth and lumineth. Morathi has made her snake ladies, her winged ladies and her slave class. Malerion is likely going to have multiple different creations aswell. the mistweaver and CoS shadow blades are already from the realm of shadow in the lore, so its also possible that Malerion's army will include non-slaaneshi digested elves (who will look like the mistweaver) aswell as his own twisted creations.
  9. there was a forest a couple years back that fossilized in a few weeks (as a result of a natural disaster). fossilisation is a result of a chemical reaction, not heat and pressure. (Derek Briggs and Amanda Kear also preformed a laboratory experiement (which has been peer reviewed) that showed that fossilisation can take place in 2 weeks, and theoretically even more quickly.)
  10. my 2 cents on predictions: Teclis is trying to recreate old high elves, so I would expect him to try and have units that fill the generic units within the high elves (so spearmen [check], silverhelms [check], archers [very likely check], bolt thrower, and chariot). Teclis was also heavily related to hoeth, and as they were in the reveal trailer for pointy elves, sword masters/2 handed swordsmen is quite likely, as are reavers for monsters/monstrous mounts dragons or very dragon like (in appearance or ability) is quite likely due to being something very intertwined with high elf armies, as are great eagles or something very similar to great eagles, so both of those are quite likely. I imagine one or both of the units we've seen will be duel kits. the cavalry being silverhelm and reaver equivalents and the infantry being either spearmen and archer equivalents or spearmen and swordmaster equivalents. I also imagine the mounted heroe will be a duel kit, and riding a dragon-like thing. being the equvilent to the dragon-lord/dragon-mage kit, and I imagine we'll get mage and non-mage generic foot heroes. I think 2 more non-behemoth, non-hero, non-artillery kits are a given. as well as atleast 1 behemoth. personally I would like... 2 infantry kits: spearmen/swordmasters (spearmen in this army being professionals rather then the citizen soldiers of uthuan) and archers/medium infantry [medium infantry is probably unrealistic to expect tho, think roman legionaries; shields, javelins and swords, shock troops. i just think the concept fits elves well), 1 horse cavalry kit: lance cav (as seen) and horse archers, 1 eagle cavalry/rider kit: lance and archer variants (able to use magic?), 1 dragon rider kit, being the mounted hero and behemoth combined: lord/general and mage versions. lastly 2 more foot heroes and eltharion, 1 being mage, 1 being leftenant hero the issue with my hopes is that the eagle riders might be too similar in role to the horse stuff, and having swordmasters being a grade above spearmen probably works better for game purposes (and medium infantry is an unlikely concept) I know this is a late reply, but it was not destroyed in the end times. chaos learns of it and the main characters loose contact with it and they assume it was destroyed but later in another book they reveal it was cut off due to chaos influence on the world that was. so chaos has likely tried to destroy it but it has not been confirmed either way.
  11. i agree that these gies could have been a little more dynamic. imagine if they had the basic poses here mixed with 6th edition eternal guard poses (these wardens seem to be useing 2 handed spears). mixed with 1 handed poses (like those of the old high elf spearmen, aswell as over arm thrusts, and more non-fighting running poses). maybe they have limited dynamics in the poses due to being a dueltripple kitt. the more options a kitt has usually results in less variety of poses (as all the weapon options need to go well with the body positions) and less dynamic positions. if this is the case i can imagine the start collecting mono-pose kits will be more dynamic (if they choose to do mono-pose start collecting kitts) alternatively it could be done on purpose if there is a more skirmishy/moble infantry unit that they would want to contrast with. thus create a clearer visual range between a units in game ability?
  12. I think that old rumour engine must be part of this release, because "wheat"... and the aelven swirls
  13. I love the units so far (but not the biggest fan of their paint scheme, I will definitely use less white), but am hoping they get a more 'monstrous' cavalry unit in the near future as well (eagle cav, eagle cav) also really love The Light of Eltharion, It would be cool if they get an elite unit of similar liveing armor, but at the same time it would be cool to keep Eltharion unique. Eltharion's helmet and the dragon banner the cavalry have, give me hope for eagles/griffons/bird-thingies and dragons in the future tho. now i just need to create a new pic that combines the 2 units and Eltharion...
  14. Tyrion had his own set of elf souls, so he will have his own breed of aelves made. but a Tyrion worshiping Idoneth subfaction would be cool
  15. the Silmarillion is also my favourite of his. its a pitty he never really wrote about the war of wrath.
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