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Troggs of War and the Homewrecker Halfling Bandits


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29 minutes ago, dekay said:

This is good kind of ridiculous :D

Will there be any halfling git infantry, or will they just be there to prod the troggs in right direction?

The Current 1000 point plan is:

"Grandad" the model pictures above Troggboss

"The Chef" halfling converted to Madcap Shaman

"The Cousins"
2 x 3 Rockgut Troggoths

1 x 3 Fellwater Troggoths

"The Overbaker"
Mercenary (Blacksmoke Battery) Cannon crewed by halflings

Every troggoth will have 1-3 halfling companions "minders" or siblings depending on just how messed up your point of view is. General army theme is for city fighting, looted broken down city and shown by the pillar and sandstone in this image. Aiming for Chamon or Aqshy base I havent decided yet

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Ending day two of working on the Troggboss as I'm working an early tomorrow, hoping the electric blue toadstools ontop counterbalance the bright squig colouring. Aiming to have him ready to enter Everchosen before my son is born!





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Working on model 2 for my Troggs of war, my Fungoid Shaman. Pete "Squirrel Botherer" Turip, said to have once possessed minor enchantments though since having addled his brain with fungi his prowess has expanded as, apparently, has his appeal to squirrels





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