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Events UK: Warpath 10th August


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Event Title: Warpath at Common ground games, Scotland singles event
Event Author: Lord-of-Scotland 
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 10/08/19 10:00 AM to 10/08/19 06:30 PM


The Scottish Fanatics are happy to announce Warpath 2 the path to war ! an Age of Sigmar tournament!

We are hosting a 1 day Singles 2000 points AoS event on the 10th of August.
Venue is the awesome Common Ground Games in Stirling, Scotland.
Signup on Facebook, Scottish AOS WhatsApp, Twitter and TGA.  Will keep a list of entrants on TGA.
Will update the post when a pack is available and we will spam everywhere soon once we have something set up for tickets.
Will be £16, including lunch on the day and prizes!


First game begins at 10:00am


As we all want to grow the hobby and encourage people to join in we are going to offer a free ticket to first time Tournament attendee - so the the first first timer who signs up gets free entry.

Any queries contact thescottishfanatics@gmail.com 

Pack: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ui31fs4reudfkf6/WarPath 2 v2.docx?dl=0


Sign ups are now open

1: Jack Carruthers (Paid)

2:John Connelly (Paid)

3: Mark Roberts (Paid)

4: Steven Ramage (Paid)

5: Adam Martin  (Paid)

6: Leigh Martin (Paid)

7: Craig Deakin (Paid)

8: Grant Fraser (Paid)

9: Ben Carlin (Paid)

 10: David Nemeth (Paid)

11: Kat Fekete (Paid)

12: Phil McGuinness (paid)

13: Jamie Ferguson  (paid)

14:Scott Smith (paid)

15: Alan Lipowski

16: Liam watt (Paid)

17: John harper 

18: Jonny forde  (Paid)

19: Kev low (Paid)


21: Christian white (Paid)

22: martin Kershaw (Paid)

23:John Craig (Paid)

24: Sean McKechnie (Paid)

25: Greg summers (Paid)

26: Paul Di Duca 

27: Craig Graham (Paid)

28: David Jack (paid)

29: Martin kershaw (paid)

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My apologies but due to work commitments this week I won’t be able to make this event tomorrow.☹️

I appreciate it is late in the day so happy to pay all or part of the entrance fee if my late cancellation has resulted in any spaces been most for others.

Hope you all have a great event and hope to get involved soon! 

Alan Lipowski

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