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  1. TheRealZen

    Events UK: Hammer of the North 2019

    Did you get money for me and Adam yesterday?
  2. TheRealZen

    Events UK: Northern Invasion GT 2019

    Stu I paid for a ticket on the 15th. Could I please get added to the entrants list?
  3. TheRealZen

    Events UK: Hammer of the North 2019

    Adam and me too. Please.
  4. TheRealZen

    Events UK: DWARF Presents Winter War 2018

    Please sign me up. Cheers Leigh
  5. TheRealZen

    Fall of The Old World V

    Please sign Adam and me (Leigh) up please.
  6. Please sign up Adam and Leigh.
  7. TheRealZen

    Kurnoth Hunter Tanglethorn Thicket

    Okay. Just seems ridiculously over complicated for the simple rules set that is Age of Sigmar.
  8. TheRealZen

    Kurnoth Hunter Tanglethorn Thicket

    Kurnoth Hunters have an ability called Tanglethorn Thicket. It allows them to re roll failed armour saves. The main rules state that modifiers are only applied after the re roll. So is it it correct that the Sylvaneth player would only be able to re roll dice rolls of 1, 2 & 3 and then have modifiers for rend and mystic shield/terrain take effect on the re rolled dice? Therefore a 4 would be a fail on an unre rolled dice if the attack has rend -1. Can't re roll it because it is not initially a fail, but the -1 rend makes it a fail. So would they they get to re roll it? Which would be after the modifier is applied.
  9. TheRealZen

    Events UK: Fall of the Old World III: The Wrath of Sigmar

    Payment sent for Adam Martin.
  10. TheRealZen

    Events UK: Fall of the Old World III: The Wrath of Sigmar

    Count me in for this John please. Adam will have to change his shift at the pdsa, so I'll let you know about him nearer the time.
  11. TheRealZen

    Teef Rukk question

    This formation says the big stabbas can pile in 6" in the hero phase and attack, if they are within 6" of a monster. Do they have to be already in combat I.e. Within 3" of another unit to be able to do this or does it overide the normal close combat rules of having to be within 3" to be able to pile in and attack? Problem as I see it is that normally you can only pile in if you're within 3" but you have to pile into the nearest model, which would make it either impossible to go after the monster or pointless being able to go 6".
  12. TheRealZen

    Tree kin allegiance question

    If I take a unit of Tree Kin in a Sylvaneth army do I lose Sylvaneth allegiance? They have Sylvaneth as a keyword but are under Wood Elves in the Generals Handbook.
  13. TheRealZen

    Order Serpentis

    The dragon is great - rerolling to wound. The Knights suffer from no rend and only one attack, but are hard to kill with the right magic support. The chariots are really the only ones who gain any use out of the battalion ability due to their impact hits. Not getting to attack like the thrall war host is a real bummer - that ability is great on the executioners. Hydras are ok but hitting on 4s lets them down. They are resilient however and the shooting attack can be good. i looked at the serpentis and then went back to the thrall with the serpentis dragon and a unit of Knights. I won't be using the Knights again.
  14. TheRealZen

    Let's Chat Sylvaneth

    Ok sounds good to me. Just needed the come back position if my opponent chooses this stance. On a similar slant the Dreadwood Wargrove battalion under Ambush again says "A Dreadwood unit can be ...", is this one or all?